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Hello all I am representing a gaming club in Northern NJ that is seeking to expand it's player base. The games that are being run there now is D&D 5th ed,, Star Wars(FFG version), and I will be running PathFinder(both 1st and/or 2nd depending on interest) and StarFinder.

We are open Wed., Thursday, and Sundays...

Drop me a PM if you are interested.

It is a great community and a great chance to meet people with similar interest.

Can you cancel my StarFinder Subscriptions please. I just don't have the money right now to keep up with it.

Thank you...

I am sorry for the problems I have been having with keeping up the subscription payments lately. Work has been slow and I am having new expenses buying clothing and make up lately.
I am can pay for this one if you charge my card Today(Friday the 4th).

After this I need you to cancel the rest of my subscriptions as I don't have the financial flexibility to meet that commitment. I will still get the books but at my own pace.

Again I am sorry for causing this headache and Thank you very much.

So I got the email stating there are issues with charging my card...if you can wait till Friday it should go thru without any issues. Thank you

I would like to cancel my Pathfinder subscriptions with the last of the 1st ed stuff. I will check out 2nd ed before I want to commit to it.

So keep the StarFinder subscriptions and the Pathfinder Tales subscription( hope springs eternally)...but cancel the rest as the last 1st ed products come out.

So I got email saying the payment failed but I should have the store credit to cover this...

Hello, so when I got the shipping email it had both store credit applied and charged my credit card both for the full amount. Seeing how specifically got that store credit to pay for this order that day. At least that is what it looks like to me happened.

I know accident happens but this probably the worst possible timing so if the mistake was made I need that money back into my account ASAP

Yeah work has been really slow...I will buy a gift card for the amount of the order and redeem it on Friday. If you could wait till than to run the order and use store credit ghat would be great.

Hopefully next month my finances will become more stable...

Thank you.

Hey I got a email that says there is a problem with the order. If you could wait till Friday to place the order there should be the funds.

Sorry about this and thank you.

Hello,.,I got the email that said the payment method failed...can you guys wait till Friday and process this order than it should go through.

Also why did my Nov. subscription stuff got rolled in with my Dec subscription stuff?
It is kinda annoying..,

Since some of us are going to stick with 1st ed what are some .player Companions would you like to see before the end?

I have to think on this before I give my list...

Since some of us will be sticking with 1st ed...what are some of the final Campaign Setting books do we want/need? (Let's say 3 choices...though I suppose people could give more)

1) Absalom (though sadly I think it needs a large hardcover and I think they said they were not going to do this...but I will take anything I can get)

2) Kyonin

3) Five Kings Mountain

It would be nice to see a non human kingdom detailed...

So I have read it twice and played a session of the Playtest...and this is my take on it.

1) The character sheet...I got two issues with it. I dislike the landscape design. I tend to keep character sheets in folders which make that design harder to just flip through. The second problem is I think they should have stuck to the more classic layout of the character sheet to give us older players atleast something we are familiar with.

Possible Solution: Offer both styles...

2) Overall Layout...minor things would make it easier to read. Like listing the various powers certain classes get via feats (like Paladin or Bards powers) in the class and not hidden amongst the spells.

Also part of this less game make it harder to read.

3)Conditions: Need to streamlined....we need less. Some don't need to exist (like Quick) some should not be conditions (friendly, unfriendly, etc.) and some could probably be combined. Maybe not that big of deal for me...but some of my players were complaining about it.

4) Ancestries...are rather boring. You don't really get anything. Humans are clearly superior (getting a class feat is the best Ancestry Feat by far).

Possible Solution: Dump Ancestry feats...give players a list and choose X abilities....or keep the ancestries Feats and make to reflect sub-races. Like one of the elves could be the snow elves and the feat would give minor resistance cold, etc.

Continue in the next post with classes...

Hey...I just got a email that says my payment method was declined...but it the order (all of my subscription orders) should be using my store credit to pay for this..and I have more than enough to cover this order.

This is the second time I have had this problem...and I double checked my subscription are set to use my store credit.

Thank you for your help.

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Zoomer needs to be the new class in Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

I just this email that says this order is is the order for my subscription...which I all ready got in the mail last week...hence my confusion.

If it is not too late I would like to cancel this order as it was meant to be gift that is no longer necessary. If it is too worries I can always use more dice.

Hey this order was declined due not enough funds...

I do have $75 in store credit can you use that? I should have enough in my account to cover the rest...

I was wondering if it would be possible for a mod to rename a thread for me.

Can you please change 'Ask John Kretzer all your questions here' in the off topic discussion to ' Ask Selene Spire all your questions here'.

Thank you.

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A friend of mine passed away last Saturday. His name was a Michael Satran. He was a game designer (wrote a bunch of modules for Hero System) and even got a book published(Hellbow Rune). He was a great GM and a great friend. He had a passion for gaming that match my own and the writing skills to pursue his passions.

About a month ago on Thursday I was gaming with him....than that Sat he was in the hospital with what would be a brain tumor. It was all around bad news. It just happened so quick. Part of me is still can not believe it.

As I think what he meant to me I felt the need to share it with people...anyway...

I met him around twenty years ago in the basement of Game Masters in Fairlawn, NJ. I joined his 2nd ed D&D game. Over the years we went from 2nd ed to 3rd...than 3.5 than to Pathfinder...with playing a little Shadowrun, Rifts and his true passion Champions. The stories we told together will stay with me for the rest of my life...he made me a better player and a better GM.

But it is as a friend that he meant the most to me. He was generous and supportive. Anytime I needed help he would give it to me...he covers the cost of dinner or a movie without any hesitation if somebody was short. Almost every night we would talk over IM...about games....sometime a little RP...other times about movies or TV shows. Talk about our days and our problems. We would share cat stories.

Most of you do not know this about me but I came out as a Transgendered woman about 9 months ago. He was the second person I told. He was supportive and allowed to have books shipped to his house and would have allowed others thing I might be getting...and provide a safe place for me to express myself. Though I was nervous in coming out to him because I knew he had a very bad experience with a trans person coming on to him very strongly. But I heard through a friend who asked him how he was dealing with it...Mike's response was, 'I have to support her. She is my friend.' I think he grew as a person and buried is past prejudices due to me...which....makes even all the sadder that he is gone.

Rest in Peace day we will be together and we can tell awesome stories together and roll some dices.

P.S. I prefer to keep this thread about Mike. If you want to show support or ask questions about the trans stuff you can do so in my thread. Also I am going to set my default name to Selene Spires the alias I have been using over on the LGBT Gamers thread. Life is too short to be not who you are.

I do not know if this is possible but my friend is currently in the hospital with a brain tumor. He is not all there and his parents probably have not thought about his Pazio there a way for you to put them on hold on my word? His name is [redacted]. If not I will talk to his parents about...

Or it might have all ready been dealt with...I just thought about it now.


So my StarFinder Core Rulebook came with the Upper Right corner looks like it was crushed. There was no cardboard corner protectors in the box...though it had to be rewrapped at the Post Office...

Anyway just figure you guys would like to know.

So we have heard nothing about this though multiple people have asked on various threads. After the next book there is no news...

So what is going on? Is there going to be any News? Did I miss something?

I just placed a order to ship with my next subscription order. I did not see a option to use store credit...which I want to do.

Did I miss something? Can you change it?

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So are we getting a Pirate novel..or anything from Chris Jackson this Year?

He is definitely my favorite Tales author so I hope so.

I have decide to get a tablet....I am looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook 9.6 as it seems to do what I want at a price I can afford.

Anybody has any opinions on it? Or suggestions of other tablets I should check out?


I just my order today and the Pazio 2015 Holiday Card was not included.

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It seems the spammers are back with a strong presence the Pazio General Discussion.

My store credit seemed to jump by 84.75 I think(or around that amount).

If you guys could look into that would be great.

I just woke up from a nightmare and figure I'll share it with you guys.
It is not like I will be getting back to sleep till the sun comes up anyway. Besides it is really creepy...

It started out actually to be more like a regular dream. It was Christmas time. It was inconsistent and took elements of different Christmas through out my life. My brother was up with his kids and wife...Tipsy was there, dog that passed away before my brother moved Floyd(my current Cat...though oddly no Fudge{the greatest cat ever} either) oldest niece was way younger....etc.

It was strange but pleasant enough.

I was getting ready to take my niece out for a walk with the I used to. It was night time...and than we heard a knock at the door. I looked and the front porch light was on so I could see no one there. My Aunt commented that was strange when the front porch light suddenly went out. Than I could see a figure standing at the door looking in. I remember it's head was at the top of the door. I could only see a silhouette of a bald head with pointed ears. And I heard a creaking sound I could not place. Than it was gone...and as everybody started to panic is when I woke up.

After I woke up thinking about it and picking up on the inconsistencies I heard that heart literally froze. Than I realize that the creaking sound was just my bed.

Anyway that is it. Anybody got any creepy nightmares they would like to share?

Hey just want to point out something strange that happened with this order. It did not take the shipping and handling from my store credit but charged it to my credit card. While not a big deal...I would like it take it from my store credit in the future. If you can change this order great...if not it is not a big deal.

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I would think this set would have the iconic witch....

I have not really made it a secret of how much I loved Pirate's Promise and find my self just wanting to re read both Pirate's book. It is mostly the relationships in the novels I enjoy the most. Torius and Celste, Vreva and Zarina...but not just romantic ones...Vreva and Saffron, Celeste and Vreva, Torius and Celeste with the various crews members of the Stargrazer. That is I think the core of the novels that are so appealing to me.

One of the things I enjoyed a lot was the relationship between Vreva and her familiar Saffron. It is probably the best depiction of spell caster and her familiar that I ever read or seen at the gaming table.

I knew it was great when it hit me hard when I cried when Saffron got killed...though in my defense my cat was sleeping next to me in bed when I did read it.

So I want to know is how did you come up with Saffron?

I have gotten bit by the creative bug lately...and want to write short stories set currently in Golarion. It always seems that a lot of my idea are counter themed to the current issue of Wayfinder...and the Chronicler website seems to be only for contest which I missed...

But I want to share my stories and get important feedback I figured I could just post them up here.

Would that be all right?

Where should I post them to be on topic?

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Warning this thread will give away major spoiler's for Pirate's Promise. It would be too cumbersome to put everything in spoiler tags.

All right I loved a Pirate's Promise so much I wrote Chris A Jackson a e-mail telling him how much so which he responded to. One of the thing I really enjoyed was how he handled Vreva's and Zarina's relationship. It brought me to tears and kept me guessing. When I brought up to him about Zarina's I can think up a dozen ways she could have survived the end of the book...he said he was undecided if she was alive or not. He than added I should start a discussion to see if I and other fans can convince him to bring her back. So here is my attempt.

There are a number of reasons why I think she should come back.

1) I really fell in love with the character. Even at her darkest I felt more sympathy for her than hate. I would like to see the character continue to grow.

2) Redemption. She does have a moment of redemption at the end...but I would love to see her continue to travel down that path. It is easy to do the right thing in a given moment...but to change your life is much more interesting to me to read about her discovering herself and explore her faith.

3) Her relationship with Vreva. I really thought this was one of the best relationship I have ever read in a novel. I want to see it continue. I want to read their reconciliation talk after they are reunited and the love to continue to grow and evolve. Ultimately I guess I want love to win. I know I am a hopeless romantic.

4) Rescuing her from whatever happened would make a great book for Vreva and the crew of the Stargazer...or maybe Vreva and a different group of allies.

Anyway that is all I have for right now. I'll add anything if I think of something else. But please add your support.

I got e-mail that states you guys don't have a payment offered for this order.

I am slightly confused as I am using store credit to pay for it (which is $10 higher than it should be).

Also if you guys need a credit card just to complete the order I don't see exactly a way to add one for the order.

The novel Pirate's promise was missing from the box (No doubt Cosmo is to Blame). Not that big of a deal as I all ready have a lot of novels on my 'to read next list'. You can ship it with my next subscription order.

Thank you and have a happy holidays.

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So we have had Cities of Golarion, Lost Cities of Golarion, Dungeons of Golarion, Castles of the Inner Sea, and Ships of the Inner Sea. Tombs of Golarion is coming out soon.

I would love to see a Temple of Golarion book. Anybody else?

Or any other x of Golarion ideas?

So I just made a order taking advantage of the sale this month. When I got to check out I could not send it with my Oct. subscription shipment to save a little on shipping....

Anyway the order is Order # 3312452

That is the titled of a book my friend wrote and got published by Black Wyrm Publishing.

I just finished it and recommend it to anyone who likes twisted fairy tales. It is about a girls journey though a very dark fairy tale type land.

Anyway give it a try you can find it on Amazon.

So I decided to make a list of all the Pazio PF books I owned and a wishlist for the ones I don't for ease of reference...

The problem is that it seems that the Pazio owned list is too big as in I crash the site....too big.

Realizing now that I need to divide this list up by type of book...

Anyway is there just a way to delete that list? I can't access it to trim it down some.

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So would this spell allow you to use a beneficial hex ( Healing Hex for example) multiple times on somebody?

So can you tell us about yourself?

What RPG game do you or have you played?

Have you used the Mass Combat rules yet?

What campaign setting do you or have you played in?

Hi it is me again. Still can not redeem gift certificates. If you could just add this to my store credit I would be grateful. Thank you.

I recently made two orders to add to my next subscription order and I am slightly confused.

The two orders seemed to deducted the total from store credit all ready...yet the confirmation e-mail and my subscription page show don't reflect this.

I am slightly concerned with being double charged for these items.

Can somebody please look into this for me. Thanks.

Hey it is me again. I ordered a gift certificate that I can't redeem. If you guys can just add it to my store credit I would be most grateful. Thank you again.

Hey there it is that time of week. I ordered a gift certificate and can't redeem it. If you can please just add it to my store credit when you get a chance that would be great. Thank you.

Well it is Friday again...and we still can't redeem gift certificates. If you could just add it to my store credit that would be great. Thank You.

I need another gift certificate added to my store credit. Thank you.

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