Guardian - Essential Shapeshifter Druid

4th Edition

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Hey everyone,

My friend suggested I posted this class online in case anyone would have a use for it, so here it goes.

First of all, a little introduction on how this class came to be. After many edition changes on my main D&D campaign (4e - PRPG - 4e again), my friend's character was quite a bit hard to represent in 4th edition. FYI, he was playing a shapeshifter ranger ( ger-archetypes/shapeshifter), essentially a ranger to uses a toned-down version of the druid's wild shape, but still getting spells, and fighting only with natural weapons.

As I only wanted Essentials-style classes in my campaign (too long to explain), I decided to create this class: yet another Essentialized Druid class, but specialized in shapeshifting.

I must warn you about many things:
- This class was crafted specifically to recreate his character in 4e
- While its structure is (I think) completely original, almost all the powers (especially the utilities) were copied/refluffed/retooled to the correct level from existing material.
- It has only been played from level 10, currently to level 11. So it has not been thouroughly playtested. I would be really interested to know how it turns out for a level 1 character.
- I have not taken the time to reproduce the "first page" of the Essentials classes, on which proficiencies, healing surges and such are explained. If I remember correctly, it used exactly the same stats as other Essentials Druids, with the important exception that this class uses Ki Focuses (to support the use of "natural weapon attacks" without needing a totem in hand).
- As it is used in-house only, there may be many sections of the text that I understand implicitly and don't explain correctly.
- Finally, as english is not my first language, please be indulgent with any mistake I made.

So, without further ado, click the link below: g

Feel free to comment, critique (in a well-mannered fashion of course) or use and distribute.

Have a nice day,


Nice interpretation to create a unique class. I'm impressed.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you! :)

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