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Is there some way to get messageboard notifications? Like, if someone posts in a thread you've made or a thread you've dotted, you get an inbox or email notification saying so?

It's really bugging me that I have to check all the threads I'm in constantly and that I might miss someone posting in an old thread of mine.

I coulda' blearily sworn that there was some sort of option like this when I registered but I said no to. If this isn't possible, any suggestions for keeping track of them all aside from the exhaustive bookmark+constant refresh method?

Fire God's Blessing

I can't seem to find any clarification about who the "Fire God" is since it seems like it refers to one specific God, or maybe an Orcish God as it's an Orc-only feat.

And there are multiple Gods who have the domain of fire, but there IS Flauros, the "Demon Lord of Fire".

I'm hoping it's Asmodeus so it'll fit my character.

Can anyone clarify it for me?