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Android Gunslinger (Musket Master)/4 | AC 18, T 15, FF 13 | HP: 42/46 | F+5, R+8, W+3 | Init+6, P+11 | CMD 19

Marvin is unable to parse the facial expressions Gwernach gives them, finally interpreting it as a mixture of apprehensive confusion and urgent hunger.

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Teenage Mutant Knock-off Tardigrade

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See, I saw there was a overlap in certain portions of the cooking and entertainment markets. So I started cooking people so viewers will be entertained by their screams and suffering! Educational, tasty, and new recipes invented by the tanuki himself!

The next poster has tried one of my invented recipes.

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Android Gunslinger (Musket Master)/4 | AC 18, T 15, FF 13 | HP: 42/46 | F+5, R+8, W+3 | Init+6, P+11 | CMD 19

Red… Mysterion…" Marvin looked preoccupied, deep in their thoughts upon the mention of the name by AIMEA. The light of their eyes flickers into a haze, attempts to retrieve related information in their memory being forcibly stopped by bad requests, fatal errors, or some other exception. It's like their system defines that name as a parameter whose presence indicates a condition where it cannot operate safely. To an android which processes emotions as data, and sometimes data as emotions, the repeated attempts to abort any thought relating to the name and the inability to understand it gives Marvin blatant unease.

This reminds them of the feeling most of their interaction protocols invoke, but on a lesser scale. Their protocols involving other beings were what some would call paranoid, always assuming threat from any action directed at them and thus resulting in less efficiency in team situations, but their system's logic had accepted that this way of thinking would have been more useful to a solitary unit. It made sense to be uneased with any situation not proven to be friendly, but could the reason for his threat-first interaction protocols been have something else?

AIMEA's protocol-based behavior should have been more comforting to another android, but Marvin only felt more unease. They stay behind the party, their grip tight and ready around their musket. "This… this unit does not recommend prolonged stay." Their voice is low, directed only at their party. Though they speak in the same monotone, the halting words, as if hesitant, add a wary inflection. "The Re… Red Woman's location is unknown and she may return at any time. Her danger is estimated to be of the highest level. This ship and the temple's danger is relatedly estimated to be of similar risk."

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I'm very good at planning surprises as well as parties. To get around The Fiend Fantastic's world-scrying spell, I've been using the one place he'd never dare to look: wherever GoatToucher currently is. And if he does peep, well, that's a surprise in itself!

The next poster has prepared a very special act as a birthday gift.

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Ventnor holds sole dominion over a small garden located somewhere in the suburbs of rural North America.

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Ventnor couldn't decide if he wanted to be a book or an umbrella so he compromised by being a dragon. He also can't read.

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Male Human Infernal Binder 4
Quick Reference:
[ HP 32/32 | AC 13/12/11, CMD 13, Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +6 | Init +2; Perception +7 ]

No worries, I understand. =] May all be well with you.

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IHIYC is a closet who has deluded itself into believing that what exists inside it is himself.

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CockyRooster is banned for not being a rooster!

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Android Gunslinger (Musket Master)/4 | AC 18, T 15, FF 13 | HP: 42/46 | F+5, R+8, W+3 | Init+6, P+11 | CMD 19

"This unit's memory is corrupted and no knowledge of the individuals described nor their origins has been found. Possibility of this unit's origin and the origin of described individuals exist but cannot be confirmed. This unit has been referred to as an android by Agent Southmiller in the past. "

He pauses for a moment to process Saisthorn's words before replying.

"This unit is able to detect a signal from Fonidea. Probability of this unit detecting a signal from the beast is non-trivial. This unit will need to get into range to attempt communication."

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If you look closely, IHIYC's face is actually several butterflies gathered in a face-like formation.

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Male Human Infernal Binder 4
Quick Reference:
[ HP 32/32 | AC 13/12/11, CMD 13, Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +6 | Init +2; Perception +7 ]
Yuugasa wrote:
Seeming almost unaware of their audience the band plays.

Also, I like this song. It's stuck in my head now and I wish I knew of it when Valentines came around just so I could have played it then. :P

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But GoatToucher was their leading proof of customer satisfaction.

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GoatToucher is one of those who pays for their unsavory attentions and is in fact a regular of the establishment.

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Androids have nightmares of IHIYC.

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I hire a team of heroic adventuring good-doers to slay the evillishly evil that is the evil Sissyl. Evil.

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...a partridge on a pear tree!

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Game Master wrote:
You all meet in Big Rico's Pizza, which, in addition being the only pizza restaurant in town which hasn't burned to the ground in an unsolved arson case, serves very delicious pizza slices...

You are a carbon-based lifeform. Your body will continue serving our dark master after death, your ashes transformed into crystal diamond. And diamonds are forever. Welcome... to Ponyville.

(I wonder if that's a fic now.)

(And I'm pretty sure Morion will be carrying at least one diamond around at the beginning of the campaign to use as a focus for spells.)

Yay for Morion!

Good to hear about those traits because I'm finding interesting fluff ones like Broken Mind (which is kinda useless with the Insanity curse but fluff!).

Racial traits can also be refluffed and I found this Statuesque trait that sounds hilarious. Pretending to be a statue. I really want to do this so much. All the Crystal Guards probably have this trait.

Though I probably will swap my special talent for Earthsense as an extra trait just because it sounds so useful and also thematic. His cutie mark is scarred by who-knows-what fell magic! It doesn't matter what it was before. It's crystal now. A dark, dark crystal.

And yeah, anything concerning him will probably be refluffed into something to do with crystals. CRYSTALS EVERYWHERE! YOU GET A CRYSTAL! YOU GET A CRYSTAL! EVERYONE GETS CRYSTALS! CRYSTALSSSSSSS!

Liberty's Edge

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Female Tian-Sing Human Ranger 1
Quick Reference:
[ HP 12/12 | AC 17/14/13, CMD 16, Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2 | Init +4; Perception +6 ]

It will be terribly interesting.

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Android Gunslinger (Musket Master)/4 | AC 18, T 15, FF 13 | HP: 42/46 | F+5, R+8, W+3 | Init+6, P+11 | CMD 19

Marvin attempts to hold on to the partial message, overclocking their nanites to filter and ignore junk data. Circuitry tattoos all over the android's body begins to glow as excess heat is vented through them, blue light illuminating the room for a few seconds.

Using Nanite Surge to take gain a +4 bonus on any d20 roll.

Intelligence: 1d20 + 1 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 1 + 4 = 10

The unit's database proves to be too corrupted for even advanced search protocols but the android takes it one step further and disables safety restrictions, disabling several important processes for only a few moments to allow more clock cycles for the logic units.

Frig, okay, using the Tireless Logic trait to be able to roll twice and use the better result for the check. If that's alright.

Intelligence: 1d20 + 1 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 1 + 4 = 19

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Android Gunslinger (Musket Master)/4 | AC 18, T 15, FF 13 | HP: 42/46 | F+5, R+8, W+3 | Init+6, P+11 | CMD 19

Marvin nods, registering the information into their database. When it seems that their turn for introductions has come, they speak but their voice shifts on certain words.

"This unit is of designation DATA CORRUPTED, class variant M.A.R.V.I.N., manufactured on DATE UNKNOWN at LOCATION UNKNOWN. Production number DATA CORRUPTED. Specifications are not for public release. For information on this unit and its purpose, please contact DATA CORRUPTED. If unable to be reached, please DATA CORRUPTED. Agent Southmiller of the Interplanetary Relief Society is currently registered as the local contact point. We at DATA CORRUPTED look forward to working with you. Remember: The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

"There are these." Sindran takes a silver medallion out of his pouch. He holds it up, revealing an engraving of the unholy symbol of Asmodeus. "Cardinal Thorn gave use these and I would think there is no better proof of our identity than to find these on the bodies."

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That was a terrible pun and you should be ashamed. (I still laughed, so I guess that makes me worse.)

That extension of the rule looks good and makes sense. This follows from rule number 1 which is '1. You can't do something huge to someone else's god without consent, or at least discussion.'

Conflict is a part of the game (Curse Wars, artifact/monument/relic control are an example in the rules even!) but we don't want conflict between the players.

The gods can fight it out anyway, too. We can test out the battle system!

Proposal: Aggressor (defined as the one who wants to take control of whatever is being fought over, or based on a coin flip or OOC discussion) makes the first post, rolls their dice. Defender (defined as the other party) responds, rolling their dice. Whoever wins the contest for that round (defined as whoever takes less damage; if equal, assumed that the aggressor 'wins') posts their part of the aftermath and becomes the aggressor for the next round, rolling more dice. The new defender describes their part of the aftermath and rolls more dice. This continues until one party surrenders or loses all their HP.

This will hold true for battles between pantheons and such.

In this particular case, I think the loser has to concede over what happens to the undead. A battle seems to be always over a particular thing (a monument, a city, a concept, etc.) so a contest of wills between gods is fine.

The loser can always try at a later date, or never get over it, etc. Lose the battle, still waging the war.

Note that this is not killing the other god. At most you'd 'weaken' them (this has no actual in-game effects aside from maybe taking whatever is being fought over). The same system is in use for killing, but you'd have to get the other to agree that you kill them.

By the by, I'm extending Nihil's domains to Knowledge quite soon. The libraries thing reminded me of it. I'm already 5/7 for it if the Crystal Seer ability counts towards Knowledge.

And if you missed it, we're now on our second rollover. That's more AP for everybody!

Should probably get someone to announce whenever the rollover happens.

And Melehan, regarding gaining those abilities, as a Fledgeling Deity, you're limited to having 1 Ability until you rank up. Choose wisely.

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Shard, actually. (See #6 in the Rules.)

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Raid on the Lillend's Lair

The giant baobab tree stood tall, towering above everything else. Sindran would have merely regarded it as a particularly large and satisfying thing to burn had Alagnir not pointed it out as the landmark the rangers used to guide them to the lillend’s lair. The half-orc did not say this, of course, and merely nodded.

They circled around the tree, taking the long route to avoid the patrols of Calliaste’s consorts and to afford them a better position. The elf led the way, taking the hidden paths between the trees of the forest.

Directly behind Sindran were Grumblejack and Morvius, neither of them subtle with their movements. Grumblejack himself constantly cracked dry branches with his heavy footfalls while Morvius grumbled about something or other beside him. Quite likely Grumblejack’s pungent odor made worse by the heat, since even he could smell it at his distance.

Behind them was Oret, silent as ever, followed by some more of their forces. They were only a small group, to avoid detection, but he wanted the bare minimum to make sure they could deal with the lillend once and for all, and to carry back any spoils they might find.

They came about a small cascading stream and stopped to drink from it and to refill their waterskins. Some minions seemed reluctant to drink from the stream after Grumblejack did, fearing contamination from the ogre’s filthy hands, but finally gave in to the stifling heat and drank.

They started following the stream down, headed straight towards the tree. The presence of the cool water from the stream helped combat the heat and raised their morale that had steadily dropped since they set out hours ago.

Finally, the stream stopped and fell down a small cliff, creating a tiny waterfall. Below their elevated position was a pool the water crashed into, and nearby a cave and the large roots of the baobab tree. They had reached the lillend’s lair.

Sindran had recommended a particularly hot day after Alagnir told him that many of the rangers took the opportunity of the nearby pool to cool themselves down. True enough, several of them were lounging in the pool naked. There were two rangers that were supposed to stand guard, but it seemed even they were in the water.

“Is that all of them?” Sindran asked Alagnir, counting the rangers.

“Aside from two of them, yes. They’re probably the ones on patrol duty.”


He turned back to see Morvius already waiting to release the bag of Death Angel Cave Tetras he had been carrying into the water. Waiting until everyone had taken their position, Sindran nodded and watched the pale blue fish dive into the fresh, clear water of the stream. They were unable to fight against the current, more used to the idle waters of the underground, and were carried straight to the group of unsuspecting rangers in the pool below.

They did not have to wait long for the first shout of pain. “Aaaagh!”

Cries of panic started below them and Sindran peeked down the cliff. The tetras, already aggravated, had stung a few of the rangers with their thread-like spines, injecting their poison and causing some to look weakened and a few fall into unconsciousness. Those who tried to help the unconscious from drowning often got stung themselves until only two rangers remained awake, crawling out of the pool.

They did not remain awake much longer. Oret intercepted the one running for the cave, smashing a fist straight into the man’s face before following it with a blow to the now-exposed neck. He ceased breathing long before he hit the ground.

The remaining ranger was still climbing out the pool when he saw a shadow cover him. He looked up, expecting to see another ranger extending his aid, but only met the cold expression of a grotesque half-orc. Sindran spared no words and simply kicked him back into the pool. The ranger thrashed, the tetras swarming around his body before he finally stilled.

Morvius was already by Oret’s side, saying something—another complaint no doubt—and Sindran joined them. His minions were already climbing down the cliff, some of them taking out their nets to recapture the tetras.

Alagnir was already at the bottom, looking at the bodies of his former comrades with a furrowed brow. Sindran gave him an order before he could dwell on it. “Alagnir, if the lillend manages to escape through here, kill her or at least slow her down. Signal for the remaining patrol when we return and take them out as well.”

Sindran cast a spell to protect from the good-aligned lillend before they entered the cave, Grumblejack following behind them with his greatsword. Inside was a large cavern with bedrolls at the side and miscellany scattered about. Clearly the rangers’ living area. They paid it little mind and moved to the entrance of the smaller connected cave which was the lillend’s residence.

Knowing the lillend often needed verbal components in her magic, Sindran started weaving a spell of Silence centered on Grumblejack. Morvius himself was drinking several of his extracts and applying some concotion to his polearm. This was one of the reasons why he chose Morvius and Oret to accompany him—they did not require speech to be effective whereas Talon and Caladwhen often depended on verbal components to cast their spells.

When Sindran finished the weave, all sound immediately ceased in the area around Grumblejack. He repeated the same spell with Oret and, once it was complete, the monk nodded to the group and, as one, they charged silent into the cavern.

Inside, the lillend Calliaste waited. She was seductive, her body from the waist-up a beautiful elven woman with wings rising from her back. Around her neck were many jewels on a silver chain, glimmering even in the cave. From the waist down, however, she was a large snake, capable of even winding around Grumblejack.

Upon seeing them, her face contorted into a snarl of rage. “YOU!” she began to say but her words were lost when Oret rushed into her space from the right and jumped, unleashing a flurry of blows onto her elven body. Morvius and Grumblejack both charged Calliaste, Morvius rushing from the left to stab deep into the lillend’s coils with his polearm while Grumblejack rushed directly, making a great swing that cleaved through her scales.

Sindran waited, preparing to cast a spell should the lillend manage to escape the sudden attack. Calliaste thrashed, her great body bleeding from her wounds. She tried to slink away and opened her mouth to cast a spell, but the field of silence around Oret and Grumblejack prevented neither her incantations nor her screams of pain to be heard.

It did not last much longer. The whole battle was completely silent, Calliaste’s death going unheard as she perished under her combined wounds. Morvius stabbed his polearm once more into the lillend for good measure, and the weave of silence around Grumblejack and Oret collapsed.




MISSION - Halt interference from the lillend Calliaste and her associated forces by capture or termination

FRIENDLY - Sindran, Grumblejack, Alagnir, Morvius, Oret, [REDACTED]

ENEMY - 1 lillend Calliaste, 12 rangers acting as Calliaste’s consorts

For capabilities and COAs of Calliaste, see IP-Calliaste
For capabilities and COAs of Calliaste’s consorts, see IP-LILLEND

TERRAIN - Refer to document TERR-LILLEND

EXECUTION - Isolate the lillend from the rangers and engage in direct combat when possible. Rangers have lower priority, but must be prevented from maneuvering or regrouping.

NARRATIVE - Avoid patrols. Wildlife in the area may alert the sentries. Morvius introduces Death Angel Cave Tetras through the waterfall to take out rangers in the water. Alagnir calls the other rangers via signal whistle out of the cave. Dispose of rangers, leave , and take out the lillend.

CONCLUSION - Mission objectives achieved.


AUTHENTICATION - [burned mark resembling a rising flame]

Death-Angel Spine Venom:
Type poison, injury;
Save Fortitude DC 15
Frequency 1/round for 2 rounds
Initial Effect 1d3 Con damage;
Secondary Effect unconsciousness for 1d3 hours;
Cure 1 save

The venom causes unconsciousness. We might capture some of the consorts knocked out by the poison, if they haven’t drowned. Add them to the prisoners for sacrifices. The dead are for Caladwhen to raise. Recycling! Minions might be able to use their equipment.

Morvius will probably take the lillend’s brain. For the golem.

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Ilja wrote:

Nihil, I saw this and that made me think of you.

By Aurelien Police.


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Further thought about my concept and I think it's quite fleshed out in the eastern philosophy of Zen as opposed to Nihilism. I've changed one domain to reflect that better.


Name: Nihil (The Void, The Silent, The Empty, The Less Than Nothing)
Played By: rashly5
Domains (Portfolios): Void (Nothing), Mind (Enlightenment)
Theme: Watcher God (The Abstract Nothing)
Alignment: Neutral
Attack: 4d6
Defense: 4d6
HP: 20
Description: They were infinite in their insignificance. When the war raged, The Silent did nothing. The Void let itself be known by not revealing itself, darting away from others and those that were to come, appearing only in its absence.

When the war ended, and existence collapsed, and the void came, there was nothing. The Less Than Nothing emerged from nowhere from the unnothing where he unwas.

But in the nothingness, there were others. Gods and fragments, survivors of the war.

All things are nothing. Nihil still was as it was, and watches.

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Steven T. Helt wrote:
How do we battle that one out?

Oh, hey, Steven. I'm not sure if you mean Nihil or Melehan?

Anyway, multiple gods can have the same domains. Not a problem at all.

If it's Nihil, they can prefectly co-exist. Nihil isn't really Death or the End, just the concept of Nothing in itself.

Melehan is closer to you than Nihil. He has the underworld and jurisdiction over the dead, but it's more of afterlife. Like what he said. Just now.

In any case, Steven, the setting of the game is 'after the apocalypse' or 'after the end' where surviving gods have to rebuild the universe. Just want you to make sure that it meshes with your backstory, and whether or not he considers the previous apocalypse as the end he was talking about or if there's another final end or whatever.

Melehan, Warden of the Dead wrote:
Question, are the domains we choose actual D&D/Pathfinder domains, or are they just basic concepts of what our deity represents?

The latter. They can be anything you want, and are broad spheres of influence.

Personally, I'd define them inexhaustibly as Primary Natural Forces, Fundamental Concepts, and Alignments. Portfolios are more secondary forces, categories of knowledge or creatures, and specific concepts and actions in the greater domain.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Sindran ponders on the Eye of Hatred Morvius presented. "Interesting. I'm not certain I should have it since that leaves two Eyes on one person. Oret would be able to trigger an alert and respond faster. Scrying would take some time to do and we should be well-organized when I've located them. Perhaps putting it somewhere we can all see it? Hmm, perhaps you should keep it for now."

Already admired the flames! Nothing to worry about, but a library burning always has that certain enjoyable flavor and smell to it. Must be all those books.

"For example," Sindran says, "if the fire had spread through another room and Talon made no move to put it out. His sense of responsibility should make it so that his problems do not directly interfere with our progress. If it comes to a point that it does, I will interfere.

"In any case, this is something best done on one's own. I can only advise him and this would be most effective if he comes to me of his own volition. Anger would haze any help I can give otherwise. We have much to do but not so hectic that we have no time to ourselves. We'll be too busy in the future so I'm giving him the time and the space to do it himself now.

"And if I may be candid, Sir Zaan, I fear I'll be only re-enforcing Talon's struggle if I interfere now. My skills lie in breaking someone, then shaping them into what I want. Without going into too much detail, this is the nature of Talon's problem. It is also the same exact reason why I can help him if he comes to me.

"I hope this conversation has answered your question, Sir Zaan. Remember, if you have any concerns, my office is always open."

Also, I don't want to interfere with whatever character development Talon and the GM want to do on their own.

Before Morvius leaves, Sindran clears his throat.

"One last thing: Heitr will be abducting some peasants from Farholde so please stop using the goblins for your experiments. It is an annoyance to constantly recalculate their population and the patrols and guard when I can't be sure what happened to them. I may have to ask you to help, ah, replenish their population if this continues. More than one goblin concubine has expressed attraction to your infernally good looks. Simply forward a request to use one of our prisoners in your experiments and I'll have them delivered to your laboratory. If, for some reason, you specifically require a goblin, forward a similar request and I'll pick one out to use as an example. As always, an infernal day, Sir Zaan."

Infernal paperwork! Hellish bureaucracy! Beware! Any of you passing Sindran's office may, surprisingly, find Grumblejack helping with the paperwork. His main purpose is actually to dissuade any individuals who doesn't truly have anything important to discuss from annoying Sindran. Also, you'll find an unimaginative and literal-minded personality to be excellent at slogging through paperwork.

Speaking of the peasants, I'll leave it to the GM to roll how many we abducted...? Oh, and the natural 20 means I get a +1 to Ruthless! Huzzah.

Also, might I suggest we invest in some Flesh-to-Stone (and corresponding Stone-To-Flesh)? We can cast it on a devoted nun and if we capture Sir-Valin-Darian-I-Have-The-Blood-Of-The-Victor early, it would make storage easier and we don't have to worry about them escaping by themselves. And look, decorations! Even if they don't survive the restoration, we really only need their fresh bodies.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet IS 4chan.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

I happen to have a Hat of Disguise I'm not using. Caladwhen, your cohort might take on the guise of Sister Martha if she wants, perhaps? Before I forget, someone take her Holy Symbol away from her.

Interrogation Plan:

Collector Name: Sindran Eithe (901)
Detainee Name: Sister Martha (H1)
Number of Times Interrogated: 0
Interrogation Objectives: Build rapport, establish conditions of control, identify source's primary motions, values, traditions, and characteristics and use them to gain source's willing cooperation.
Health concerns: Possible concussion

Interrogation site: Cell C3-10 of HORN. Basic furnishings, treat as detained guest. Monitor with guard outside, minimum contact.

Approach Strategies
Initial Approach: Establish Your Identity
Rationale: Insisting source is an identified evil individual will have them make effort to establish own identity. Create inference that we are Against Evil (i.e. Good) and collect leads for further development.

Additional Approach: Direct
Rationale: Convince source of collector's sincerity. Check memory and mental faculties.
Additional Approach: Emotional Hate/Love
Rationale: Strong feelings for Good/Evil, convince source that we are Good/against Evil to use as incentive to provide information.

Notes: Source may detect alignment and may be able to cast some spells without holy focus or materials. Source's allies killed; decide whether to pretend detainment of her allies or show honesty once source's likely response mapped.

Story Reference:

The Victor's Seal in the Horn is weakening (causing the lightshow and glowing). Our group holed up in the Horn to reinforce the seal and to prevent any evils from getting in and weakening the seal further (thereby releasing Vetra Kali).

While in the Horn, we tried to figure out how to reinforce the seal but kept getting distracted by constant attacks of evil creatures and men.

We thought that Sister Martha's party was another group of evil individuals due to their timing, when we were being attacked by another group. (That is to say, the Celestial and elves.)

Note: Depending on Sister Martha's likely response, tell her she was spared because of her apparent allegiance to Sarenrae. We thought she might have been mind controlled or forced against her will to guide the others to the Horn, but wasn't sure.

Note: If goblins come up, portray goblins as Neutral-Good aligned creatures dedicated to defending the Horn on the Victor's orders.

Note: If Sister Martha is able to detect us as Evil, explain that the aura of great evil of the Horn has seeped into our own auras, preventing us from seeking help.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Wisdom: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (15) - 1 = 14

Sindran steps out of the mist, interrupting the elf's prostrations. "Don't kill him yet. I have a few questions."

He treads heavily and steps in front of the elf, kneeling down to smile and bare his teeth. "Such as, 'Do you fear death?' and 'Would you sacrifice the others if it meant that I won't kill you?'"

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Shax - an obsolete form of currency used by natives of the Mjangi lowlands. This took the form of different kinds of feathers from the numerous local birds. However, this form of currency soon gave way to shiny stones when it was found that the feathers formed into a demon when gathered in sufficient quantities, annoying the rich greatly.


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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Suggested ring distribution as follows:

Caladwhen - Talon
Caladwhen - Morvius
Talon - Oret
Morvius - Oret

Sindran - Grumblejack
Sindran - Náriel
Grumblejack - Náriel

Of course, this is for optimal placement of rings to the four of you concerned with Horn defense. Caladwhen and Morvius so they can inform each other anywhere in the Horn, Talon and Oret so they can communicate if they get separated, and finally Talon and Oret with Caladwhen and Morvius respectively if they need to communicate with the Horn or vice versa.

I'm on another system connected with the cohorts, which should be enough if I need assistance. I'm flashy enough that I can make fire/smoke signals if the need arises.

Caladwhen, Sindran was planning to personally investigate the Victor's bloodline and the convent for any devoted followers of Sarenrae. Perhaps we can split them up or have them assist him? The sooner we get that out of the way, the less we have to worry about. I don't like the thought of having to collect our sacrifices while being assaulted.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

I believe I have a solution to signalling. Sanctified Rings. We can signal anyone simply by removing the ring connected to them. However, it's one-use but that's offset by its price at mere 5 gp and the usage of one of Caladwhen's cohort's channels.

I was planning on getting one for myself and Grumblejack, but we can extend it to everyone in our party. While not very elegant, it is enough to serve in an emergency.

One of you folks stuck at the Horn will be ideal to keep track of communications. While it is admittedly right up Sindran's alley, he has to visit Farholde whereas Morvius and Caladwhen remain at the Horn to work on their projects.

Also, using Stone Shape was one of my plans! Admittedly didn't think of using it to make a moat, but that would be delicious. Much thanks.

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Ohomancer - a kind of seer that can tell the future by the number of exclamations a person makes when tickled.


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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

I thought you'd be doing it, but Sindran will be more than glad to take up the role. I think you've already put the heart in a bowl, so I'll go from there.

Sindran returns the nod and steps up to the altar, boots squelching in blood and gore before taking Caladwhen's place.

He faces the statue and begins by calling upon water.

"Vatna," he speaks, and a sudden downpour of water is created, rushing into the reservoir at the base of the statue. Where the liquid touches the green stone, it crackles black, indicative of its unholy power.

The half-orc lets the reservoir overflow, the sound of the unholy water filling the basin and then rushing onto the floor accompanying the rhythmic sound of the still-beating heart.

Finally, the water ceases and only the pumping of the heart is audible aside from a few errant drips. Sindran breathes in heavily and then bends forward, as if bowing to the statue, but actually cups a handful of unholy water in between his palms.

He rises, a steady motion, a flame rising, and takes the cupful of water over the seal of the altar before jerking his hands apart, letting the water fall. Where the water touches the seal, a crackle of energy is apparent and readily visible, sudden flashes of black-white. The statue itself glows darkly and all in the chamber, perhaps even to some outside of it, can feel the immense power of the two energies clashing.

Sindran closes his eyes and speaks, unable to see the unholy water fall but feeling its effects all the same.

"I call upon thee, Vetra-Kali, for you will listen. You may be blind in rage, but turn your ears and hear me speak. Bringer of plagues, I invoke you. I pray for absolution - In the darkness we are aware of our life, our failure. Postpone your judgement until the day the riders will hold theirs. We belong to the darkness and to the darkness we will return. I close my eyes and embrace the darkness."

Finally, the energy is depleted and the statue stops glowing, plunging the sanctum into relative darkness. In the short silence after the supplication, the rhythm of the still-beating heart echoes in the chamber until, at last, the heart of the servant stills, its role fulfilled.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Dear Caladwhen,

As a necromancer it may be difficult to get in contact with your peers considering today's political climate, which I'm sure you'll agree is disagreeable to those interested in working with the darker arts.

It's important to keep abreast of any important developments in your field which is why I invite you to take a look at this Necromancy Advice Column. While mostly targeted for fledgling and hobbyist necromancers, you might pick up some tips and tricks while being informed of any new techniques and practices. In particular, I'd like to bring your attention to NecroEconomics as it will be relevant to your rapidly expanding staff.


Sindran Eithe

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Organization of Fire

Now then, I would like to focus on the quaint little town of Farholde and checking up on our, ah, allies. Anyone who'd like to assault the Horn will probably visit the town first to stock up, so I'd like to keep ears out and contacts open so we have due warning. Our allies will probably keep the commotion up and kill those in our way, but it's still useful to know the situation in town, what the townsfolk are thinking, and if anyone's planning to betray us anytime soon. Recruits for our organization is also a happy thing. Might get some of the interested older children from the orphanage. And also rub our success in Elise's face.

That said, will have to take a trip to town soon anyhow seeing as we need to get supplies and manpower to fix up the Horn.

And pay not attention to the fact that Caladwhen's avatar is a chained skull and my own appears to be a skull on fire.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Caladwhen, might I suggest Lazarus: Form Recovery? It works wonders for me and saved my butt a lot of times.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

I like how that rhymes.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Sindran has the best charisma. But in a group with a murderous monk, emotionless elf, strifeful strix, arrogant antipaladin, and now a temperamental tiefling, that's not saying much. Speaking of, hey, Morvius, how's your Will Save?

Sindran, with his magical helm, understands everything that is spoken. As the conversation continues, he slowly comes to pinch his forehead with two fingers, not at all in a mood to deal with yet another variable to consider, even when it is one sent by Cardinal Thorn. Especially when it is one sent by Cardinal Thorn.

It is this that lets him be one of the first to notice the approaching treant. A very inflammable treant. A perfect outlet for his frustration, perhaps?

The half-orc turns his attention back to the group, noting that relations have further progressed emotionally and increased the likelihood of future strife. Another spike of irritation and Sindran bellows a word, "Lygna."

An unnatural stillness follows his proclamation and his arm movements further hint that it is a spell, his hands almost appearing to choke and pressure something invisible down.

Casting Calm Emotions (Will negates, DC 17). Calms you down, no fighty! I'll leave it to those who aren't Talon or Morvius if they want to make the save or choose to be affected/not affected. And as with all spells, you can always choose to have it affect you (i.e. autofail the save).

"Enough," he growls, tired of the posturing. Even as he speaks, he can feel the spell workings its effects on him. Already he can feel himself distancing from his emotions. A rather crude method of self-control, but a helpful one to have in his repertoire in certain situations. "We can speak later. Cardinal Thorn sent him and that is what matters for now."

He then turns his attention to the Tiefling and draws his attention for the first time. "I am Sindran Eithe and there is a treant approaching. You may have noticed it." Doubt on abilities, first seed of needing to prove self.

Sindran is a strange first impression here. He wears what appears to be a completely ordinary helmet at first glance and no visible armor, but hints of chain links can be seen protruding from plain, dirty clothes.

Not what would be a fearsome sight if it didn't serve to highlight his reddened flesh, numerous dark scars and the black charred limbs that are his arms, a withered reminder of dead skin and necrosis. He bares sharp teeth into a smile.

"We had planned to take care of it later, but your antics may have revealed our position too early." A reasonable supposition but not one backed with fact, a part of Sindran's mind continues to analyze. Still, leaves possibility of subject causing fault and leaves room for guilt. Subject unlikely to place blame on self but may react to responsibility. Anxiety and stress in group higher than normal, introduction of new element serves to further heighten tension. Likelihood of group conflict higher, requires immediate intervention before worsening. Previous goals of familiarizing and securing new home insufficient. Succeeding through adversity together improves relations of individuals involved. Strength shown to be respected by all concerned individuals. Approaching obstacle an opportunity. Approaching obstacle can burn. "Thus, we now have a tree to burn. I'm sure you know where this is going and I expect you to be of assistance."

Funeral pyre shall be glorious.

It is my personal opinion that Sindran acts as the group's psychologist/therapist and subtly prods them along to be less exasperating when in his general vicinity. Hope you enjoyed the small peek into Sindran's mind. Yes, he really does think like that in terms of relations and actions and what he says. And yes, I would like to wait for the treant.

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Obergunchoming - a peculiar coming-of-age ritual for which the Obergun tribe of orcs in the nearby wastes of Alkenstar was named for. This ritual involves copious amounts of extremely strong alcohol, excessive noise and farting, several miscellaneous objects theorized to be of personal significance to the celebrant scavenged from Alkenstar's numerous dumps, and a quiche. No hypotheses on the meaning of the quiche has met widespread acceptance as of yet.


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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

I love the daemons! They're adorable, in a polite bloodthirsty kind of way.

Gasp! Maybe this is what Talon would be like if he had Charisma.

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I flash the remaining orcs to sway them onto our side!

Diplomacy: 1d20 ⇒ 1

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

In a different game:

GM: "Aaaand, sorry, the dragon guts you with his claws. Looks like you're dead."

Player 1: "Noooooo! *points at rest of the group* Give me vengeance!"


GM: "Okay, the barbarian cuts off the dragon's head with one mighty cleave. He continues dismembering the rest of the dragon in his rage for his fallen ally. Player 1, do you want to roll up a new character while the rest of the group takes their revenge and mutilates the dragon's corpse?"

Player 2: "Wait! I cast animate dead!"

GM: "On the dragon? You guys kind of went overboard with the vengeance so there's not much--"

Player 2: "No, on Player 1's body!"

Player 1 "Awesome!"

GM "...Uhh."

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Male Vanara Suspicious Barbarian 9 / Mythic Champion 1
Quick Stats:
[ HP 128/128 | AC 17/13/14; Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +8 | Init +8; Low-Light Vision (x3); Perception +13 ]

I'd definitely like to participate in those campaigns. I actually have an embarrassing lack of knowledge about the overall stories and geography of Golarion so I don't have any particular preference. Just whichever is most interesting, I suppose!

For Drezen's Rats, I've no clue what that is. I do have this Ratfolk Plague Bringer Alchemist that I've always wanted to use though.

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Looks like you might get your wish.

Extremely close to just turning all the branches to ash, Sindran peers down at the log he's sitting on. "...Hello."

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Male Mystic Half-Orc Blackened Flame Planar Oracle of Hell 9
Quick Stats:
[HP 17/37 | AC 17/13/14; CMD 18; Fire 10 | Fort +14; Ref +18; Will +19| Init +5; Perception +8; Darkvision (60 ft); ]

Everything is delightful.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Sindran lets her think what she will. If nothing else, her professionalism is comforting and Caladwhen and Elise's relationship avoided approaching Tiadora levels.

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