Threshold: The Mystara Magazine #2 is live!

4th Edition

Issue number two of Threshold: The Mystara Magazine is available.

This issue, The Vaults of Pandius, is a tribute to the long running archive site for all things Mystaran, and dedicated to the Mystara fanbase. It can be found, appropriately enough, at the Vaults of Pandius.

Issue #3: Sea of Dread is already in progress, but anyone interested in contributing can still drop us a line, or submit something for our upcoming issue #4: Davania (submission guidelines are inside the magazine).

Hope you all enjoy!


Is it small enough to be read via phone?

I don't know anything about phones, but I'm guessing not. You couldn't read the first issue with your smartphone, and that was 24,163 KB. This one's 25,022 KB.

I really enjoyed issue #1. I'll need to download this one when I get home.

Going to dl a new PDF reader. Will try again today.

New PDF reader solved the problem!!! Please link me to the first issue so I can follow on my phone!!

Here's a link to #1 although it's not hard to find. Just put a "1" instead of a "2" in the URL.

Hey, Freehold DM! Glad to hear that you found a solution to your phone reader problem.

Mind if I ask what pdf reader you are using, so I can let others know who might be having a similar issue? We definitely want to try and make Threshold as accessible as possible.

Hope you all are enjoying the magazine!

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