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Schism wrote:

Throws monkey wrench into the system, just to see what would happen.

Wrong tool, Schism - that's a Lemur Spanner.

Lend us it, though, will you? My car's had it.

Sovereign Court

Countess Clarissia von Schism wrote:

What makes you think Schism has another personality inside her?

Schism was subjected to dark, otherworldly magic. Also, her unique biology seems to allow her to form several different entities that are created through the various methods (such as becoming a vampire when bitten by the count). Besides, Schism's Heartless could easily be her shadow gaining sentience.

*Meanwhile, the swarm of Heartless are destroying the car that belongs to Limeylongears.*

Sovereign Court

*The carnage is viewed (via a viewing orb) by many people in black hooded coats and each sits on a throne, forming a semi-circle with the grandest looking throne (denoting the leader) facing in front of the reader.*

Male individual (on reader's left): Well I'll be, looks like the party's in motion!

Female individual next to (behind) male: It seems that we have some catching up to do.

Male individual (on reader's right): Agreed, especially because we have this!

*The individual point to a figure in the centre of the room (underneath the viewing orb), the figure is also dressed in a black hooded coat only the hood is down, revealing the figure's face (which looks exactly like Schism). Clearly, this is Schism's Nobody (proof that she is really powerful).*

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Q: When does a duck wake up?

A: At the quack of dawn.

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Q: What do you call an aristocratic female duck covered in orange preserve?

A: Lady Ma Mallard.

Sovereign Court

*Shoots Pulg and Waterhammer at point blank range with a shotgun.*

That's enough of the bad jokes thank you. Remember, leave comedy to the bears!

*It's worth noting that Pulg and Waterhammer are injured, but not dead.*

Who cares!

Sovereign Court

*Observes what has happened to Schism, shakes head slowly and sadly.*

Poor Schism, she has been torn apart and is no longer the person she once was.

*Carefully weaves a magic spell to restore Schism's Heart and make her whole again.*

Unfortunately, I can't reverse the whole process, but this will help her.

*Begins the incantation and successfully restores Schism. However, as an unfortunate side effect, both Schism's Heartless and Schism's Nobody are free and independent allowing them to cause havoc whenever they want and the spell has also caused Count Reiner Heydrich to be drained of a significant amount of power (indeed, nearly all his power), including having his left arm disintegrate into shadows and then disperse.*

A price worth paying. Schism didn't deserve to suffer like that.

*Starts walking away, only to collapse from severe fatigue.*

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Gives mental whammy to Waterhammer who begins to beg Count Reiner Heydrich to drink as much as he likes.

Sovereign Court

... Daughter... I haven't seen... You in a while...

*Manages to drink the blood of Waterhammer (who, for his part, seems not bothered).*

Thank you, I'm incredibly grateful for your assistance.

*Leans on Vampire Schism, slowly recuperating (though his arm is yet to heal).*

How have you been, I grew concerned, and how are you feeling?

Sorry Father.
You ordered me to do something instead of asking.
I was very miffed at you.

Reiner, please to shoot me three more times (assuming the shotgun was double-barrelled). I have ambitions to become am ocarina.

Sovereign Court

Twas, Mr Grinch who shot you, Pulg (though it was indeed a double barrelled one).

*As Count Reiner Heydrich is saying this, Mr Grinch shoots Pulg three more times.*

Ah, so that happened, these things work out I guess.

*Turns to Vampire Schism, trying to stand on his own feet.*

How were you miffed, daughter? I'm afraid that I don't quite understand.

Sovereign Court

I’m sad to report that Waterhammer did in fact die from the shotgun blast. Just as well. Reiner probably would have caught the need to pun from his blood. If he had actually drunk any.

Hey, works either way.

*Peep peep*

Sovereign Court

The when wrote:
I’m sad to report that Waterhammer did in fact die from the shotgun blast. Just as well. Reiner probably would have caught the need to pun from his blood. If he had actually drunk any.

I'm very sorry to hear that, he will be dearly missed by everyone here.

*Has the lifeless body of Waterhammer brought to a funeral pyre where it is cremated.*

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Waterhammer now resides in the land of his ancestors.

*We all have a minute of silence in remembrance.*

He must have obtained the blood of another for me to drink.

He has been reborn as BLOODHAMMER.

Sovereign Court

I was thinking Wetzombie.

Sovereign Court

*The Kureshi Kobras are able to slither about the pitch and score several touchdowns.*

*Meanwhile, the Dark Mountain Spiders are crawling around making web traps.*

*As things stand, the Kureshi Kobras - 34, Dark Mountain Spiders - 21.*

Did I just see a mongoose run out of the stands and onto the pitch?

OOH! It is chasing the Kobras.

Sovereign Court

*The Kureshi Kobras see the mongoose and snarl at it, scaring the poor creature.*

*Sadly, it runs into a web trap and becomes food for the Dark Mountain Spiders.*

Sovereign Court

Triggering this.

Sovereign Court

*Starts singing the aforementioned song, causing everyone's ears to bleed.*

*In an annoyed tone of voice* Come on everyone, our singing is not that bad!

*Continues singing, making the situation even more worse than it is.*



Sovereign Court

Read the post from the Disney Villain Council before the post by Organisation XIII.

Sovereign Court

*The same thing happens with Organisation XIII, getting GoatToucher to join.*

*They feel in control, but is it really GoatToucher in control instead?*

Sovereign Court

*Convinces GoatToucher to join as an honourary member.*

*Though it could be that he persuaded them to convince him to join.*

Sovereign Court

Maybe he’d rather join the society of mild mischief and occasional naughtiness.

Or the Knights of Columbanus

Sovereign Court

He already has, along with every other society more suited to his "needs".

Makes me think that he is joining these groups solely for his amusement...

Given the way in which he has gone about getting into the groups.

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I think that my old friend Chernabog might have some reservations about my joining any such organization. I remember him in the days of his callow youth. Mention his first millennial birthday party to him and you will learn how a Beast of Shadow can blush a deeper black.

At any rate: with my experiments, managing my many lines of GoatToucher Brand products, and the notion that poisoned fruit, emotional manipulation, or a simple polymorph spell qualify as evil by anything besides the most mundane definition possible being ridiculous, I'm afraid that I must abstain.

That and the fact that 9/10 of their victims are children? How do you break a mind, heart, and spirit before they are fully formed?

Sovereign Court

A brilliant question, one in which only you would be able to find an answer.

Which, again, leads us back to the theory that both groups (The Disney Villain Council and Organisation XIII) did not actually want you to join them but, through careful manipulation, you were able to convince them that they needed to recruit you in order to protect themselves from your "techniques" as well holding sway over you (in short, you made the puppets think that they were the puppet master). I'm not sure how you are able to keep doing it though, then again, I'd rather not find out.

Sovereign Court

*Struggles to chuckle as strength starts ebbing away again.*

That doesn't surprise me in the least. GoatToucher was always brilliant at letting you think that you were the one in control (particularly if you had him in your service), when in reality it was GoatToucher in control all along. Makes me wonder what he has in store for those two groups.

*Begins coughing lots of times, finding it difficult to concentrate.*

It seems that... my regeneration... is taking... a lot out... of... me.

*Falls to the ground and becomes unconscious.*

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What shall we do with the sleepin' vampire,
What shall we do with the sleepin' vampire,
What shall we do with the sleepin' vampire,
Earl-aye in the evening?

Sovereign Court

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A ghostly triangle tinks and tings along to the pirate shanty.

Played by the ghost of Waterhammer.

Sovereign Court

*The swarm of Heartless stop causing destructive mayhem and take part in the sea shanty, causing a new kind of mayhem as they all try to play various musical instruments, sing, drink gallons of rum and dance competitively with each other. Providing amusement for scrying onlookers in black hooded coats. After watching for a bit, the lead individual stands up.*

Leader of Organisation XIII (male individual): I think we can help here.

*Many portals open up, and a swarm of Nobodies pours through. Making things worse.*

Nobody knows the troubles I see.

Sovereign Court

*More Nobodies show up, adding to the chaos, one even manages to gouge out Schism Spice's eyes. Soon, another two groups of strange creatures appear to cause trouble. One group looks just as monstrous as the Heartless and the Nobodies and are called the Unversed, while the other one consists of multicoloured animals and are called Dream Eaters (Nightmare version given the dark hues of their otherwise colourful pelts).*

*Once again, the Organisation is viewing the spectacle from their secret base.*

*The leader now removes his hood, revealing a young, dark skinned face. His hair is silver/grey in colour, comes down to his neck and styled to look like a lion's mane, while his eyes (in contrast) are a deep shade of red and glisten with evil intent.*

Xemnas: It would appear that things are getting quite wild now, perhaps we should join in the fun personally? I'll allow all of you to vote on it (unless , of course, the Disney Villain Council decides to join in then we will have no choice). *Turns head slightly to the left (reader's right) grinning wickedly.* In any case, things are going to be very interesting.

Hey hey, whatja call a group of pirates all playin' musical instruments?

An arrr-chestra! Oogieoogieoogieoogieooooooooh!

Sovereign Court

*The Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and the Dream Eaters promptly attack Chuck Les.*

Cast Mute Hex on Chuck Les.

Are they flugelhorn sized mutes?

Sovereign Court

Not mutants, trolls.

OK, then - are they flugelhorn sized trolls?

Sovereign Court

Possibly, but you'd have to play them like an accordion.

Sovereign Court

Jafar: Right... anyway, we have some final details to explain about Disney Villainous. Not that any of you are paying attention to anything being said, but there we go. As we have told you, each villain has an objective to complete. Each objective is unique to the individual villains, here are the objectives of the current villains.

Captain Hook
Defeat Peter Pan at the Jolly Roger.

Dr. Facilier
Control the Talisman and successfully Rule New Orleans.

Evil Queen
Defeat Snow White.

Remove all 8 Obstacles.

Queen of Hearts
Have a Wicket at each location and successfully Take the Shot.

Defeat Kuzco using Kronk.

Cruella De Vil
Start her turn with at least 99 captured puppies.

Start his turn with at least three Titans at Mount Olympus.

Start his turn with the Magic Lamp at Sultan's Palace and Genie under your control.

Start her turn with a Curse at each location.

Mother Gothel
Start her turn with at least 10 Trust.

Complete the four selected Goals.

Prince John
Start his turn with at least 20 Power.

Start his turn with The Robot Queen at Buckingham Palace.
If Robot Queen is discarded, objective changes to Defeat Basil.

Start his turn with at least 15 Strength in the Succession pile.

Start her turn with the Trident and the Crown at Ursula's Lair.

He must reduce the Strength of all four of his Heroes and move them to Caterpillar Room, and also have Buzz Lightyear, in any mode, in the same location.

Madam Mim
She must defeat all of Merlin's Transformations.

He must activate Syndrome's Remote while at Omnidroid v.10's location to defeat it, then clear his Realm of Heroes.

Dedrick, The Professor wrote:
Possibly, but you'd have to play them like an accordion.

Challenge accepted!

Sovereign Court

*After suffering a couple of penalties, the Kureshi Kobras score a final touchdown.*

*The Dark Mountain Spiders almost get disqualified for trying to eat the referee.*

*The final points are: Kureshi Kobras - 60, Dark Mountain Spiders - 38.*

Word has come in from security.
The mongoose says he was hired by the Spiders to attack the Kobras if they were losing.
The Spiders are denying the accusation.

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