Last 1st ed Player Companion Wishlist...

Pathfinder Player Companion

Since some of us are going to stick with 1st ed what are some .player Companions would you like to see before the end?

I have to think on this before I give my list...

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I suspect that the remaining Player Companions have already been planned by this point, just not announced to the public at large.

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For the last player companion, I'd like to see a sort of miniature Pathfinder Unchained adopting some of the last variant rules from 3.5, such as Gestalt and Recharge Magic. Nothing particularly intended for society play, but instead ways to really change up a game.

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(I don't have any actual influence over the Player Companion line, but I don't necessarily intend to stop producing PF1 content when PF2 releases...)

I'll probably have a better feel for it once I understand the final lineup, but probably something with more options for the expansion books such as Occult, Mythic and Horror. Oh yeah, and SPAAAAAAACE!

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It may be too late but yeah, some unchaining will be great.
For example, a guide for scaling feat.

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