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I just woke up from a nightmare and figure I'll share it with you guys.
It is not like I will be getting back to sleep till the sun comes up anyway. Besides it is really creepy...

It started out actually to be more like a regular dream. It was Christmas time. It was inconsistent and took elements of different Christmas through out my life. My brother was up with his kids and wife...Tipsy was there, dog that passed away before my brother moved Floyd(my current Cat...though oddly no Fudge{the greatest cat ever} either) oldest niece was way younger....etc.

It was strange but pleasant enough.

I was getting ready to take my niece out for a walk with the I used to. It was night time...and than we heard a knock at the door. I looked and the front porch light was on so I could see no one there. My Aunt commented that was strange when the front porch light suddenly went out. Than I could see a figure standing at the door looking in. I remember it's head was at the top of the door. I could only see a silhouette of a bald head with pointed ears. And I heard a creaking sound I could not place. Than it was gone...and as everybody started to panic is when I woke up.

After I woke up thinking about it and picking up on the inconsistencies I heard that heart literally froze. Than I realize that the creaking sound was just my bed.

Anyway that is it. Anybody got any creepy nightmares they would like to share?

Have you seen 'Salem's Lot lately?

Kryzbyn wrote:
Have you seen 'Salem's Lot lately?

No not lately

I had a dream that I was shagging my hs girlfriend.

On rare occasions I suffer from sleep paralysis. The last occasion I had it I was watching a ghoulish golem like creature prowl around the bed, but was completely frozen in place. This was at a conference and the person I was sharing a hotel room with reported me whimpering in my sleep.

That's pretty much the scariest dream I can recall

John Kretzer wrote:
...Anyway that is it. Anybody got any creepy nightmares they would like to share?

Have them? Yes. Want to share? Hmmm, maybe.

I predict that I'll probably be having one about Heidi Klum soon. (Warning: Likely nightmare fuel link.)

@Kir'Eshe: How is that a nightmare?

@MMCJawa: I never experienced sleep paralysis...sounds very bad. There is a documentary about it called The Nightmare.

@Ambrosia Slaad: Please share. Oh and yes that is a nightmare inducing picture.

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