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Sovereign Court

You're right, what IS important, is that you hide in the closet (your choice of closet) and you never,EVER,come out.

Oh he comes out all right, but only children can see him.

Sovereign Court

Congratulations, you've just killed off your non vampire self and childhoods of multiple individuals (including me and yourself).

Wait then how do we see him?

Because there's a child that lives inside each of us.

They can survive being swallowed whole, yes?

Beware! If they have a light slashing weapon and can roll 18 or over on a D20, they can escape, killing you in the process.

I regenerate so I'm good also I don't eat children so that too.

mark all these 1-post reviews as spam please


The Exchange

Pay us.


"Done", he says.

I see no celeriac.

Done, my hairy bottom. Try harder.

Your account must have been hacked by a chinese-hacker. It's out of my hands now.

Sovereign Court

You never had any hands to begin with.

5,000,000 years ago I did. Evolution is a b!$!#.

Sneky sneke

Sovereign Court

Weirdy beardy!

Shouty Pouty :(

Potent rodent.

Scarab Sages


Down Clown!

Gilded Mildred.

Sovereign Court

Yes, now that's more like it!

Scary hairy.

Shut it down, you big fat clown.

Scarab Sages

Obsidian Ophidian!

Zap 'em with the siren.

Rowdy reptile.

Fluid druid

Yeti spaghetti.

Scarab Sages

Fakir Veneer.

he who shalt be named... in yellow

He Would Benefit From Using Dr. Pirate's Spring Dew Maiden Hair Removal Poultices, Accept No Imitations.

Silver Crusade


Picard said, "Don't play ball on the bridge."

Fang Thang.

Dr. Crusher responded, "Marsha is the problem."

Scarab Sages

Incongruous Food-for-a-Mongoose.

Picard paused in thought, and then said, "I have noticed a change in her behavior since returning from the trip to Hawaii."

Darn It High G i'm a doctor not a travel agent.

Arrh, why not be both?

All aboard for the Colostomy Cruise.

I'm a doctor.

Did somebody say "colostomy"?

Dr. Crusher echoed his concern, "Yes, being lost
in the caves with an evil tiki idol has apparently
induced lingering emotional trauma."

Evil tiki idol would be a good alias.

So would Eric The Half An Orc.

Paizo Employee Developer

It's me! I am the winner!

Scarab Sages

*Luis Loza hears a polite knock...from his Closet*

Guess again.

What a nice cat nap.
Oh, how did I get in the back of the line?

I think Pulg almost won this thing.

I was narrowly beaten by an official samurai.

That accursed samurai!

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