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Hi everybody,

I was just wondering what people's opinions are on the continuation of 4e materials. While I also really enjoy PF and am looking forward to experimenting with 5e when it comes out, right now my gaming is mostly focussed on 4e. I've got a lot of material that I've been working on (completed to varying degrees) and I've been thinking that I'd like to share some of my work with people.

I'm not thinking that I'm going to "break into the industry" with this stuff or anything, I'm more just wondering how many people would even bother with new material that says its for 4e (whether or not it's free). Of course, making money would be great but I'm thinking more about a posting my stuff on a blog and/or putting free pdfs out there.

So, what do peoples think:
* Is there interest for more 4e material, specifically adventures or APs?
* Would a new campaign setting have any appeal?
* What about a game engine that emulates (and improves) 4e?

I know that there is at least one fanzine dedicated to 4e out there (and it's awesome), but I don't known how much interest it actually gets. I also know that there are a few fan-made 4e clones in the works, but nothing that seems to be making a huge amount of progress.

I'm looking for opinions mainly from 4e players/DMs, but I welcome comments from anyone that plays RPGs and/or knows anything about the industry. I'd also love to hear from anybody in a similar position (with any system).


PS: Here's another general question for anybody... What system do you think is the best for getting exposure as an independent RPG writer? I don't necessarily mean "getting published and paid" but more of getting noticed and eventually (a looong time down the road) maybe getting published or paid. PF and 5e are obviously the big guys, but what about 13th Age, Savage Worlds, 4e, 3.x, et al? Is it best to avoid thinking too much about 5e until it comes out, we see what its deal is and whether it's popular?

Thanks, again

I'd look at 4E material such as a blog.

As to the 2nd idea.

4e can be a tricky thing, even to blog if you are talking about using official information for 4e, remember, it's not OGL.

There is interest in something that emulates 4e, but once again, you'll have to use another base than strictly 4e as 4e is not OGL.

As for the second question, right now, today, I actually think PF is a great vehicle for getting exposure. It's one of the more popular RPGs out there, and it has the PRD and other compatibility licenses (which you can read about).

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