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I am sorry for the problems I have been having with keeping up the subscription payments lately. Work has been slow and I am having new expenses buying clothing and make up lately.
I am can pay for this one if you charge my card Today(Friday the 4th).

After this I need you to cancel the rest of my subscriptions as I don't have the financial flexibility to meet that commitment. I will still get the books but at my own pace.

Again I am sorry for causing this headache and Thank you very much.


If you could charge me for the order this Friday....unless I can just cancel the order?

Um...anybody seeing this?


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Bumping threads in this forum is counterproductive, as they generally answer the oldest threads first.

If you are worried that an order will go out before they respond to this thread, you are probably better off calling them.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Selene,

I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you. It looks like Joan was able to help you out prior ot now, so that's great! We are making the response times between the inbox and the forums more comparable recently, but we are catching up on all our CS inquiries, so response times should go back to normal once we've caught up.

Understandable. Should have sent the email sooner.

Hope things calm down for you soon

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