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I am looking very forward to this. I hope we will see some sort of cyborg option.

I sadly need to cancel all of my subscriptions, I am trying to buy a house and need to minimize all expenses for awhile.

Thank you.

Dotted for cool idea!

My wife and I just had a baby and I have to tighten up the budget a bit. I sadly must cancel my pathfinder modules, pathfinder players companion, and pathfinder campaign setting subscriptions.

I would like to keep my pathfinder adventure path and pathfinder Roleplaying game subscriptions however.

Thank you.

Ok , pledged for at least the core book then.

I am curious what level range the core book will support?


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One thing would to be to remove all long range teleport methods, except maybe portals.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Scott Andrews wrote:
Scarred lands is coming to pathfinder courtesy of Onyx Path, they have already release one short adventure for pathfinder.
Have they? If they have, they haven't sent it to us per the requirements of the Pathfinder Compatibility License.
Oh boy.

Yes, it is a free adventure they released for gencon.

1 dark sun
2 spell jammer
3 red steel
4 ravenloft

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Scarred lands is coming to pathfinder courtesy of Onyx Path, they have already release one short adventure for pathfinder. As for the other settings, don't rule anything out, Wotc has been doing joint projects with several third party publishers lately.

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Squirrel_Dude wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Six new psychic magic classes
Do not want.

Do want, I curious what mechanics they will use to make it feel "psychic".

Please cancel my Pathfinder Tales, Pathfinder Comics, and Pathfinder Pawns subscriptions, my wife asked me to tighten my gaming budget. Thank you.



So my recent subscription order generated a declined payment message, and when I went to see what was wrong it says I have zero active payment methods. I tried to re-add the card, and then I get the declined message again and the card information has disappeared again.

I have been using it in 2nd edition Forgotten Realms games to have the players be children of avatars from the Time of Troubles, seems to be working well and lots of fun!

E mail sent.

I had to unexpectedly move today and I need to change the shipping address for this order to my work please.

[redacted personal information]

Please let me know if this is possible.

Wild Talent (general)
You have awakened some of the hidden potential of your mind.
Prerequisites: Con 16+, Int 16+, or Wis 16+, no psionicist levels.
Benefit: You gain PSPs equal to the ability modifiers for your Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom score on the Inherent Potential table. The amount of PSPs changes if those abilities change. You also pick one power that does not have any prerequisites that you have sufficient PSPs to manifest. You can now use this power like a psionicist can.
Special: This feat can be taken at 1st level to represent a natural talent for psionics. This feat may be taken after 1st level, however some exposure to psionics should be the "trigger" before taking this feat after 1st level. If you gain psionicist levels after taking this feat, the wild talent power's discipline determines your primary discipline and must be selected as one of the first level psionicist powers known. You lose the benefits of this feat, however you gain the benefits of the Harness Subconscience feat.

I did a conversion a while ago from 2nd to 3rd, I think I made the wild talent stuff a feat.

I recently moved and I believe my card was declined do to the address not being updated in my payment infomation. I updated the payment infomation address, but now it is being declined due to insuffienct funds because of the previous authorization attempt. Is there a way to get the old authoraztion attempt cleared so I can get my order on time?

I'd buy it.

I'd like to see expanded equipment options that are not magical, things for adventurers (low level ones especially) that would be handy, like concealable weapons, rare tools, colapsable polls, and the like.

What would be some good guidelines for modifying Shattered Star for 5 players? Would just adding +25% more XP worth of stuff to the encounters work ok? Same with treasure?

I Love the tie ins.

Vic Wertz wrote:
theletterM wrote:
Ok, I regularly read posts in the forum but have never bothered to post or even register to do so until now.

Three things:

1. I'm not at all blaming the original poster; I'm just explaining how random products work—again, not just WizKids' products, but pretty much *anything* labeled as random. I'm also demonstrating that what you perceive as a flaw is actually beneficial for most customers, and I'm sharing how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

2. I have zero control over this, but WizKids (and the world) are not going to stop using the word "random" in describing these types of product because you disagree with the dictionary about the accuracy of using the word.

3. Not disclosing the fact that you know—or, in all likelihood, ARE—the original poster is a bit disingenuous, don't you think?

I do hope WizKids takes care of you, even though the problem is more about bad luck on your part than any actual failing on theirs.

I am a Paizo Customer, and I support this message.


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There have been several fan attempts at a Transformers RPG, the best one I have seen so far is the White Wolf adaption, which uses the a modified Storyteller system.

What program for a would-be 3rd party publisher would you reccomend for creating pdfs of supplements?

Thank you for this!

I have downloaded the files, I'll be reading them after work today or tommorrow, the quick glance I gave them looks good so far.

What world is Unspeakable Futures set in or based on?

James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
What is this Unspeakable Futures I keep hearing mentioned every so often?

It's a (currently still unpublished) game I've been working on for about 12 years.

The game itself is a d20 post-apocalyptic game that mixes Lovecraft's mythos with themes from Fallout, the Dark Tower, Road Warrior, Gamma World, and similar post-apocalyptic storylines. In it, you can play races like humans, androids, deep one hybrids, half-ghouls, and serpentfolk, or play classes like scavengers, wastrels, mystics, espers, gunslingers, snipers, and cabalists. There's magic an technology side by side, and lots of horror themes.

I started working on the game about the time the d20 system came out; I was working at WotC at the time and was intrigued by how the system worked. When WotC put out the d20 Call of Cthulhu rules, I started incorperating some of those rules into the game... same for d20 Modern and 3.5. Currently, the rules are mostly converted all over up to Pathfinder.

I've run a few campaigns and some one-shot games of Unspeakable Futures, and a few of my friends have run campaigns as well... it's gone through a LOT of incarnations and playtesting as a result.

SOME day I'd love to try to get it published, but for now, you can see some of those rules peeking into Pathfinder here and there in the form of the robot rules (debuted in Dungeons of Golarion and further in the upcoming Inner Sea Bestiary) and in Ultimate Combat's gunslinger class (which is a heavily modified and more fantasy-based version of the class).

I'd buy it, even if I wasn't a superscriber.

Abandoned Arts wrote:




Monks will get their turn in the Class Acts spotlight.

A question for everyone: what is the general consensus on the idea of new base classes?

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

Unless you come up with a base psionic using class that everyone loves, that would be handy.

Abandoned Arts wrote:




Monks will get their turn in the Class Acts spotlight.

A question for everyone: what is the general consensus on the idea of new base classes?

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

I don't know if the normal fantasy games need more base classes, but classes meant for other genres and eras of play might be interesting, like a mechanic or primitive shaman.

I'd like to see to see archtypes for multiclassed characters.

Class acts wizards please.

Here's an idea for a low tier mythic ability:

Sage: Whenever you make a Knowledge check, you may use your highest bonus in any knowledge skill for the check, regardless of the knowledge skill begin asked for in the check.

Sounds good.

I can't wait to playtest too!

DeathQuaker wrote:
Scott Andrews wrote:

I'd like to take a look. Please and thank you.

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks. Is Word okay?

Sure is.

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Anderlorn wrote:

Deja vu, it's another “Psionics in Pathfinder” thread! I am eager to see what the Paizo team draws up for a "possible" revamp in Psionics or Psychic Magic. Too bad Psionics in a DnD-like setting has left such a deep wounded scar caused by a Morgul-blade on so many DMs and game developers alike. For now or forever, I am happy with Dreamscarred's product. Like all things mighty and powerful, there is always a weakness in their armor or robe.

Another product I want to see is a Golarion Campaign Guide. It is sad that I know more about the Forgotten Realms prior to version 4.0 than I know about Golarion in the last 3 to 4 years I have been playing Pathfinder.

Have you looked at the Inner Sea World Guide it is the campaign setting hardback for Golarion. The pdf is only $9.99.

toastwolf wrote:
i was working when this idea popped in my head so it hasn't been tested yet. in lieu of favored class characters instead get a racial feat every three levels of a favored class of their choice. i am really guessing as to what an appropriate amount of levels should be and if it should really only apply to one class. Btw i am calling this rule paragon classing.

I would say one every six levels. There is an existing favored class bonus that is a rogue talent for investing 6 levels of the favored class bonus, and you can buy a rogue talent with a feat.

I'd like to take a look. Please and thank you.


Start Session 2.

Dirk woke up with a nasty cold and was bedridden for a few days.

Meanwhile, the others ran into the noble they saved, Aldern Foxglove, at the Rusty Dragon Inn. After thanking them and rewarding them, he invited them out for a boar hunt. The Pathfinders accepted and quickly tracked down a boar in the nearby forest. Rocky leaped out and closed with her daggers, while Crimson and Ira shot and tossed everything they could, but in the end only Rocky’s quick thrusts with her daggers proved to be effective against the beast’s hide. Ira and Rocky tried to cut and clean the beast, but they both were just having trouble with it. They ended deciding to take it back to the Rusty Dragon Inn and see if Ameiko could do anything with it. She was thankful for the role the Pathfinders had in the goblin raid, and was able to turn the boar into a lot of delicious pulled-pork sandwiches.

Crimson was approached by one of the local villagers, Shayliss, who asked him to “help her” with a rat problem at her father’s store. Upon reaching the store it quickly become obvious that there were no rats, and when she began to make her move in the basement, her father walked in, his fists raised. Crimson quickly backed away and with some quick words shifted all the blame to Shayliss, and left the father and daughter arguing with each other in the basement. An hour later, Shayliss found Crimson again, and smacked him something fierce and then left without saying a word.

Ira hearing what happened to Crimson, decides to pursue Ameiko, however he has never had a way with words and doesn’t make much progress.

While trying to woo Ameiko, her father comes in the Inn screaming at her in a strange foreign tongue. The two of them fight for a while, but when her father Lonjiku grabs her by the hair, Ira leaped up and quickly grabbed Lonjiku and threw him out of the Inn. Ameiko was grateful, but made it clear she could have handled it, but grateful she didn’t have to ruin her favorite ladle.

Later that night while getting ready for bed, they heard a woman in distress outside, they discovered one of the villagers holding her son, showing some vicious bite marks on his arm, screaming for anyone to help her husband who was fighting a goblin in their home.

Upon arriving in the house, they discovered the husband dead, and half
his face eaten away. Ira quickly burned the depraved goblin with alchemist’s fire while Crimson shot its legs out from under it. The Pathfinders managed to capture the goblin alive. Sadly Ira was the first to speak to the widow, and she lost it upon hearing his very blunt words regarding what happened to her husband.

The sheriff arrived shortly thereafter and calmed the widow, took the goblin into custody, and asked the Pathfinders to grab one of his deputies that knew the goblin’s language, and to meet him at the jail.
After questioning the goblin, who just kept talking about food, longshanks, and that it didn’t know anything about the “secret mission”, the Pathfinders talked with the sheriff about what may be going on, that someone was organizing the goblins and that they had an agenda. The sheriff recommends waiting a short time for an expert on the goblins, Shalelu, an elven friend of the town to arrive, who is expected in a week or two.

So the Pathfinders wait, seeing who will arrive first, Shelia Heidmarch, Shalelu, or more goblins.

End Session 2.

I like having the articles, even if when running the AP we don't make it to the end, I like having the option to continue the AP.

This far and no farther

A mythic jumping ability for martial focused characters would be nice.

So I am wanting to run this round of the playtest as a short campaign, I am looking for suggestions for a good mini campaign for levels 1-5.
Edition doesn't matter, I don't mind converting, just something with a good story. Either a low-level mega adventure like Keep on the borderlands or a series of adventures that tie together.

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