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GoatToucher uses flensing as a warm up exercise.


Schism aims using their nose as a guide.

Rashly can not only smell fear, but he can also smell sexual attraction to household appliances :he is doing so in his profile picture:

GT is eyeing a particularly sexy MFD in HIS pciture.

KahnyaGnorc's profile picture was taken in GoatToucher's workroom. It was promptly removed from existence by the universe itself.

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Ventnor couldn't decide if he wanted to be a book or an umbrella so he compromised by being a dragon. He also can't read.

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rashly5 can read, however. Unfortunately, they chose to read GoatToucher's latest "romance" novel. The look on their face is just from the reading the title.

Grandpa Wonderbra also read the "romance" novel and prematurely aged because of it.

He's 15 years old.

Grand Lodge

Vick Tim will often walk into clear windows, a result of one of GoatToucher's numerous experiments in avian mind transplantation.

After a delightful afternoon of tea and conversation, JYAC will clamp his jaws down on his victim and drag them below the surface to drown them. He will then return to his parlor, read a book of Shelley for a half hour, and then go back to the water to devour the corpse.

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The universe is still expanding and it still hasn't gotten away from GoatToucher. Points for effort, though!

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Ventnor is also expanding, thanks to a diet of deep fried, carbohydrate-rich princesses.

Pulg's hair grows in 25 and 45/76ths dimensions. There are whole universes that have been taken over by his earhair alone...

Universes such as KahnyaGnorc's home dimension. He has traveled to this world to end the menace of the ever-haired demon once and for all.

Grand Lodge

Ventnor is feeling peckish. Which is to say, he has turned into a bird.

Jyac has a deep adoration of non-newtonian fluids and frequently spends hours just bathing in them.

Sovereign Court

The look on rashly5 is him discovering this for the first time.

The look on The Big Bad Wolf's face is him seeing a hunk of raw steak sitting in the middle of a forest clearing.

The look on Ventnor's face is him accidentally sitting on a Rod of Lordly Might he'd left lying around in his hoard.

That is Pulg's shocked face.

KahnyaGnorc's face has been censored by reality itself for being too offensive.

That look on rashly5's face occurred just after he watched reality itself censor someone else's face.

The look on Sinister Stan's face (and the glowing eyes for that matter) is the result of him attempting to pass radioactive kidney stones.

The look on Grandpa Wonderbra's face is the result of Grandma Wonderbra demanding that he perform his marital duties twice in one year.

While most people's driver's license photos look horrible, Pulg's looks incredible. He has a hard time explaining at traffic stops that he is the stunning creature in the picture...

KahnyaGnorc and the Dolphinic Hegemony have recently reached an agreement to share the Pacific Ocean.

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Ventnor holds sole dominion over a small garden located somewhere in the suburbs of rural North America.

Killing drifters causes Rashly to become... aroused.

Grand Lodge

GoatToucher often watches rashly5 whilst he is on a murderous rampage towards drifters. He took notes.

Just you average clone is a big protestor against GMO food, ironically enough.

Ventnor proudly calls himself organic and states this to everyone he meets.

rashly, by contrast, calls himself inorganic for no sensible reason. Unless he is arsenic-based.

Sissyl is sustainably sauced, which means that she can go for miles and miles on just one round of Jagerbombs.

Pulg is in love with Sweet Momma Hooch.

GoatToucher's face is the face that launched 1000 ships.

Away from him.

With all possible haste.

They weren't trying to escape my face, I'll tell you that much for free.

Ventnor has the ass of a man half his age.

In the refrigerator.

GoatToucher has an AssMan, an OwlBear, a CowEagle, a FrogGiraffe, a Weaselephant and a 14-titted avatar of Cher, all hot, willing and awaiting his pleasure on the Island of Dr. Frank Marino's Mahogany Rush.

Pulg is from there, having been created from the hairs of 147.5432 different species.

KahnyaGnorc has no choice but to have free will. They are unhappy about this.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

rashly5 traded their free will for 3 bottles of whiskey, 2 scratch-off lottery tickets, and a Pulg mask.

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Uncle Teddy and his bear friend are going as each other for Halloween. Hilarity will ensue.

KahnyaGnorc likes to go into the mountains on weekends and spin-kick pumas.

Grand Lodge

Ventnor is secretly a drake. Don't tell anyone.

JYAC is actually a better-than-average clown.

Scarab Sages

Pulg wouldn't know comparative clown-quality if it curbstomped him with a big floppy shoe!

After centuries of hiding in them, IHIYC still has a hard time rating the quality of closets.

KahnyaGnorc participated in one of GoatToucher's after dinner exercises. That is why he hides his face in shame.

Cluny the Scourge has magical incontinence.

rashly5 has martial incontinence. That's why his avatar picture looks the way it does.

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I really don't want to delve into why Ventnor has marital incontinence.

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