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So I have been GM'ing a Hi-lvl Mythic Adventures Pathfinder game for a while now and recently was theory crafting a spellcaster that would give the PC's a decent challenge.

What I realized however is that Arcane Surge (Su) due to being a supernatural ability likely doesn't follow the Casting Time rules preventing multiple swift casts.

Then I saw how this could be abused by adding in a Corset of Delicate Moves since it is also triggering a supernatural ability and the Borrowed Time spell to bring us up to 4 spells in a round.

Is this legal? I feel like I am missing something here, I know mythic gets crazy but this is a level beyond what I normally find.

I don't see it.
You're getting 3 swift actions per round (1 from corset, 1 from borrowed time, and 1 normal), but only one of those can be used to cast a spell, so still only 2 spells per round, with 2 extra swift actions to do other stuff.
I'm assuming you're casting the mythic version of borrowed time to regain the move action you sack to the corset.

Arcane surge: doesnt grant an extra swift action, it allows you to cast a spell as a swift action without using a spell slot.

Corset: swift action specifically states that you cannot use it to cast a spell - which is what Arcane surge does, so no using arcane surge twice per round.

You want to challenge your mythic PC's?
Give the big bad a mythic spell-casting cohort (perhaps with the same set-up so that they're both casting 2 spells/round)...wanna really cheese it out? give the cohort the leadership feat and a mythic spellcasting cohort of it's own.

Anyways, that's what I think.

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Something I considered doing from playing video games, build your spellcaster as two identical spellcasters that inhabit one body. They are one being, in effect, that rolls twice for initiative, and for all saving throws, give them gear based on what the equivalent level is for appropriate CR of them together. Only one is attacked at a time, but AoE damage affects both of them at once.

Normal cast (spell 1)
Quicken cast (spell 2)
Familiar spell (spell 3)
Quicken familiar spell (spell 4)

Contingency spell (5).

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Mythic haste gives an extra standard action for an extra spell. Unless you sensibly nerfed it.


Minor and Major Spell Expertise also changes spells to spell like abilities which can be used for those extra swift actions that cannot cast spells with quicken spell like ability.

@JohnHawkins, Mythic Haste only allows an additional move action, not a standard action. Here is a quote from the PRD: Affected creatures gain an additional move action each round.

I don't see any reason that arcane surge should let you bypass the restriction of one swift action spell per round.

Arcane surge allows you to cast a spell as a swift action. The language "cast a spell" is even part of its rules text. The casting time rule limits you to one swift action spell per round, and does so using fairly general language. I don't see any reason why arcane surge shouldn't fall under that.

I don't see how do you not read cast a spell as a swift action as casting a swift action spell?
Anyways, I said how I interpret the wording, you obviously read it differently. Since you're the DM in this particular game, your opinion is the only one that matters, So I'll just agree to disagree with you on this point and wish you good luck with your game.

Check out the gibbering orb. Party I was in took one on at 18th lvl. Has a long list of spells it casts as 150' rays. It casts 24 spells a round in this manner, but can only aim up to 5 at a single target. It has a 60' aura of insanity, will save DC 29. SR 37. This thing totally took us by surprise.

Use a two-headed creature and treat each head as a separate person who shared the body (they share the legs and each gets an arm).
Make both spell casters and away you go.

For hit points you take the average of their Con Stats and for AC Dex bonus take the average of their Dex.
Mental Stats are separate.
Personal spells affect both equally. Makes their buffing faster.

Hilarious when one head readies an action to cast disruptive spell when one of the PCs is doing so, and the other head casts a spell and sets of the resulting actions/counter actions.

(also works nicely if one is a caster and the other a Melee class)

JohnHawkins wrote:
Mythic haste gives an extra standard action for an extra spell. Unless you sensibly nerfed it.

Mythic Haste grants an extra move action, not a standard action.

What you want is

Mythic Universal Monster Rules wrote:

Dual Initiative (Ex)

The monster gets two turns each round, one on its initiative count and another on its initiative count – 20. For example, if the monster’s initiative is 23, for its first turn it could make a full attack (and take a 5 foot step) at initiative 23, and for its second turn at initiative 3 it could take a move action and cast a spell. This allows the monster to perform two actions per round that normally take an entire round, such as using a summon monster spell. For the purposes of spells and effects that have a duration of a round or longer or trigger at the beginning of the creature’s round or the start of its turn such as saving throws against ongoing effects or taking bleed damage), only the monster’s first turn each round counts toward such durations.

Format: +21/+1; Location: Initiative.

I'll never match the rules lawyers for rules. But I can say that a mage and his familiar and his shadow and the familiar's shadow, and another shadow and the shadow's familiar... you get the idea.

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Of course, when you summon, call or gate creatures in, they can each cast their own spells as well. It's not so much the caster casting 4 times a round, but it's effectively just as powerful.

Are you playing PFS? If you're not, http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/3rd-party-feats/alluria-publishing/general-fe ats-3rd-party-alluria-publishing/twincast-spell/

Double whatever has been stated so far. Sort of.

Time Stop, Contingency, Talismans, having several bodies, Simulacrums, Dominate Person on spellcasters... someday it will end...

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