Magic Lanterns

4th Edition

I have had a thing for magic lanterns since my days of playing Wraith: the Oblivion. It is a love that has been rekindled by the resent Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter.

I might in the near future have a chance to build a new character in our 4e game.

I am thinking about maybe playing a swordmage next, and given that I will likely be entering an established game with a little bit of my own loot, it would be a great time to scratch that magic lantern itch. Are their any items which either are lanterns or which could easily be re skinned to be.

Oh, the carrying of said lantern is a pretty fundimental part of what makes them cool, so your average hovering magic lantern that follows you around, isn't really what I am looking for.

The compendium only lists 3 lanterns.

A floating lantern (boring), a lantern that has a power to reveal all invisible creatures in its light - for a fortune.

Finally my favorite Lantern of Discerning; +1 power bonus to perception and insight while in the lanterns light for a very reasonable 1,000 gp.

Grand Lodge

Check out Dragon Magazine issue #322. It details a city on the Plane of Shadow known as Balefire: "City of Lanterns"...

The article gives details of a magical lantern unique to the city that can be powered by potions that make the light it sheds the same as a Daylight spell, plus forces incorporeal undead to make a saving throw in order to move through that light...

The issue is available here on Paizo (both in printed form and PDF): Dragon Issue 322

Of course it was written for 3.5, but I'm sure it is easily converted...

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