Anyone using Golarion / AP's for their D&D Next game?

4th Edition

One of the things I find interesting about D&DNext as it stands is the ability to adjust and otherwise homebrew several aspects. Backgrounds, specialties, monsters, races, and perhaps even classes might be easy to invent.

I'm debating on running an AP or a homebrew campaign using the Golarion setting using D&DNext. Anyone else doing something like this?

I think that it is too early for that for most. We only have seen a start of D&D Next and, at least I would like to see more before taking a solid stance towards it.

At present, my plan for D&D Next playtesting is to convert the 4E game I started awhile back in which I and my players have lost interest. That one is set in my homebrew world, using a very loose interpretation of "Madness At Gardmore Abbey".

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