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Having settled on essentials as my preferred 4E system, I have a bunch of 4E books we no longer have any use for. If any of the regular 4E forum posters would like to fill out their collections, I'd be very happy to give them to you for nothing - I'll cover the cost of shipping too, although that's from Australia so might take some time... Here's what I am looking to give away:

Madness at Gardmore Abbey
Vor Rukoth
The Slaying Stone (A really underappreciated 4E module, in my view)
Orcs of Stonefang Pass
Tomb of Horrors
Revenge of the Giants
Halls of Undermountain
The H1-E2 series of modules (E3 is already spoken for)
Marauders of the Dune Sea
Khyber's Harvest (missing the dungeon tile)
The Planes Above
The Planes Below
Manual of the Planes
"Silver Cover" Monster Manual (Errata'd maybe?)
"Silver Cover" Player's Handbook
"Silver Cover" Dungeon Master's Guide
Red Box
Elminster's Forgotten Realms
Heroes of Elemental Chaos
Heroes of the Feywild
Heroes of Shadow
Adventurer's Vault
Adventurer's Vault 2
Dragon Magazine Annual
Neverwinter Campaign Setting
Dark Sun Creature Catalog
Eberron Campaign Guide
Eberron Player's Guide
Dungeon Magazine Annual
Dungeon Delve
Player's Strategy Guide
Player's Handbook 2
Player's Handbook 3
Martial Power
Martial Power 2
Divine Power
Arcane Power (Cover is printed upside down relative to contents)
Primal Power
Psionic Power
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
Forgotten Realms Player's Handbook
I also have two copies of the PF Core Rulebook (4th Printing) and the Alternity: Dark Matter Campaign Setting, if they'd be of interest.

If there's anything there you'd like, please send me a pm over the next week or so (I'll post here once they're all spoken for) and I'll try and divvy them up in a roughly fair way (feel free to prioritise your list if there's one or two that you really want).

If there's more than one person wanting a specific book, it'll be decided partly on a 'first come, first served' bases but also pretty heavily skewed towards those people I recognise from posting on the 4E forum - kind of a 'thanks for teaching me how it works' thing.

I thought I'd post here rather than sending lots of individual messages - I am receiving people's pms. I'm just not going to respond to each individually until the end of the week. Then I'll close the offer and distribute books appropriately. Cheers.

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I just want to say it's really cool of you to do this. Kudos.

I aggree this is cool. Nice guy

Some items in there are definitely on my wishlist but I'm not a 4E forum regular here.

Send me a pm if there's something you like even if you haven't been around here much - there's a lot of "popular" requests and some less so. If you want something nobody else asks for I'm happy to send it your way.

I just wanted to be clear that, in the case of competing demand, I'd be favouring those who I recognise from their posts here, that's all. :)

Everyone should have received a pm spelling out what requests I was able to meet. As I said in those, I'll be shipping everything out over the coming week.

If you thought you were going to get a pm from me and didnt, let me know in case something slipped through the cracks.

ooh eliminister forgotten realms....

Liberty's Edge

Dude you have won the nicest guy on the net competition hands down! On the down side you make me feel like a miserly old bugger...

Thanks for refilling my faith in human nature.

Kindest regards,
Stefan (New Zealand)

PS: I hear you regards Essentials - all we play when playing 4e also.

So, they are all gone now?

Yes, sorry I didn't make that a little clearer.

A bunch of people told me what they wanted and I bundled up all the "unspoken for" books for one guy who helps run an rpg club.

Almost all of t hem went sea mail, so I doubt they'll arrive for a couple of months. They're on their way though.

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