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Fleashent-the cattle herded by the tree people of Middle Earth.


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The sound made by an underwater explosion. First heard when Atlantis went "booorkoooon".


Nanipaddo - extremely small masses of absorbent material used by women to absorb bodily fluids. These are usually inserted into a body cavity but their size is so small in relation to their absorbency that many people don't realize a woman has one of these inside her until they are dislodged by accident, prompting an exclamation of Nanipaddo?!


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Luygowse - a spayed or neutered Lhurgoyf.


Vepar - an ancient Indian vehicle, mentioned in the Mahabharata and powered by yodelling.


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Ulg-ag-vaarb: A beetle known for it's ability to spit 180 times it's body length. So...approx. three feet.

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The particular absence of sound sequence in the secret necrotic lich language which means: "Oops !" or "Chocolate !"

It might explain why liches are no great chocolate consumers.


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Ebasanish-A dish consisting of rice, sweat, and children's nightmares.



A goose which is destined to lay exactly one egg, during the moonless night of New Year's Eve 2013. And from this egg shall spring forth... the Duke of Doom !

Or the Duck of Doom - the parchment in ancient moronvian where the prophecy resides is notoriously difficult to translate...


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Flustar- Klingon term fro a star which is going to go supernova.


A water nymph repudiated by a satyr. Very rare.


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Ohomancer - a kind of seer that can tell the future by the number of exclamations a person makes when tickled.


Scarab Sages

Kissmarke - a brand seared into the tongue by which one is forever marked as a Knight In Satan's Service.


Sabnach, n. A type of finger food meant to be eaten at neopagan celebrations. See also: Sabnatch, v.t. The act of grabbing the last sabnach on the plate, often leading to strong objections from other members of the coven.


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Whifflock - a primitive firing mechanism used by early firearms, traditionally carved in the shape of your wife's bottom.



He was the last remnant of an once proud Welsh Celtic tribe of Fomorians' wranglers, reduced to be an accountant at Edimburg.

When the famine struck, he emigrated to America, full of hope and innovative ideas, and, soon after he had disembarked, was gunned down in broad daylight on the streets of New York by an enraged pig's farmer who mistook him for "Poon-Poon" Willy, notorious womanizer and debaucher of married wives.

The moral of this sobering story, gentlemen ?



Scarab Sages

Altamelbühr - what the guy on the other end of the line thought this guy was saying.


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Shax - an obsolete form of currency used by natives of the Mjangi lowlands. This took the form of different kinds of feathers from the numerous local birds. However, this form of currency soon gave way to shiny stones when it was found that the feathers formed into a demon when gathered in sufficient quantities, annoying the rich greatly.


Oynke. Is what a fox says when undercover as a pig. Also a short lived economic currency unit of seven weasels before pelts replaced live Martin family critters.


Dewreglosdeg - Diethylene glycol which collects on the petals of the Mexican Dahlia on Spring mornings.


Smatiflac - Delicious "shrapnel" created from the explosion of a cream puff machine gun.


Ringzloc - Gaelic term for Chinese finger cuffs.


Scarab Sages

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Alosregnar - a dwarven epic poem that eulogizes the life and passing of 3.0 and 3.5 Edition, and is centered to a large extend around the human fighter Regdar (the poem went through 4 translations before reaching its final recognized form, including 2 different human languages and 2 different dialects of Dwarven, so while the meaning is extraordinarily well-preserved, there are some spelling and alphabet-translation errors throughout).

Vine (NOT the plant part nor anything to do with wine, but an obscure homonym)

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Vine - Preposition used when things share corresponding places on different planes. Ex, "Man, I just got a chill. An ice elemental must be vine of me on the plane of water."


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Zarkilliphon - a set of entities referred to multiple times in a few of the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred's earlier works (prior to his magnum opus, Al-Azif AKA The Necronomicon); they are described is some passages as relatively benign and in others as horribly dangerous; scholars have reached a consensus that the term simply means "any denizen of the realm of ZORK."


Bifron - what happens when the same wizard responsible for the Owlbear gets hold of Zak Efron and a bison.


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Ap-y-goeddych - a top-secret PDA app developed and used by the Mossad to summon and consort with demons, jinn, and other spirits of air, flame, and darkness; uses of this techno-sorcery remain mostly clandestine, but its best-known and most visible use was in 1957, when Great Prince Sitri was invoked to inflame Marylin Monroe with love for Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and to present herself to him naked; what the Mossad intended to achieve for this operation remain unclear, but net effect was a brief but significant upturn in Egyptian-Israeli relations.


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Vu-al - phrase - The noise made by a fainting human


Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Blubbluber - A divice used to grease undwewater machinery.


Behing - the sound made by an entire crowd of old age pensioners simultaneously expressing disapproval of a Crown Green Bowls referee's decision.


Zunaig, n.p. Pastry chef 8/Wizard 6. Currently employed at the court of Osirion. Particularly skilled at using teleportation-type spells and prestidigitation to replicate battles and other famous events using ingredients, which are processed during the spectacle, and may then be eaten by the guests.



A marvelous robe made with a myriad of dimly glittering tassels and (a little bit of) multicolored cloth, traditionnaly worn by a Varisian bride during her wedding ceremony .

The wedding takes place at the beginning of the night, and the tassels are meant to evoke the stars of Desna, which are Her heavenly Palaces, and to bring Her kind blessings on the bride and on the groom.


Scarab Sages

Billbel - a rogue telephone company that quietly splintered from AT&T sometime during the Great Phone Company Wars of the 1990s and presently operates out of El Salvador; their first CEO was fired after it was discovered he was behaving like a normal American telecom executive, i.e. a sociopath; he was replaced with the large banana tree in the plaza of the corporate headquarters, and things have been going smoothly since.


Haagenti - the action of slapping a person that is taller than you by going on your tip-toes.


Scarab Sages

Muudhy - before it was forcibly Anglicized at Ellis Island, this was the actual first name of a young mudskipper who would go on to fame and fortune as a fixture on the Ren & Stimpy Show.



A self-conscious virus who wants to learn how to play violon. Amocel, its slightly more evolved pal, actually wrote a play in late medieval english depicting the travails of Procel to achieve its worthy goal.


Ulvark - a late '50s Danish dance craze, as heard on that great record by Knut og hans Pølse Smuglere, "Snug lun pappadoo, alle gøre Ulvark"


Scarab Sages

Lardlegh - Irish Gaelic word for "a word that is a positive thing to say to someone in one language but is a homonym for a word in a different language that is negative to say to someone"


Furcas - A battle between minks.



The second row of teeth that oftentimes grows in the mouth of Ulvark* practitioners.

*read the post two rows above.


Scarab Sages

Abna - the absence of absence.



In Kuala Lumpur south-western suburban parlance, an old buddy who you haven't seen in a long time.

"Hey, balam, how are ya ? Let's grab some gomen nasai !"

In the south-eastern variety, it becomes bolam, with the added implication that you owe the guy some money.

"Hey, bolam, how are ya ? I was gonna see you soon ! Let's grab some gomen nasai ! It's on me !"

Finally, in the northern variation, bidlam, it is implied that you've banged the dude's sister (on top of your debt).

"Hu... hey, bidlam ! Long time no see !... Ho, of course ! Here: that's the money I owed you ! Hrmm... we cool, buddy ?"


Scarab Sages

Grunk - slang term for being so intoxicated that you're no longer clear on your sexual orientation.


Alloces - A very specific form of Greek poetry, recited by Cher with a bucket over her heads once one has defeated a tuba in single combat. Using Cher and Cher Alike, An Affectionate Tribute to Cher, is terrifically bad form and will result in instant gelding.



a common name, used for a Russian astronaut during the Kroutchev era who was unfortunate enough to have exhibited strong bourgeois tendencies during an extra-vehicular excursion (in layman terms: the spationaut had exited the Mir station, usually to do some repairs).

The Komissar of the Republic on board was then under the obligation to sever the rope which tied the hapless astronaut to the Mir station, condemning him to a slow death by starvation and glaciation under the lonely stars.

When someone thereafter asked the inevitable question: "Hey ! Where's Yuri ? I haven't seen him onboard !", the Komissar was duty bound to anwswer with fake cheerfullness:
"The lucky soprobulnaik is on extended leave ! Long live the Glorious Sovietsky Republik ! Death to the capitalistic oppressors !"


Scarab Sages

oboi - a proposed new currency for Greece, to be implemented after it is removed from the Eurozone; named both after the archaic obol and for the exclamation made by nearly all Europeans, including Greeks, when they hear this might happen.


Caim - a place ruled by the tantalizing fist of the Jelly Bean Giant. Rumored to be under new management.


Scarab Sages

Seangil - contemporary Gaelic term for the quality of being, in some vaguely quantifiable fashion, like Sean Connery; presently considered one of the highest praises you can give a Scot, rivaled only by Rowlinggil and notbloodyEnglishgil.

Murmur (NOT the term for a kind of sound, but an obscure homonym)

Murmur - slang term for the final thesis required of the students of the Academy of Magic in order to graduate. The popular story of its origin is that a particular advisee with a stuttering problem broke under stress and repeated 'Mur' several times while stabbing their advisor with a magically-created blade which was the subject of their study. They died unable to say the full 'Murder', being exploded by their advisor with superior firepower.


Scarab Sages

Nekuja - a word for a word coined by someone who doesn't speak Japanese with the intent of sounding like an authentic Japanese word; the word itself was coined by a Spaniard.


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