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I'm looking for a nice Savage Tide conversion. I've seen lots of people say they started one, but have yet to find one that's actually finished. My group has been looking for a long-term adventure and two of my players have a real interest. I remember playing it years ago and would really like to run it but dont have the time to do the conversion myself. If someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Unfortunately I suspect your out of luck. Starting something like a conversion is pretty much par for the course but only a small fraction of groups ever finish any campaign.

Even if there was a conversion, which I doubt, I suspect it would have come into existence early after 4Es release making it of interest but still needing some work to bring it up to date with late 4E expectations.

We see this a fair bit in terms of 4E with the early modules feeling very out of date compared to the adventures released nearer the end of 4E.

If you want to go down this path I suspect you'll have to do the conversion yourself with the Savage Tides thread possibly adding some insights.

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