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4th Edition

Like mentioned in the title I'm tring to create a swordmage to work in the earlier editions. I've done an ok job so far and would like some help/ideas on how to better them. I'll be back to check posts in a week so ill try and give as much information on how much I've got currently.

The swordmage goes off of the same hp and THAC0 as a warrior, they still get the +3 ac if off hand is free. Can only wear cloth or leather,
they get bonus' like the elementialist for their perfered element. And cannot learn spells from apposing element. can learn preist spells at a negitive. I also keep the swordbond but in a sense that uses compounds mixed into paint and placed on the weapon like a scroll which will be burned off when the spell is used. Thus making the swordmage to use their swordbond every night it uses spells to bring its weapon back to full and paint more scrolls.

My biggest problem is the spells i want them to keep the same spells but dont want them to be OP or useless. since it is 1 ed i kinda have to keep the same method of spells per day so using lightning lure as basicaly a daily sucks. I did increase it so where you get 1d6 every level and +2 damage every 3 levels and i did this for most spells tho dailys that will be converted are already pretty strong so i made the die increase every 3 levels.

so hopefully you can kinda see what I'm trying to do here any comments towards making this a 1st/2nd edition class will help thanks.

So the Swordmage you are describing for 1st/2nd edition AD&D:

* has Fighter THAC0 and HP (and presumably weapon proficiencies and saves)


* can use spells like a Specialist Mage (or even a Priest at a cost)

The Swordmage is giving up some Fighter armor protection (though not much when considering +3 AC offhand bonus, which is a big bonus in 1st/2nd Ed) in exchange for moderate spellcasting power. When compared to a multiclass Fighter/Magic User, or even hybid fighter-caster classes like Cleric or 2nd Ed's Bard, it seems way too good.

If you are playing 2nd Edition, I'd start with the Bard as an example. He has fighting, armor, HP, and casting abilities in between a fighter and a wizard. Just strip him of his music and legend-lore abilities, give him new spells akin to the Swordmage, and it's done.

The other alternative is to reverse engineer Pathfinder's Magus to make a 1st/2nd Ed Swordmage.

In expanding Jezred's thoughts, there is a great kit in the Complete Bard's Handbook called 'Blademaster' (I think). This does just what he mentioned in taking away the instrument, but gives a nice spellcasting bard who is flashy with a sword.

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