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I'm trying to gather "divine" (or quasi-divine) statted creatures.

While I'm interested in creatures statted in epic levels (demigods of levels 21-30), mostly what I'm asking for is levels 31 or higher.

Examples wrote:

Monster Manual 1
* Orcus

Monster Manual 2
* Dagon
* Demogorgon

Monster Manual 3
* Imix
* Ogremoch
* Lolth

Acceptable but not necessary are lists that include powerful, unique, and comprehensibly "divine" threats, but really I'm not interested in "generic epic threat number 56". Unique creatures are interesting. Generic ones are... okay, but not really what I'm looking for.

EDIT: to be clear, if it's not level 30 or higher, I'd extremely appreciate it if it's clear if they're 30th level or less instead of fully integrated with the others. :) Thanks!

Included wrote:

Monster Manual 1
* Doresain, the Ghoul King

Monster Manual 2
* Kazuul, Exarch of Demogorgon

Monster Manual 3
* Eclavdra, Exarch of Lolth
* Serpent of Nihal
* Allabar, Opener of the Way


Excluded wrote:

Monster Manual 1
* Ancient <insert kind here> Dragon
* Dread Wraith
* Phane

Monster Manual 2
* Ancient <insert kind here> Dragon
* Angel of Supremacy
* Deva Fallen Star

Monster Manual 3
* Spellweaver
* Mist Hag

In any event, I'd appreciate the help.

While obviously I have easy access to the three MMs, I lack some of the peripherals, and those I do have are a bit difficult to get to right now.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help here!

Campaign Settings, specific peripherals, and the like are all included.

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Here goes:

Phraxas the Decayed (Demonomicon)
Kostchtchie (Demonomicon)
Harrazau the God Swallower (Open Grave)
Kyuss (Open Grave)
Maglubiyet, the Mighty One (Dragon Magazine 372)
Namissi, Blue Exarch of Tiamat, Ancient Blue Dragon (Dungeon Magazine 174)
Timesus, the Black Star (E3 Prince of Undeath)
Graz'zt (Manual of the Planes; Dungeon Magazine 212)
Pazuzu (Demonomicon)
Balcoth, the Groaning King (Dungeon Magazine 178)
Olhydra (Dungeon Magazine 199)
Blazing Rorn the Fury (Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide)
Cryonax (Dragon Magazine 421)
Zenobaal, Prophecy Incarnate(Dragons of Eberron)
Yan-C-Bin (Dungeon Magazine 199)
Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame (Eberron Campaign Setting)
Solkara (The Plane Below)
Torog (Underdark)
Mual-Tar (Dragon Magazine 370)
Vecna (Open Grave)
Bahamut/The Old Man with the Canaries (Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons)

I left off a couple level 31 named dragons because they didn't seem "divine" enough, but there's the rest of the level 31+ uber-threat crowd. This is the sort of thing the Compendium is designed for, by the way. Keep in mind that you can search the Compendium without a subscription (and thus pull up a list of creatures that match your query), but viewing the stat blocks requires you to be a subscriber.



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