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I was here first.

I thought Chaos and the Formless Void were first?

Sovereign Court

The formless void and unpredictable energy of chaos are indeed first when a universe is created, but Vidmaster7 has a habit of being able to survive the cataclysm that destroys the preceding universe. So both of you are correct in what you said.

Scarab Sages

He did it by Hiding In the Closet with me.

That's a fairly common way to create things, I believe.

It worked for Miss Engels and Mr. Stokes in High School, anyway.

Is this like the annoying thing at the beginning of the book?

You're the annoying thing at the beginning of the book.

The one that always get killed horribly? The shreddie/first victim?

Scarab Sages

Ancient Dragon Kenny?

I think it would be, ancient dragon master Kenny.
I've watched enough Gamora to know what happens to kids named Kenny.
Also Fugitive Alien...
The Japanese had a thing for guys named Ken or Kenny...

Scarab Sages

Don't forget the dude from Street Fighter!

Sovereign Court

Street fighter? Bah! Too many clones, M. Bison lacked pizzazz, no uniqueness what so ever, bland story and no vampires! Seriously, this is why I like Mortal Kombat: the story is gripping, the were characters were unique (even the palette swapped ones), blood and fatalities and there were even vampires! Although, for some reason, I'm never on the roster.

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I always thought you were the Finnish Him they kept talking about.

Whenever I wrestle with Pulg, I end up with a "Flawless Victory"... matter who wins.

Sovereign Court

Yeah, I'm just the voice over artist in all the Mortal Kombat games. I really want to be a fighter for a change.

*comes out of the clown's closet* it is good thai food.

Why are you eating the closet?

Mind you, if you are, it makes sense to cover it in green curry sauce first.


Scarab Sages


Angkor's Away!

At Pursat Academicals. Without Yun at right back, they haven't got a hope.

they make good subs.

But their doms are tastier.

Hmm for some reason I feel you are an expert on the subject... maybe its the hat.


The real talent is being able to switch between the two.

The trick is understanding that a sexual response to power dynamics always can take both forms.


or maybe tushie >.>

Sovereign Court

OK, I think that you've posted enough for now Vidmaster7, let's just sit you down on this comfy chair.

*Helps Vidmaster7 to sit on the comfy chair.*

Now I'll just make sure that someone gets you a nice drink. Ah, GoatToucher, could you please get Vidmaster7 a nice beverage of his choice? Also, when will Doktor Verruckte be able to return to work? I've refurbished his laboratory ready for him.

ThiS cOnveRsatIon is TReaSonouS ciTizens.
CeaSe nOw and YoUR deAth will be PainLess.

*mutters incoherently about the interconnectedness of all things*
And that's why this post makes sense.

Have some beans.

You like beans.

Everybody likes beans, especially me.

Scarab Sages

Dirk only likes beans if they've been threaded together on a long piece of string or something - after all, everything must be interconnected!

I'm ok except I would like to request someone else besides goattoucher bring me a drink if that isn't to much trouble. I'm allergic to goat hair.


ThiS cOnveRsatIon is TReaSonouS ciTizens.

CeaSe nOw and YoUR deAth will be PainLess.

Awwww, FCIYF, you are SUCH a cutie when you're blushing!

Also is the drink my choice or goattouchers choice? *worried face*

I'd be more worried about the fact that it was produced by JDTV, though I hear ankheg milk is very good for you. It's organic!

Sovereign Court

Vidmaster7, the drink is your choice. Also, I only asked GoatToucher (who has not a trace of goat hair on him, you don't want to think about it) because I am curious about my chief scientist (Doktor Verruckte).

You know what I'm not really that thirsty.

Scarab Sages

I don't know about a drink, Count, but can you make a brainsicle?

I was already a vidsicle earlier so I'm good thanks.

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Count Reiner Heydrich wrote:
Vidmaster7, the drink is your choice. Also, I only asked GoatToucher (who has not a trace of goat hair on him, you don't want to think about it) because I am curious about my chief scientist (Doktor Verruckte).

Rumour has it that he's run away from GoatToucher Island and is hiding in one of our trombones. We don't know which one, though, so we'll have to try them individually until we find out.



work with a hammer long enough everything starts looking like a nail...

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Same with whips, actually.

Tell me about it.


Sovereign Court

Comte de Malodor? I thought you died (or rather, were killed/murdered, your choice of phrasing really) when my brother, Siegfried Heydrich, made a daring siege on your castle in the southwestern region of Bathoria (strange how your family were a devil cult, while everyone else in that region were death cults). Tell me, how did you survive and are you still part of the Cadre Infernal?

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Ah, Heydrich, mon ami. At some point, we should meet up and swap housemaids again.

As to how I survived, I invoked the legendary Malodor Pact with HnG'Y'k'Thrp'Blaaaaaa, the Lord of the Hidden Sausage, and transformed myself into an immense clove of garlic. Anyone would feel pretty stupid laying siege to an immense clove of garlic, and your brother was no exception, so he left in a huff, and I was able to rebuild my Fortress of Infamy. Incidentally, as a result, I intend to challenge him to a duel shortly, and thought it only courteous to let you know.

And I am still a member of the Cadre Infernal, yes. May I also offer you my congratulations on your successfully attaining Grade Three in the ocarina?

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:Jambi emerges, bearing a silver platter holding a tall glass of icewater:

:he reaches into a pouch and sprinkles a pinch of dust next to VidMaster7, conjuring an ornate tea table. Another pinch, and a gold filigree and velvet lounge appears. He sets the glass upon the table next to Vidmaster7:

:the curtain to the "Workroom" parts, and GoatToucher emerges, beaming and vigorous. He removes oiled leather gloves and similar apron, glistening with...fluid.:

:he walks over and sits upon the lounge, extending a hand which is immediately filled with a glass of honey-colored liquor by Jambi:

:he looks at the glass of icewater on the table, then up at Vidmaster7 expectantly, biting his lip with anticipation:

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:Doktor Verruckte emerges from the "Workroom", unheeded and uncommitted upon by his host:

:he is dressed immaculately, his uniform immaculately cleaned and pressed, and seems hale and hardy... physically:

:his eyes, however, look far into the distance. Are they glistening, near tears? Surely not. Just a trick of the light, I'm sure:

:he walks over and silently positions himself behind and to the left of the Count, his face expressionless:

Sovereign Court

Ah, Doktor Verruckte, it is so good to see you again! No doubt that GoatToucher has helped you to realise your full potential? Come, see the refurbishments I have lovingly made to your laboratory, you will find the changes to be most exquisite.

*Turns to Comte de Malodor.*

I'm afraid that may be difficult, for my brother has been dead these past thousand years (I should know, I was the one who killed him) which is why I rule over the province of Mortvania (no surprise there though, it's always been known as the home of vampires. Just like how its sister province, Lupravia, is the home of werewolves). But, you might be able to duel him, you can't miss his ghost: it haunts the castle endlessly and (in case you forgot what he looked like) he a smooth looking face, blonde hair so golden you'd think he was blessed by sun itself, blue eyes like the ocean and an annoyingly painful desire to rid the land of evil (yeah, Siegfried is the "black sheep" of the Heydrich family. Also, watch out for my sister, Katarina, she intends to invoke the same fate onto me (with the same motives) that I invoked on my brother.

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