Temples of Golarion....or the Inner Sea

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So we have had Cities of Golarion, Lost Cities of Golarion, Dungeons of Golarion, Castles of the Inner Sea, and Ships of the Inner Sea. Tombs of Golarion is coming out soon.

I would love to see a Temple of Golarion book. Anybody else?

Or any other x of Golarion ideas?

Me too

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Getting a temple for each of the core deities into Inner Sea Gods was something I pushed for, but there ultimately wasn't room. Given that, I wouldn't count such a product out of our future offerings, it's just not currently on the schedule.

Yeah....you could of kinmda see that as each one did have a temple picture.

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Another idea I had for a book in a similar line would Taverns and Inns of the Inner Sea.

While that might seem a little mundane...it is something that seems to crop up in every game I have ever played in or ran. Having a dozen or two dozen interesting inns would be kinda of neat.

So...no one else? :(

Towns, but didnt they already do this?

Maybe Shops?

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Monstrous Kingdoms of Golarion - monster realms on the fringes of the civilized human nations like the goblinoids of Isger, the Gorilla King's land in the Mwangi, the gnoll tribes of Katapesh, centaurs and minotaurs of Absalom Island, stone giant realm in Varisia, the sahuagin kingdom, and the like.

Wildlands of Golarion - a collection of varied wilderness regions with ecologies, sites of interest, ruins, etc. - such as a dinosaur-valley in the Mwangi Expanse, a coral reef somewhere, a forest like the Fangwood, one of the mountain ranges, and so on.

Temples of Golarion would be cool, especially if it focused on some of the really unique ones. Like we've had Renchurch detailed in one AP, but there are plenty of other cult complexes like the Anaphexia Monastery of Norgorber, the huge temple of Urgathoa in Geb's capital city, the Crimson Citadel of the Red Mantis, Asmodeus' temple in Cheliax's capital, and the like.

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Monstrous realms sounds fun.

A monster variation of some of the extant books would be nice: monstrous cities ?

Nomads of Golarion, detailing a sczarni gypsy wagon train, a shoanti camp, a traveling circus, a mercenary band, ...

Tribes of Golarion

Mercenaries of Golarion

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Islands of Golarion--Hermea, Azlant, etc.

Dustin Ashe wrote:
Islands of Golarion--Hermea, Azlant, etc.

Something like that would be fantastic. There are some really cool islands which could be fleshed out. As well as those two some I'd like to see are the Isle of Terror in Lake Encarthan with its negative energy storms and warped landscape, that weird magically mutated prison-isle of the coast of Nex, the jungles of Mediogalti island, and the mysterious Chelaxian islands encircling Hellmouth Gulf. ++ not mentioned in the setting, but some sort of mythical floating island which sails the oceans.

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