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Our group has discovered the existence of the Potion Miscibility Table in the Playtest Magic Item section.

It's little inclusions from the D&D of old that make this upcoming version so exciting for us. No more will characters be knocking back multiple potions prior or during a fight/encounter without the potential of something untoward occurring.

Now if we can only get the teleportation table put back in...

A few minor things we don't quite either get or like in D&D Next to date, but overall, and given its early days, and excellent foray into bringing D&D into the new decade. If they keep it up I can see D&D Next being the main stay of our gaming group (mid-30's to 40's age bracket).


Oddly enough, this mid-30s gamer is of the same mindset. Go figure...

even more exciting, is that it is percentile based.

Wow. That is something I never expected to see in any edition of D&D again. I liked it back in the day but felt it needed some kind of refinement even then. I will have to check out this new playtest material though.

I like the idea, especially when you just cast Wish to make it a 100 roll and thus get the potion permanenced. ;p

That was a fun rule.

i have not seen the wish spell on the spell list yet, so i can only speculate how it is going to work. the 1st edition limited wish suggested that greedy limited wishes to go bad, and the wish spell suggesting that the referee use great discretion when adjudicating the spell,

i do not want a wish spell on the spell list at any rate. besides, the spell takes time to cast, the miscibility table takes place instantly. I am pretty sure that the universe would be confused by any wish to predetrmine any dice rolls, past or present.

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Add back in the aging 10 years on each cast and Wish won't be such an issue...

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