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4th Edition

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BECMI D&D Barbarian Class?

New D&D Covers

People who have been playtesting DnD Next, what are your opinions?

D&D 5e Starter set is on Amazon

D&D 4th Edition compared to . . . EXALTED

D&D New Edition Clerics & Barbarians

Mystara: AC1020 and beyond

So D&D Next looks interesting. Is it?

Things Pathfinder does right and lessons D&D Next may have learned by watching

Monster Encounter Layouts for D&D Next

Mass combat for DDN

Interest in 4e materials / adventures / resources?

Tell me about the warlord?

4E clone?

Discussion thread for the Sundering Adventures.

How could a new edition of D&D be designed to allow for all play styles?

Some Questions About First Edition AD&D

D&D Next Playtest

Best 4e WWW Sites

Next D&D edition officially announced for summer 2014

Animal Companion

A good forum to discuss 5E

D&D PDFs are back

Four Arms

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine #2 is live!

Savage Tide 4E Conversion

Warforged Dragonborn

Fzoul Chembryl

DDN using OGL?

Guardian - Essential Shapeshifter Druid

New World: The Final Colonies

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine #1 released

D&D campaign settings

DDN 9-19 packet is up at Wizards

Dragon and Dungeon are going away

5E Play Test Packet 8-2-2013

Evolution: A Third option for the Acquisition Engine?

D&D Next Playtest - and initial impressions

4e players wanted

[Demon Queen's Enclave] Questions

D&DNext - D&D 5th edition, a light version of PF in my humble opinion.

Why am I the only one?

The Advantage / Disadvantage system is very good - what do others think?

Finding Aberrant Menaces

Collectible DM Decks for 4th Edition

Godly Stats in 4E

D&D next Advantage / Disadvantage mechanic - thoughts?

Races of the Shroud: Apelords

Free 4E books for the 4E forum regulars

4th Edition Rise of the Runelords Conversion Blog

On the "4th Edition sucks, don't be like them!" argument.

4e Int Warlock Controller Concept or Int Martial Controller Concept

Looking for a new rulebook for Savage Tides - Advice?

What to Name a Fan-Written 'Pathfinder of 4e'?

Halfling Vampires: Do they enjoy food?

Converting 4th Edition Swordmage to 1st / 2nd Edition D&D

New DDN playtest packet 3-20-13

Where to download DnD Encounters?

4th Edition Curse of the Crimson Throne Conversion Blog

How Much Food Can You Carry?

Magic Lanterns

D&D Classics

Video props, do you ever use them?


Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (4th Edition Edition)

Build our own 5th Edition Rule-book and compare it to the real thing at the end?

In honor of D&D 5E...

[D&D 4e] Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Recruitment! PvP D&D 4e in style!

AD&D 2E Reprints up for preorder on Amazon

Rumors that Disney may buy Hasbro

Maximum stats of 20 for characters

Potion Miscibility Table - WotC for President

The new 5e playtest is out

Recruiting: D&D 4e Roll20 Playtest

Aethyr 4e Campaign on YouTube

Are the classic reprints available in PDF?

5E Forgotten Realms?

4E Bestiary

Anyone using Golarion / AP's for their D&D Next game?

D&D Next a sign of distress at WotC?

Wizard cantrips?

The New playtest and your thoughts.

Character backgrounds

PBP with other editions here?

D&D next ... fate or doom ?

Menzoberranzan's Availability?

4e Demonomicon - Shemeshka the Marauder [DDI]

Hasbro shelving D&D, would it change anything?

Petition to WOTC: Support all current and past editions of Dungeons & Dragons!

Any clues as to which settings will be focussed on / supported in D&D:Next?

D&D Next: Let’s Talk About Opportunity Attacks

AD&D Premium Reprints?

5e and PF - actually fantastic to have both existing (an end to edition wars?)

WotC's D&D Virtual Table Top is DONE.

What I like and dislike so far in the playtest.

Any reason left to play a Wizard on DnD 4 and Next?

Your Favourite 4E Encounters

My opinion of it without saying much about it.

Bounded Accuracy for 4e

I am really warming to 4e now, and still liking 3.5 and looking forward to D&D Next

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