4e Int Warlock Controller Concept or Int Martial Controller Concept

4th Edition

4e Int Warlock Controller Concept or Int Martial Controller Concept

Honestly, I think a Warlock is really only a template for what I'm putting forward here. The way it's a template is the abilities would be controller based, with all at-will abilities applying to cursed subjects in various ways and some area of effect encounter abilities, but the focus would be primarily affecting the cursed subject. (as you see from the example link/video provided) Also due to the concept, this character is likely not to have many of the other Warlock signature abilities, such as his Eldritch Blast.

Conceptually, I see no reason why an Int Warlock couldn't be done. The only thing I can see is that because Int is responsible for a large amount of the Warlock's secondary effects, inherently that could create an over-powering situation--making the primary and secondary power affects play off the same modifiers may be too much synergy which could be why it would only work home-brewed.

At the same time as I write this I can't help but think it might work out better as being basically a hybrid class and no pact at all. For instance a sort of int martial controller, who uses probability equations to tell what will happen and influence events. Mechanically he would utilize curse, but it wouldn't really be featured as such. The fluff of it and the description would be more mathematical and would be an area, item or person. (For instance something like, designating that person, area or object to be influenced and probability tipped in favor of what you want to do to it). Or the power could be not martial, but Chaos based.

He sets chain reactions in the area around him and influences the outcome of events by the use of advanced calculations. Events which would have never taken place are influenced to occur to a greater or lesser degree depending on how well he calculates.

You can't deny the playability of this character class and how fun it would be to describe the events his abilities influence. He would be really fun to roleplay and in all honesty, that's what my GM looks for, character concepts which heighten the experience of the game. The character may be over-powered, I'm not really discussing balance, just what would make sense mechanically and wouldn't be burdensome.

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KXYVhfBJXOw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

(Don't know if the HTML wil work or not. If not, just use the below link for the youtube video:


I don't know as much about 4e mechanics as I would like, but view the video or check out the link to youtube and tell me what you think. Should this be a hybrid Martial Power or Chaos Power Class, between say, the rogue and the warlock who happens to have a gift for probability, easily mistaken for foretellings, the curse ability but able to affect areas and objects as a focus as well as people and amazing luck?

Could see a rogueish halfling or half-elf who isn't sure how he knows exactly what to do and when to do it but seems to be very lucky and able to turn the fortune of others to his favor.

Or an incredibly intelligent human who through his complex view of the world around him is able to see the future and influence it before it occurs, he would seem to be a wizard with his intellect and scrolls of equations but actually uses no known magic.

Warlock with a special pact having to do with the unknown of probability and a pact with some powerful entity behind cause and effect or chaos theorem? Could see a Gnome Scientist stumbling on an equation or something which awakens him to this entity and he forms a pact with it. That would be one hell of a cool story to explore.

Anyways let me know what you think. I'm basically trying to find a platform to start from. I think the easiest is the curse mechanic, but rip it from Warlock or make a hybrid?

Link took me to something called Fringe "The Plateau" Start which has nothing to do with 4E or even RPGs.

Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
Link took me to something called Fringe "The Plateau" Start which has nothing to do with 4E or even RPGs.

Right. That's true. Just watch the video and imagine someone doing something like that in combat. That's the way the abilities would manifest, in one of the examples, like the Gnomish Mathmetician.

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