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For a regular player/GM I am probably not even aware of the things that you did. But thanks for your contribution in keeping it running! I definitely benefited a lot!


I wish all the best to Bigrin42!

Michael Hallet wrote:
Pip Hip Hooray wrote:
Man, that is a nice change for warpriests!
As a warpriest you were probably already just using your deity's favored weapon. Should have also given expert in martial weapons as the proficiency in them is still mostly pointless by the time you get to level 7.

Yeah. My warpriest uses a deities weapon as this is the only one that triggers crit spec. I was using shield spike, to get piercing dmg when needed, but lack of expert proficiency makes it a bit, meh.

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Heyah all! I decided to swap my PC from Aerin to Ulrich. He can also hold his ground in the front line which I think is a requirement with 4 casters ;)

@cmlobue could you please remove Aerin from RPGchronicles, as usual I saw your recruitment on phone, and i am never logged in to RPGchronicles there.

Ok, I will bring my Magus, lvl 5 since Zabu requested it.

Hey all! (I played with all of you, and most of the characters). The only PC I haven't seen is Toanthel.

I will bring Aerin Airendil whom I need to level up to lvl 5, but I might not be able to do it today.

Ok for my list of players, I have:
- Magus lvl 5
- Wizard lvl 5
- Investigator lvl 5 ;)

I would also gladly join it if there still is space left

GM Vincent wrote:

I add the character to the map, I don’t think PC can do so.

I didn’t knew about the parenthesis, thanks for that.

Also, can you tell me if you can move your character around.

I’ve put some of the map under Fog of war so you should not see much.

Paizo board are quite slow tonight, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to post.

1. I added a link to the map in the campaign links

2. I am able to move,
3. Fog of war seems to be applied.

Small info on how to create a character in tabletop:

1. Going to "Members"
2. Click "new character" under your name
3. Choose one of the option (I usually choose the simple custom)
4. Change your character name. Anything inside parenthesis will show on the map. So if I have a character named Puppy, usually I just put (Puppy) as name
5. On appearance, there is a + button. Click on it, upload your token.

Then basically you are done.

I think GM adds your PC to the map (but I don't know, I only used tabletop from this side of GM screen)

Have no fear, I have druid level 4 that I can bring, so that is fine. I will post today.

Regarding 2-23 I both played (at Watery Soup table) and GM'ed it. Great scenario! But that is why we stick with repeatable, otherwise finding a scenario that someone did not play is super hard.

From the ones mentioned (3-6 repeatables) I only played Star Crossed Court once, and never played/GM'ed any other.

I also did not play any lvl 3 bounties nor q9 repeatable (altho I did prepare to GM it, but my team bailed :( I must have did a tremendous impression :D)

Hey, isn't it the Dimmest of Pales and Palest of Dims :D Hey PaleDim.

And Gm Tiger, he is everywhere. You can't find a table without him, on Paizo and Discord :D Good to see you!

I second/third/fourth the sentiment, about repeatable and levels. I think I played 1-4s and Gmed some of them already. Which is not the case for 3-6 (however I am not sure how many of them are there).

p.s. I created recruitment thread if in the future we need it

Ok regardint pursuit of the scoured past. At this moment I have available:
- lvl 5 skittermander soldier
- lvl 6 vanguard ;)

I also have lvl 3 Technomancer, but she is going through the last fight of 1-09. So if we are willing to wait I can have someone in the range of the rest of the team

DM Kludde wrote:
Chadrah wrote:
Hello! Anyone willing to run In Pursuit of a Scoured Past? I hope I can put Chadrah through the Scoured Stars storyline. She's an lvl 4 envoy.
If you find at least three like-minded players, i can run it for you.

I am actually missing that scenario, so I could play it ;) that leaves only 2 more

Hey WaterySoup! Thanks for reserving a spot for me! Much appreciated.

I dotted into the gameplay, I would like to play here with my new and shiny lvl 1 dwarf Gunslinger: Rose Goldenoak

However if the majority of the party will go high tier, I will swap to some lvl 3-4 PC

I was just passing by, and you seem to have an opening ;) If that is the case, I would like to apply to this table and take the 6th spot.

I have couple of options, so I will think about it


If someone could remove Dran'Tilt from rpgchronicles I would take his spot

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GM Eclipse wrote:
Is anyone available/interested in running On The Trail of History, working on getting my Scoured Stars character through his scenarios. I could run something after.

Just an FYI, the game 1-17 is on the path that you are walking ;) I could GM on the trail of History but after Gameday, I feel like I committed to too many games.

GM Farol wrote:

Hey folks, i am recruiting for a game that i will run on Caydens Keg(discord)

Starfinder Society Scenario 1-17: Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear
A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5-8.


It may but may not end before gameday

I have 3 players and still looking for at least 1 more. It will be run on discord, but it is a part of Scoured Stars storyline and gives you a part of the boon.

Great fun guaranteed!

Croaker is lvl 7 and would be glad to play this scenario with you Nomadical!

Illnore Thornbriar wrote:

My Chronicle looks good. Thanks again for running these for us; it was a blast!

I'm interested in playing 4-05. My 1st level elderly barbarian would find conversations with a skull to be endlessly entertaining. Cue the old people jokes!

With every passing year, I am more often just calling them jokes ;)

勝20100 wrote:

I will be doing a trip starting Friday until the 27 where we will get back home with the whole family. I will bring my phone and should be able to post except near the end of our trip.

We will probably finish mid-august, in that case I am willing to run 4-01 if you are all interested. I will probably not have played it but that’s fine. (I need to look at gencon online schedule to see if I can play)

Are you still planning to GM now? I am asking as when I was reading your comment I was not sure if that was your plan :D Or you wanted to wait and run another.

Hey Canis! Thanks for GM'ing those I really enjoyed the author's point of view and meaning of some of the scenes (and their origin).

Thank you all for playing! It was a pleasure!


I will gladly approach Canis for 4-05!


Congrats Oliver, Derek, and Nathan!

Seishine NoMichi wrote:

@Farol - Thanks. Good to meet you as well. I look forward to playing with you. As for a character, a warpriest can be a great addition. With at least two of us having skill in medicine, plus my elixirs, I think you could focus a little more on melee then a pure healer.

Oh yeah, that is the plan ;) Ragathiel gives me true strike (which I might put into all my low lvl slots (lvl 1 and 2 ;)), haste and fire shield. He has channel smite and a couple of his spells would be harm for that purpose.

I bumped his CHA to have more healing spells from healing front, at the same time I invested heavily into Intimidate (Master in Intimidation, Battle Cry, Intimidating Glare, and on top of that Mask of Pain to add some damage to every demoralize that I do.

From feats, I went into Sentinel Archetype for Full-plate and armor specialization for damage reduction.

I took also Channeled Succor to be able to swap heal from healing font to Restoration, Remove Curse/Paralisys/disease. Just if we need it. The spells are heightened to the level of heal spells so lvl 6.

I took Replenishment of War and Shared Replenisment, so as long as I hit with my Bastard Sword I get 6 temp HP, or I can pass them to ally that is 10 ft away, I hope that it will provide some damage mitigation.

Since my spellcasting proficiency is lower I will focus on the spells granting bonuses: Heroism, Zealus Conviction (gives each +12 temp HP and +2 will saves), Blink Charge (rather for teleporation than actual attacking), Vital Beacon (to allow for 1-action heals), etc. I should finalize my PC this week.

Item it will be short (I took lump sum:
- Full plate + 2 Resilient
- +2 Greater Striking Barstard Sword with Ghost Touch and Shifting runes
- Diviner nose chain as it looks cool :D and gives scent
- Couple of scrolls of faerie fire

I will experiment with the items instead of lump sum, and I will see where I land. I need for my Bastard sword to be shifting to deal other types of damage, as using Ragathiel favorite weapon is to important for Warpriest.


So far definitely his weak spot is range damage, as clerics lack decent damage cantrips, I looked at some blast spells, so I can revisit them again.

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Hey folks,

It is a pleasure to join your team!

@Chadius, @DoubleGold - it is a pleasure to play with you again!

@Jeremy Packer, @BooleanBear - it is a pleasure to meet you.

I scanned through your PC's. It seems that with Ryushi departure we are missing heals, and a bit of frontline.

I wanted to play Magus, but it ain't gonna fly, so I am leaning towards Warpriest of Ragathiel, to get Heal spells from healing font, skill-wise I would invest into Medicine and Intimidation. I saw that Cirri has nature and natural medicine, but that means that between the fights will take longer. So far I am leaning towards an Orc.

Medicine I will take continual recovery and ward medic to shorten the time.

Any thoughts?

I would likely join Mistress of the Maze @cmlombue

to be precise I only played Lightning Strikes from those scenairos

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Just an FYI, I have the AP and I started to read it. I glanced through the gameplay to get a sense of where you are. I must say that I skipped all RP posts :( to have a high-level view of what is happening. I will read it all at least few more times (but some of that can happen as we play).

I created a campaign: link to the Gameplay is here - I went with the new campaign as there I can change the links, close the campaign when we finish, etc. Asking for reassignment of the campaign takes some time.

I may be able to post tomorrow or the day after.

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Hey folks Watery Soup reached out that you need a replacement GM. I was not planning to run APs and if choosing I would probably not pick this one... but it could be a good starting point for APs. And at the same time I don't want to leave you in such a spot.

So, I am your huckleberry.

I need a couple of days to:

- Get this AP, and read through it
- read through the gameplay
- create a new campaign

I know almost all of you (I think I never played with Mr Tea, but I saw him around), and some of you have played at my scenarios but I will write down my expectations when I create the campaign.

If any of the above does not sound cool, or you don't want to play this AP any further please let me know

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Nikma Odria wrote:
GM: could you edit the campaign and re-check "active" next to Nikma?


Go Shifty! Woooohhhoooooooooooooooooo! Well deserved mate! Go team Drop Bears!

@Dire - thanks a lot for runnig TestFlight bounty. I really liked it. THe idea to make a ship look like fly was something that I did not expect. The skill checks were cool. Nice music choices and good team. It was an awesome game, thank you! I will play this also GM'ed by a fresh GM (person begin to GM SFS ;)) so I would like to see how it goes.


I added links to the campaign as well. My couple of next days will be hectic, as my trip to London got cut short, a friend at whos place I was going to stay tested positive. And I was traveling to see him mostly, so after 21 h I am going back :) => another short flight (2 h) but with trains to/from the airport Another fun day.

I noticed that you looked for reinforcements just now, darn it!

If ( i hope not) would need another wave of reinforcements I would likely join. I started creating Orc Magus lvl 11 with double-handed weapons.

Also, I have a couple of characters that I like:
- Ratfolk-tiefling Wizard illusionist - I've been playing him in Extinction curse AP (currently at lvl 12)
- Orc Wild Druid - I've been playing him in Abomination Vaults AP (currently at lvl 5).

If an opening creates please let me know

Hey @Jones228, The only bounty that I played (or am playing to be precise) is Test Flight. But since they are repeatable I would gladly join your team of rascals ;)

I would gladly join this game, I have a level 1 Envoy or lvl 4 Operative (and lvl 3 or 4 Technomancer) I bring a player matching the team.

Oh man @CanisDirus all the best, those can be horrible.

Ok, Nikma is disabled, and just FYI, I added a link to the CanisDirus's slides above.

Hey Warah, good to see you at the table! Uhh Summoner with plant eidolon (I meet mostly ghost, psychopomps and such ;))

Hey Jim! We haven't played PBP for ages (ok almost a year;). Anyway I would love to see that vlaka, playing a creature using different sense always sound very intriguing. Like how do you recognize person in a bar? Do you use external help to augment for the fact of lacking sight, or do you actually use hear and smell to localize people. Would you get their voice sample? Smell sample?

How accurate are those, does it mean that vlaka would walk around the bar and use triangulation to localize the person by voice and smell?

Intriguing, and ramification can be super cool!

Hey all!

First thanks to CanisDirus for agreeing to do this author run of his bounties ;) I am super excited to do this!

Second, hey all! I am glad to play with you all. I think you all know each other, as we played with each other at a number of tables.

We have a team of 5, I offered 6th spot to three different folks and they couldn't make it. I could staff it but maybe we should go with 5 players, it is a prime number so obviously superior to 6 ;)

Regarding order, I do not mind, so I would leave that decision to GM.

For the PC's I shall play:
- Gnavy - orc warrior in PF2,
- Morlamaw most likely Envoy (I haven't played one yet ;))

phaeton_nz wrote:

I only have 4 so far for the Many Minds of Historia. Farol, could you give me an idea of what level you wish to play so I can calculate the tier please?

Ok, I filled it in: lvl 6 Solarian. (all of my PC's were of different lvls)

I would gladly play many minds of historia

Thriss'k wrote:

Maybe I'm being a little pessimistic here, but with one player leaving, and another player and the GM going on holiday, maybe call it quits? Don't want people to feel beholden to the PbP while real life is getting in the way.

(Not saying that I WANT to quit, just that this might be a good natural end point.)

It would be more comfortable for me to not GM this game during my vacation. I am leaving for 4 weeks. I could ping you in a month and see if you would be open to joining the game.

But I also know that in a month there will be paizocon, and you may want to play it those PC's at other tables.

Alternatively, we can depart with me giving you 1 Farol point ;) You can swap them for a seat on one of my tables. I usually do open recruitments when I select players (I learned that from WaterySoup, as in fact I hate first-come-first-served recruitments), if I see you at one of my recruitments you will just get a spot.

Oh well, FCFS classic, went sleep, woke up with recruitment announced and closed.

I put my name as 7th, if someone drops please let me know. Otherwise, have fun all!

Shifty wrote:
phaeton_nz wrote:
I've got 99 registered tables for Starfinder. Any requests for number 100 that anyone wants to play?

I'm missing,

#4-02 Settling Accounts (1-4)
#4-11 A worlds ambition (7-10)

Keen if you are!

I can even complete one of those horrible rubrics for you :)

I missed those two as well (as well as a few others).

Shifty wrote:

...still looking for 3 Great Grav Train robbers :)

@Phaeton you joining?

I would like to join Shifty ;) (he offered me a seat already as I asked him to keep on for me before, but maybe if someone sees me signing up they will join as well :D).

Watery Soup wrote:

Would anyone be willing to run a(nother) table of #3-10 (Delve the Pallid Depths)?

I know there are multiple tables running for Outpost, but they are all full (and if it elicits any sympathy, I'm GMing for Outpost but didn't use my early signup due to RL being busy). I have a 4th level character who finished #2-19 (Enter the Pallid Depths) that I would like to play #3-10 before she levels out.

I would be willing to purchase the scenario for you if that's a barrier; I'm also willing to run a scenario of your choice, but after my Outpost game finishes.

I am running one table of it, I could run another one. But it would have to start 1 or 2 weeks after the outpost starts. I need some other games of mine to finish.

So now @WaterySoup you have two responses ;) I will let you handle it, however you like :D

I actually played Band on the Run, so I will pass. However if you will run Train robbery (whatever that one-shot name was) I would be interested ;)

@Gm Computerpro82 - I think you will find plenty of folks wishing to play 1-4 scenarios. If you have trouble let me know, I would be interested.

I am GM'ing the Cheliax Arc (we are playing the 2nd scenario now) on pbp and can definitely recommend it. As a GM I have a great time.

Meranthi wrote:
I'm already signed up for Tier 1-2 or I would. Sorry!

A question to VC/VL/VO and whatever V* are there. Are there any rules prohibiting playing in two tiers of the special? So if I would never play 3-99 could I sign up with lvl 1-4 PC and lvl 5-8 PC at the same event?

They are in theory separate tables right?

Shifty wrote:

What's the level of interest like in a run of Starfinder Four vs the Hardlight Harlequin?

Just ran it locally this weekend and it was a hoot. Also should get around to running the Grav Train Robbery, and Band on the Run...

I would be down to play Starfinder Four vs the Hardlight Harlequin and Grav Train Robbery. I did play Band on the Run already :(

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Hey Folks, I played the special on low tier (@lvl 4) and now I am out of PC's to sign up so I shall play it with pregen. The last time I played it was on Vtt, and I want to do this via PBP to have more time to understand what is happening ;)

Looking at the team comp I shall bring Witch pregen lvl 5. I never played that class so that should be a cool experience.

@GM Doug - great to be playing at your table again.

@All - hey team, I think I know most of you, go to be playing with you again.

Just an FYI I actually don't like specials :D But I feel like I did not understand all of the bits while playing VTT so here I am ;) I will try to make this game enjoyable for everyone around and not the sad PC in the corner :D

GM Aerondor wrote:

I have one spot open in a run of 3-20 Everchanging revelation (11-14). We are playing low-tier but with the current five characters even a level 14 won't change that.

We are just starting it at the moment, so let me know if you have an in-tier character and are interested.

I could bring two PC's of lvl 6 and try to combine them into lvl 12 :P

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