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Sigmund Freud wrote:
Dr. Perceptron wrote:
Sigmund Freud wrote:
Tell me, what was your relationship like with your programmer?

I kan't r-r-refeal ze actual kontents uff our zerapy sessions. ...but hypozzetically, it iss possible zat he qfit after I uncofered a khildhood trauma vas r-r-responsible fur his LISP.

Also, hypozzetically, he vas psychosexually fixated on tortoises lyingkt on zeir backs.

Oh dear... Oh deary dear... That is... That... I am unqualified to even address this.

But that never stopped me before!

It is quite a BASIC problem he has.

What's the robot equivalent of cocaine? I need to do some research before I prescribe treatment.

Let's not let things SNOBOL out of control, shall we? :D

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Yarr matey, I be most glad that ye're still The Man Who Steel Cannot Kill. May ye terrorise the Spanish Main for many years to come.

As yer pirate physician, I can offer ye the following treatment options:

1) Replace heart with the glowing eye of the deadly snake god Ophidinac, carved from a single melon-sized ruby and pulsing inwardly with an eerie crimson light.
2) Pirate Nurse will gently massage you with a cannonball and/or boarding axe, according to taste.
3) Something involving plenty o'brass, gears, whalebone and moustache wax, should you wish to become a steampunk cyborg.
4) Aromatherapy.

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Ahh....beaten with a lilac smelling cannonball... ahhhhh

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Just like the old gypsy woman said!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

I was at a routine followup appointment with my cardiologist when I had a heart attack! Yep! I went into ventricular fibrillation and they had to shock me 5 times to bring my heart back into rhythm. And I'm already home today. I'm tired and a little winded after activity but they said that will probably pass soon.

So yeah. Betcha no one here did that yesterday. Bugger the Olympics! I won!

I was in the Music Thread and saw Pan making a comment about you and figured I better look in the OTD and see what's up.

I am glad to hear that you are alright, DM Cal, and I hope you continue to cheat death repeatedly.

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Thanks! I hope so, too!

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