Halfling Vampires: Do they enjoy food?

4th Edition

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I realize that in most mythologies vampires require no sustenance beyond the life energy found in blood. But, as a Halfling, would I still crave that flagon of mead, or that roast mutton turning slowly over the fire to succulent perfection? Do vampires have functioning taste buds? What of the living survives undeath?

Actually halflings could be pretty twisted little bastards if infected with vampirism. Tasting emotions and condition in addition to different race and sex. The hormonal concotion creating myriads of subltle flavours that any halfling vampire worth his salt would use to season his meal as he toys with the victims. Getting them to the right sort of mood and perhaps slightly poisoning them could be just the thing...

Nah. A halfling vampire can only gain sustenance by drinking blood from overweight people!

Shadow Lodge

Yes, they still love food.

It's just that their definition of "food" has changed.

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