Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (4th Edition Edition)

4th Edition

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Welcome to my Crazy Character Emporium, brought to you by popular demand!

I make a lot of characters just for fun in my free time, many of which never get to see the light of day. Therefore, I decided to make this thread as a place where people can see all of my concepts, all of my builds, in one place.

Please feel free to use the following characters in your home games in whatever manner you wish (but please don't use them elsewhere, such as in your personal novel). None of these characters use any intentional house rules, though as with any complex game, please expect, and allow for, some leeway for interpretive differences of the rules. Therefore, please be sure to check with your GM before using any new character or concept from my Emporium. Also, please feel free to change the characters to better suit your use.

If you like what follows, be sure to check out the Pathfinder edition of my Crazy Character Emporium, where many more characters await.

So, without further ado, please take a gander at my marvelous creations, leave comments, critiques, and corrections in the little white box near the entrance marked "reply," and be sure to check back in regularly for new updates and characters.


Unwrap your gifts!:

Azriel - 1st-level Dragonborn Paladin of the Raven Queen

Balasar - 2nd-level Dragonborn Cleric of Erathis

Beiro - 1st-level Half-Elf Warlord

Brog - 8th-level Elven Rogue

Crysis - 2nd-level Tiefling Wizard

Deacon - 12th-level Tiefling Warlord-Battle Captain

Diesa - 8th-level Dwarf Wizard-Ranger

Eddy - 15th-level Human Warlock-Doomsayer

Gaia - 1st-level Tiefling Rogue

Gobby - 7th-level Goblin Rogue

Gordofan - 22nd-level Human Fighter-Iron Vanguard-Demigod

Hadarai - 2nd-level Eladrin Ranger

Harmin - 1st-level Dwarf Cleric of Erathis

Jasper - 2ndh-level Human Cleric-Warlord of the Raven Queen

Kallista - 12th-level Tiefling Warlord-Warlock-Paragon Warlock

Kharzod - 1st-level Dwarf Paladin of the Raven Queen

Kobb - 1st-level Kobold Paladin of Bahamut

Krammer - 1st-level Kobold Wizard

Lolyan - 5th-level Eladrin Wizard-Warlord

Paegin - 11th-level Gnoll Warlock-Wizard-Blood Mage

Perrin - 6th-level Halfling Ranger

Polyras - 30th-level Halfling Swordmage-Wizard-War Wizard-Eternal Seeker

Prion - 10th-level Human Fighter

Prolo - 2nd-level Halfling Rogue

Pruuma - 5th-level Bugbear Fighter

Rozallin - 2nd-level Human Wizard

Syoukan - 9th-level Human Cleric-Wizard of Bahamut

Tharvonian - 1st-level Human Paladin of Avandra

Thorn - 10th-level Warforged Wizard

Tilion - 1st-level Human Wizard

Treborn - 2nd-level Half-Elf Warlord

Veshant - 2nd-level Elf Ranger

Voleur - 2nd-level Dragonborn Fighter

Zech - 2nd-level Genasi Swordmage

Well I now always have 4E characters to use if I need one...

And I always need new character concepts... Thanks Ravingdork!

Thanks! Some of these are perfect for a group of new players I have coming over tomorrow!

wow these are great,

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The Fourth Edition Edition of Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium is now closed! Apologies to all who did not get the chance to see it, but I need the server space to keep my Pathfinder Emporium going.


Erm... wow. Way to tease. :(

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