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So would this spell allow you to use a beneficial hex ( Healing Hex for example) multiple times on somebody?

I think you can always choose to fail a saving throw. So, yes; you could effectively turn 1 1st lvl spell into over 10 2nd lvl cure spells, via Healing Hex + Hex Vulnerability

I personally don't allow it at my table

I'm currently playing a 12th level Witch with the Major Healing Hex.
I want to show this to my DM to see what he thinks.
The way I see it people rarely cast healing in combat and almost always use wands of Cure Light Wounds to heal up between combat. This isn't without cost, but it is pretty cheap.
Since this would more likely be used as a technique to heal up between encounters rather than the traditional wand of CLW I would hope it would be acceptable, since it is at least kind of clever.

My only really problem with this is that the spell is supposed to get harder and harder to pull off with each subsequent casting, and casting it on your friends eliminates that whole problem. If it instead added a 5% spell failure chance with each subsequent casting I would consider that a little more balanced for using it for healing the party.

I would love to get an official faq or errata on this though.

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It would be nice if any official answer included Fortune Hex as well.
With the FAQ clarifying how Fortune Hex to basically be "Once it ends, the creature cannot again be the target of that hex for 24 hours."

I kind of stumbled into a Fortune+Soothsayer+Chant+Hex Vulnerability scheme.

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