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4th Edition

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Blog: Deal... of... Fortune!!!

D&Di Compenium and Dungeon and Dragon Magazines

D&DI Gladiator Articles: "Fight!"

D&Di Monstrous Compendium

D&DNext - D&D 5th edition, a light version of PF in my humble opinion.

D2: Seven Swords of Sin 4th Edition Conversion

d20 Modern-4e makeover?

Daemons back in 4e

Dark and Down Times in Waterdeep

Dark Heart of Mithrendain

Dark Sun 4e Age of Worms

Dark Sun levels

Dark Woods; a homebrew setting for 5e

Darkmoon Vale in 4E

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor

Days of High Adventure


DDI - Filtering Adventures in Dungeon by level?

DDI - Get it right vs Get it done... FIGHT!

DDI Adventure Tools

DDI Compendium

DDI Information from DDXP

DDI Monster Builder

DDI News: Web Character Builder.

DDI on BBC news!

DDi Price increase announced

DDI Subscription renewal?

DDI Topics for November

DDI Virtual Tabletop

DDI, anyone actually paying?

DDI / Online tabletop by June? Good luck with that...

DDI: Ashardalon's Hoarde

DDI: The Importance of Terrain

DDN 9-19 packet is up at Wizards

DDN using OGL?

De-Valuing the D&D Brand / 5E with No Public License - A Theory

Dead Gods - 5th Edition Conversion

Dealing with a Powerful Invoker Power

Dear WotC: D&D 5, Hero Lab, and the OGL

Death and Dying article at Wizard's.

Death House introductory for Curse of Strahd

Death of PDFs?

Debate Predictions

December and Beyond - Spelljammer 4e

Defend Yourself in D&D!

Deities Question

Delta's D&D Hotspot Blog

Demonomicon of Iggwilv

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Yeenoghu, KotS, and More

Depths of Avarice

Design & Development The Core Mechanic

Design & Development: Forgotton Places

Design and Development: Cloudspear Keep

Design and Development: Home Base

Design and Development: Monsters

Design and Publish a 5th Edition D&D Monster

Design Guidelines for Making Your Own Powers

Design Leadership from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th

Designing monsters

Despite the criticisms - one thing WotC could do to keep people coming. . .

Destiny Games to do Night Reign Campaign Setting

Devils and Demons article

Dexterity and Strength in 5e - how each is viable for combat

Dhampir Article

DI October PDF magazines / whatever you call them

Diagonal Movement

Dias Ex Machina Signs up with 4th Edition

Did James Jacobs beat Wizards to the punch with Mythos elements?

Did Paizo consider / seek out another 3PP 4E partner?

Did Paizo make a mistake by not going with D&D 4.0?

Did Paizo say that they would never do anything with 4th?

Did they playtest the skill system at all?

Did WotC Blink?

Did WotC lie us?

Die Hard

Different roles for different classes

Digital Focus of upcoming releases

Digital Insider #7: A Question of When

DigitalMage's 4e House Rules

Ding! Your GSL is ready.

Ding, Dong, Gleemax is DEAD!!!

Dinosaurs in 4E?

Discussion thread for the Sundering Adventures.


Dispel Magic The Power of Editing

Divine Power Excerpts

Divying up the Luchre

DM advice: mechanical support for 'in media res'

DM Guild hits 1000 products milestone (also, Ravenloft)

DM Help: Why would the BBEG want a baby?

DM Playtester Review Part 1 on AICN

DM Tip Example: Monster Re-"Stat"ting

DM's Guild Ideas

DMcCoy's Suggestions to Wizards Regarding 4E


DMG Screen now out - quick overview

DMG2 Excerpts

DMG2 Monster / NPC Customization / Creation: What do you want to see?

DMs Guide sample village

DnD 4e 40k

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