Are the classic reprints available in PDF?

4th Edition

While I'm not that interested in the 2E reprints, I would buy the AD&D reprints in PDF. Anyone know if these are available in PDF?

Liberty's Edge

I don't believe so, though WotC are apparently aiming to release their back catalogue in "electronic form" next year, whether that is PDF or something else I don't know. I hope for PDF.

Same. I was psyched when I read about the A and S series reprints. It's only worth it for me if I can get it in a PDF for my iPad though.

As far as I know none of the reprints so far are scheduled to have a PDF version. That said, I think it'll be good if they do have PDF, at least when they begin to release their back library electronically next year.

I assume that the A and S series reprints are reprints, in hardback, of the combination books that came out after the original versions of the modules. I wonder if they're going to be reformatted or if they're just going to be straight copies of the older books?

Shadow Lodge

Like Digital Mage said, WotC has said that they will be releasing the entire D&D back catalog in some sort of electronic form over the next few years, and I believe that I saw that it was NOT going to be the somewhat shoddily scanned PDF copies of old...rather that they would be digitally recreating the originals, resulting in much cleaner copies in whatever format they eventually settle upon.

I don't have a link, so don't take that as gospel, though.

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