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Hello all I am representing a gaming club in Northern NJ that is seeking to expand it's player base. The games that are being run there now is D&D 5th ed,, Star Wars(FFG version), and I will be running PathFinder(both 1st and/or 2nd depending on interest) and StarFinder.

We are open Wed., Thursday, and Sundays...

Drop me a PM if you are interested.

It is a great community and a great chance to meet people with similar interest.

Horizon Hunters

I would like to host my dnd 5e campaign. The only issue is I live in brick. How far north are you and or could we meet halfway. I have my rhym campaign i am dying to try out. It is a unique campaign with dark elves and their ancestors. If you cant if you happen to know any people who would like to play in a 5e game or pathfinder 1st edition.

Unfortunately we are located in the Paramus area...that is one hell of a drive.

Good luck in finding players though.

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