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Botis - a delicacy prepared using the dried spleen of a giraffe combined with roasted mongongo nuts. Enjoyed by the !Khoikhoi people of the northern Kalahari.


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Kamdar - a derogatory term used by Muslims to refer to other, more liberal-minded Muslims who don't believe that non-Abrahamic religions are necessarily inferior to theirs, questions the morality of missionary activity, or may even be open to the idea that there are other gods


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Bathin - thimilar to a think.


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Gurfyr-One of the creatures in Bestiary 4, consisting of a moose, a shark, and an eagle. It is CR 39.


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Tanchiatco - The Japanese rough equivalent of the Tea Party; a former yakuza gang that supposedly "went straight" and now hires itself out as an all-purpose government contractor for very important or risky jobs, which it intentionally botches in an effort to convince the Japanese public that "The Government Can't Do Anything Right", and thereby surrender their democracy to plutocracy


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Saleos-A model of ship used in the Sengoku period made exclusively out of dental floss.


Karzaam - A very hot, dry wind which occurs during the late summer in southern Rahadoum. Its arrival is most unwelcome, as is the very fine dust it carries. Used in phrases such as: "The Karzaam has blown away your wits!".


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Mhavalian-The name of the BBEG in my next campaign.


Racid, adj. Of, or pertaining to, a plant creature affected by the condition racemose pustularis, in which the limbs become blistered and fragile. The condition is caused by overexposure to the influence of an opposing alignment, such as (for good creatures) the activities of a coven of hags. Can be cured by cessation of the activities, or by Remove Curse.


Mysticas - a Greek breakfast cereal, made from the flaky bits that fall off particularly devout Orthodox monks when they exfoliate.


Rinuono - A clothing style that has people wearing huge sunglasses on the tips of their noses.


Balxar - a type of ball that is thrown at annoying coworkers, said to enhance relaxation.


Rintuneion, n. A chant which is performed at sunrise by the G'dday Mait monks of central Stralia. It is concluded by a rousing shout of "G'dday!".


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Mostaraga - the "stage name" of a former Hindu priest who created and starred in his own children's show, Mostaraga's Multiversal Palace; acclaimed as "The Kindest Man In Bollywood;" was not reincarnated when he died in 5108 Kaliyuga (2007 A.D.), because he had achieved Nirvana.


(Anyone recognizing the pattern that's been going for my past 20 words I've introduced yet?)

Have you got hold of a copy of the Goetia?

Purson - a warrant officer in the Royal Navy, charged with licking cannon balls to keep them cool in hot weather.


Buyuggudan, n.p. A very minor demon listed in the obscure medieval codex Practical Demonstriations, thought to have been compiled by Ogglebert the Unsteady in 1302. The ritual for summoning this entity requires the summoner to sneeze at least seven times, making it generally impracticable and unpopular in occult circles.


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@Pulg: In a manner of speaking - did you know that beforehand, or did you Google it to figure it out? 'Cause that would be cheatin'. ===):D>

Tuggidost - a brand of breakfast pastry available only in northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and sometimes in Russia via the black market, the official mascot of which is Powdered Toast Man from The Ren & Stimpy Show.


Morax - generally accompanied by morcowbell.


Kelostavrone - a mysterious hormone similar to testosterone that is found in trace quantities in the undead.


Ijusha, n.p. Heroine of A Tale of Spring Leaves. This long and intricately-plotted novel has remained popular among the literati of Tian Xia since it was first printed in Kasai over 500 years ago.


Shan-miue: The Tian word for the foo cat outsider.


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Plunkwa - a musical instrument invented by Sid Vicious that combines elements of the koto, whiskey jug, and hydraulophone.


@IHIYC - there's a band called Purson I'm keen on, and I happened to know where they got their name from :)

Ipos - An impeccably designed Ancient Greek device for controlling semi-aquatic herbivorous quadrapeds.


Thakaphides, n.p. Thassilonian philosopher/mystic, fragments of whose writings survive. Probably lived just prior to Earthfall, but this is unproven.


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Taccomir - a legendary cursed sword that forces those who wield it to fight using 2nd-Edition combat rules.


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Aym - A type of Vermin that mimics decapitated heads to fool adventurers.


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Aym, or to give her her full name, Aym Roond, was the unfortunate writer who brought out a book called The Fountainbutt weeks before her more famous rival released the Objectivist epic we've all come to know.

Phlagameer - A Swedish ninja.



an obscure deva in the mahabarata, who took upon itself to provide fresh butter every morning to all the cast of that indhu cosmic drama. Dies from exhaustion in the 35678th verse, chap. XXXVI, book 198, volume 67.

Quote: "Purbharitha, praise to thou ; even though; you died like a lamma*"

* the meaning of "lamma" is unclear here ; it could be a tibetan lama or the quadruped. Professor Langwith's proposal as "lamia" is marginal among the learned community.


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Obergunchoming - a peculiar coming-of-age ritual for which the Obergun tribe of orcs in the nearby wastes of Alkenstar was named for. This ritual involves copious amounts of extremely strong alcohol, excessive noise and farting, several miscellaneous objects theorized to be of personal significance to the celebrant scavenged from Alkenstar's numerous dumps, and a quiche. No hypotheses on the meaning of the quiche has met widespread acceptance as of yet.


Guhenaou, n. A rune which has been identified on several menhirs located along the northern borders of the lands of the Linnorm Kings. Its exact meaning has not yet been deciphered, but it is always accompanied by additional runes indicating exceptional size and ferocity.


Shamzira - the name of the only Sorceress-Queen to be expelled from the Hyborean League of Villainesses for being secretly relieved when Wignuts the Barbarian refused her advances and not trying to sacrifice him to the nine-headed rabbit she kept below her palace.


Toromatsu - The family name of a Japanese samurai who followed the first Spanish missionaries from Japan to Spain, after he was granted Spanish citizenship. Sadly, he ended up trampled by a bull after doing his best in the bullfighting arena.


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Plabber - the variety of funny "raspberry" or "squishing" noises made by smushing around products like Nickelodeon Gak, Floam, and Smud.


Naberius - Twin brother of Naferius, sons of Dubius of the Purpus family of ancient Roam.


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Camiliza - a brand of Mexican microwave popcorn specially intended to be eaten on the Day of the Dead; how it is given its distinctive - indeed, unique - flavor is a jealously guarded secret, as is its other signature feature: popping into little human skull-shapes. All anyone knows is that the it is all manufactured in a single factory in the hinterlands of Mexico, the entry-level floor of which is almost empty save for some offices and a handful of locally-hired workers regularly bringing barrels of kernels up from the basement, which is very, very deep...and quieter than any factory floor at that level of productivity could possibly be....

Glasya Labolas

Glasya Labolas:

a special secret lipstick gloss that Legolas of Middle-Earth fame used to apply to his precious pretty lips to make them appear super luscious.

Discarded after an off-hand comment made by Gimli the dwarf about the supposed "elven-manliness" of Legolas.


Sisratoom - what Hobobongo says when he wants to turn into Gnoboboho, the Crime-Fighting Hipster Monkey Hero!


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Bhailoaraghan - a very mild derogatory Hindi term for "German;" a sort of cultural inside-joke making fun of the German proclivity for coining exceptionally long words.


Bune, Muad'Dan'l, n.p. A semi-mythical, long-gun-totin', coonskin-cap-wearin' sandworm-ridin' heroic figure of the planet Outbakkis. Correct pronunciation of his name was known to bring on prolonged fits of laughter in his enemies, leading to Bune's easy victories in battle.


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Goestheveezle - Old Germanic term denoting events of spontaneous combustion in 3rd century poems.


Pralinguous, adj. Of, or referring to, the blissful sensation which results from tasting a genuine New Orleans dark chocolate praline. Also refers to cravings for more of the same. Drat you, Expert!


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Temiligguan - the actual technical term, almost never used outside the innermost reaches of the confectionery industry, for gummy candy shaped to resemble any sort of reptilian, including dinosaurs (because hey, they're confectioners, not evolutionary biologists).


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"Ronove - a battle cry used to inspire those facing impossible-seeming odds to bravely preserve their own lives..."

"...as well as what somebody must've shouted to everyone who had been this thread."


"Anyways, the next word is..."



Berith -- a rare gemstone noted for its tinderine luster and guave color.


Flaurentous, adj. According to Gulpable's Travails, a term used in the OwAiyEek Islands to mean ostentatious in a particularly rude or obnoxious way.

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*stands backstage with copy of script* "SnowJade! The next word iiiis...?"

OOPS! Sorry!


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Or, to give him his full name, Isqandisperlion Splalactorous. Metropolitan Archbishop of Gazdrup and seven times winner of the All-Anatolian Unicycle Jousting Championships.


The ancient mystic text, the Vada'af, sometimes specified as the Vada'af-ukh (though this truly refers to an extremely obscure passage of the larger work), is a leftover recovered only in one minor offshoot of the larger Vandal migration.


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Plodile - invented in Australia in 1959, this one-time competitor to the Rolodex not only served the basic functions of a Rolodex, but was also designed to tap into phone lines to create a sort of primitive LAN between people in the area who had each other's cards. Tragically, it was too far ahead of its time, and was forced to surrender the market to its banal competitor due to business experts believing it was "too ambitious, too far-fetched, and too evocative of communism."


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