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4th Edition

Wanted to start a thread to talk about experiences while running any of the three sundering adventures. I don't care what edition or game rules just the story and how yours turned out. Currently I'm running Murder in Baldurs Gate and my players have taken Torin Siversheilds offer. We have just started and they have just finished the stage one events. I've been pleased with the style this adventure presents, very smart and mature. I also have the other two in the series. What do you guys think and how have yours turned out?

No one?

I bought Murder in BG but didn't play it for Encounters. My Encounters group wasn't really up for that particular style.

We are playing Scourge of the Sword Coast and have been enjoying it. 2 or 3 2-hour sessions per area with approximately 6 areas to explore.

About halfway done and it's going well. It is very reminicent of Keep on the Borderlands but spread out.

Dead in Thay looks to be a dungeon crawl. Should be out in 4 weeks.

I'd like to get Legacy of the Crystal Shard but it hasn't been in stock and I'm not in a hurry. I could see running it someday, but I also have a 10 AP backlog I want to run in Next.

What we played of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (not Sundering) was fun. We may go back to that at some point.

If I had time in the future I'd start with Dragonspear Episode 1, then SotSC, then Dragonspear ep2, then LotCS (scaled up), then Dragonspear ep3, then the political intrigue of MiBG (scaled up), then finish up with Dragonspear ep4, and possibly Dead in Thay or Tyranny of Dragons.

But I have years of Pathfinder APs to run first.

I have all three. Right now my group seems to be enjoying it. It's been tricky to run just for the fact it's open to the DM to ttake it where ever. I have read through it and it seems really good. I haven't read through Scourge only glanced at it but it looks fun with all the locations to visit. Haven't heard much about dead in thay and can't seem to find much about it.

Edit: group is enjoying Baldurs Gate. I have legacy and plan on running it next (scaled up a bit) then scourge. We are playing it with pathfinder until next drops. I noticed my response didn't make sense haha.

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