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So I have read it twice and played a session of the Playtest...and this is my take on it.

1) The character sheet...I got two issues with it. I dislike the landscape design. I tend to keep character sheets in folders which make that design harder to just flip through. The second problem is I think they should have stuck to the more classic layout of the character sheet to give us older players atleast something we are familiar with.

Possible Solution: Offer both styles...

2) Overall Layout...minor things would make it easier to read. Like listing the various powers certain classes get via feats (like Paladin or Bards powers) in the class and not hidden amongst the spells.

Also part of this less game make it harder to read.

3)Conditions: Need to streamlined....we need less. Some don't need to exist (like Quick) some should not be conditions (friendly, unfriendly, etc.) and some could probably be combined. Maybe not that big of deal for me...but some of my players were complaining about it.

4) Ancestries...are rather boring. You don't really get anything. Humans are clearly superior (getting a class feat is the best Ancestry Feat by far).

Possible Solution: Dump Ancestry feats...give players a list and choose X abilities....or keep the ancestries Feats and make to reflect sub-races. Like one of the elves could be the snow elves and the feat would give minor resistance cold, etc.

Continue in the next post with classes...

Classes...there are several issues...

1) Monks are limited to non leathal. Which means against certain creatures that are immune to non leathal Monks are effectively Untrained...which means a swing of -2 to -5...and the penalty gets worst the higher level you are.

2) Option are very limited in how you play certain playing a fighter in anything but Heavy Armor...which makes Dex build fights hard to do. Fighter Archers don't really have options in class feats...Rangers are better off with a crossbow than a bow....etc.

It seems to me that the designers had a vision of how you play a class...and limited to that particular view. This is annoying.

3) There should be a way outside of class to increase you Prof in Armor, Weapons, and Saves outside of class. Also a way to make a skill signature.

4) Archetype Feats...I was surprised that I actually liked the multiplies feats...and I can't say anything is wrong with this concept. But the two Archetypes they chose are too niche I think to see much play. I mean I don't think you go anywhere near a boat in the Playtest modules.

Skills...I have to say I tend to much prefer skill point system...but this is not bad. Only a couple of minor of things...

1) I don't think you should get your full prof bonus to all skills...I think they should be a divide between Adventuring Skills (Athletics, Stealth, etc.) And non Adventuring skills (Performance, Lore, etc,). I mean how many adventures are going to have a group dance Off?

2) Skill feats...I have a issue with some like Survey a players might ask to be able to do a GM I don't want 'reward' outside the box and creative thinking by saying ' need a feat'. And you would have to if somebody spent the feat on it. Now there is not alot of skill Feats that do this...but it is definitly a danger area.

General Feats...are okay...would like to see more options here.

Equipment...I like the new stuff here though I have some minor concerns...

1) Volly weapon trait needs to die a thousand deaths...this not how bow works...if it is there to 'balance' them between crossbows...the balance is that you need martial prof over simple weapons.

2) Is the damage on the Halfling Sling Staff correct? Somebody on the staff must love halflings (by the way Volly on this weapon would make sense). I think a d8 would make sense here.

3) Armor...I think TAC should be flipped meaning light armors should get a higher bonus being you have more flexabilty...

4) Please bring back class equipment makes thing soon much easier.

Though I do like the change of Silver being the new base line.

Actions...I am really loving the new action economy. However...

1) You should be able to drop two items in each hand as on free action...I can do this in real fantasy character that can ignore the laws of physics should be able to do so too...

2) The raise shield action is repetitive and boring and clunky as it can change your AC if you have a higher prof with shield than armor. should always get the AC bonus...but if you want to be able to use the Block reaction or other possible shield reaction than you need to take the Raise shield action.

Magic, Magic Items, and Resonance noting jumps out at me, but I need to see them more in play...

And lastly I am going to talk about illusions...not the spells kind but the two major ones that the designers are pulling...

1) The Proficiency Bonus does not. It just exists to make the numbers appear higher..You are going to still need X range of numbers on the dice to do whatever difficult level DC...or to hit AC...etc. It makes designing adventures and creatures...easier. This is long as they did their math right.

2) Second is the illusion of options. You really don't have meaningful options. And compared to PF 1st is not even close. The compassion that comes to mind (just based on core vs core) is PF 1st ed offered you breakfast, lunch, and diner...and the had the option of what you wanted. PF 2nd Ed offers you the option of Eggs...or Ham sandwich or spaghetti and meatballs.

As it stands now...I will probably stick to 1st ed unless there is major revisions to Ancestry, and classes. This reminds me too much of 4th ed and I all ready made that choice 10 years ago....and while there are some things I truly like...there is not enough to change my mind.

I will continue to help out with the playtest because I love Paizo and this community and because I think my insight atleast has some value.

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