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I'm curious as to what the Clerics and Barbarians will be like in the next edition of D&D. I really haven't seen much on the character classes and I'm am resurrecting my D&D campaign with plans to either continue with 3.5 or quite possibly learn the new edition.

Clerics are my primary interest. Is anyone able to give me an idea what the clerics will be like; particularly in regards to their deity, spells, domain and areas of concern (if indeed these last two concepts will remain)?

I liked the idea of 3.5 having these rules in order to make a difference between clerics of religion A and clerics of religion B. Does anyone know what will differentiate religions for the clerics?

As for the Barbarians, 1st edition gave them a view of suspicion towards magic, in 3.5 they did away with that. Will the Barbarian return to this concept or will they treat magical items as useful and freely as any other character class?

I'm basing this on the last playtest packet. Obviously I don't know what the final will look like.

The clerics have spellcasting similar to 3.5 clerics, though they do have a holy word spell that allows for a swift action heal at range, similar to 4e. However, it isn't as powerful as the cure spell. Each cleric chooses a domain and that domain gives special powers as you level up (similar to pathfinder).

The barbarian is more like the 3e/pathfinder barbarian in that you get various abilities as you level up. However rage is simplified. You don't get stat bonuses. You get a flat damage boost, and advantage on strength based checks and attacks as well as some temporary hp. You also lose your rage if you finish a combat round without making an attack. I personally like how they've done rage in this version.

The game is designed to be much less dependent on magic items, but as far as I know they haven't made any specific rules that say barbarians can't use magic items or have to be suspicious of magic.

Plus barbarians can adventure in just their pants and do well.....no need for armour

Silver Crusade

thenovalord wrote:
Plus barbarians can adventure in just their pants and do well.....no need for armour

Or loin cloths?

Or nakkie if you allow such things

thenovalord wrote:
Or nakkie if you allow such things

Clothes too confining, much prefer freedom and fresh air!

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