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Scarab Sages

rashly5 is banned for taking us down to butt joke territory.

IHIYC is banned for not realizing that rashly5 was ~bringin' booty back~

MD is banned for not realizing that booty has been here all along.

:provides proof:

:generously applies Goat Toucher brand Rump Ointment:

Oooh... that's nice. Essence of Ghost Peppers and Ennui. Bracing!

GT is bammed for TMI!

Captain Spalding is banned for not drinking all the rum.

GM_B is banned for not knowing that cowgirls drink bourbon whiskey.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

GoatToucher is banned for failing to recognize that Captain Spalding is a pirate captain and the drink of choice for pirates (especially for getting horrid images out of their heads) is rum.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Uncle Teddy is banned for not knowing that Captain Spalding is not a pirate captain like her Daddy (ME) and is in fact a officer in the royal navy who hunts pirates. She has Daddy Issues.

Gruumash is banned for failing to recognize the ruse that Captain Spalding is pulling. She is only pretending to work for the Royal Navy to eliminate the competition.

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Grandpa Wonderbra is banned for stealing the Royal Navy's supply of canvas to make bra's for plus sized ladies, they appreciated it, the Navy did not.

GM_Beernorg is banned for helping grannies cross the street.
That's Gramps Busteholder's task.

TFF is banned for shrinking down to the size of a mouse and walking under those ladies' dresses to have a peek.

GoatToucher is banned for assuming that's a BAD thing.
I'm a devil, doing evil is my lifetime job and hobby!

Banned for not waking me up from my nap to ban everyone else.

krevon is banned for not getting his narcolepsy treated.

Scarab Sages

Dr G House MD, DDS, DVM is banned for wasting his plastic surgeon's precious time. That's not even a proper nose - it's polystyrene!

Dr. G is banned because his nose actually fits that plague mask.

GoatToucher is banned for retaining the fashion sense of the 1750's.

GM_Boring is banned for his lack of Fashion sense.

Monica Bellucci is banned for requiring several house slaves to get her into her Cleopatra costume.

Scarab Sages

GM_Beernorg is banned because even a skimpy Cleopatra costume would be an improvement for him.

IHIYC is banned for getting face paint all over my dress shirts hanging in my closet.

Scarab Sages

GM_Beernorg is banned for thinking I wear face paint.

The jester is banned for not being able to make doggies out of balloons.

Scarab Sages

Sorry son, the dog was rabid, had to put 'er down. Wylliam Harrison is banned, but not before I make favorite...A TOMMY GUN! *RATATATATATAT!!!!!*

*Ducks away behind a dumpster in the alley*

The jesteris banned for using a tommygun instead of a massive Salsa party to get rid of people.
Here you go sir ;)

Banned for having glowing blue eyes instead of the proper red glowing eyes.

Belphegor is banned for striking a pose that is so 90's. You need to get with the newer trends my dear.

WAIT. What if I refuse to ban? *throws ban hammer into space*
You can't ban space right?

Banned for refusing to ban.

Banned for using too much Noxzema. You really need to get out in the sun more.

Moncky Belluccy be banned for using cheap imitation jewelry.

Ol' Poog is banned for not making his shanking quota this month.

Molten Dragon is banned for encouraging a mutant goblin to resume shanking left and right.

Scarab Sages

Wylliam Harrison is banned for, from the looks of it, trying to reenact Jim Carrey's legendary "pen" scene from Liar Liar.

Banned for having a pastier face than me.

SWM is banned for not knowing her colors. Clearly her face has a blue cast to it and the clowns is red-ish. Pink, maybe? Mauve? Who knows?

Molten Dragon is BANNED for not being Lava!

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CockyRooster is banned for not being a rooster!

rashley5.0 be banned for not being as tasty as a sparrow.

"THE" Poog of Zarongel is banned for eating all of the song birds in my yard, seriously, that is my cats job!

GM_Beernut is banned for the bird genocide of 2013.

Burning Staw Man is banned for burning the evidence.

Banned for not being the fairest of them all.

Scarab Sages

Triphoppenskip is banned for, from the looks of it, his death-defying feats of aviation!

The jester is banned for not getting rid of KoboldCleaver & his 'ask' thread.

WH is banned for ruining our stealth operation with his glowy eyeballs!

And damn well i should be ruining it, the terror it could bring upon the feeble minded folk. Not to mention Private Tiny.....

GoatToucher and crew are banned for an illegal stealth operation.

Wylliam Harrison is banned for having snow blindness.

Quiche Lisp is banned for his quichenous.

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