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@GM - Enjoy what sounds like an awesome afternoon!

Yeah, I took Fury, the rest of the specs I didn't really feel like RP'ing. Anger management issues I can at least attempt to ;)

With regards to persistent damage, the delay says:

'When you Delay, any persistent damage or other negative effects that normally occur at the start or end of your turn occur immediately when you use the Delay action. Any beneficial effects that would end at any point during your turn also end. The GM might determine that other effects end when you Delay as well. Essentially, you can’t Delay to avoid negative consequences that would happen on your turn or to extend beneficial effects that would end on your turn.'

So I assumed that by delaying I first get the acid damage and then gain temporary HP.

Yeah, I did, And again, let's leave the 34 dmg, my fault. Let me feel the pain of it.

My info bar and my pc sheet is updated. Sorry for the inconvenience

Hey @GM, 34 damage in one round done by 1 monster, damn! It is good that it happened to me. As some of our PC's would go down on that.

This amount of damage made me review my defense mechanisms and it turned out that I miscalculated my AC it should be 19 and not 18. (I wrote down wrong value for my armor breastplate which has +4 to AC).

Let us leave this round as it were but for future attacks please use the higher value of my AC ;)

Hoping to survive the 2nd fight with this PC


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Natsume Ren wrote:
To be honest I only like pancakes if they're solidly 65% syrup or more. And if that syrup soaks into the pancake, I pour more on top!

LOL. I have a funny story to tell.

During my first visit to Canada I went to a breakfast place and ordered pancakes with maple syrup. In Poland at that time they were not popular so I didn't know what to expect but was dedicated to doing this Canadian experience. So the lady brought me 4 pancakes (really thick NA style not like crepes that are popular in Poland and Europe in general). And she also brought a jug of maple syrup, it was a glass jug with a metal lid. Something similar to this:
https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/e3342031-2d44-4cc3-802a-0a73ae3fa033_1.608 f0d22d7c07c4553a48e242f325282.jpeg

As the pancakes and maple syrup were brought together I assumed that this was the amount to be used for the 4 relatively small pancakes. So I eat the whole thing and drank the whole jar of maple syrup. The amount of sugar that I ate was beyond any reasoning. And only in the end, I noticed that the jars are placed on the table like salt and pepper. And now one expected for 1 person to eat it all ;)

I might join you, at the celebrations ;)

Oh yeah: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_Thursday :)

Great day, one of my favorite local holidays ;)

Yeah we call them Pączki, and the day is an excuse to eat a lot of them, and I mean a lot!

Thanks for letting us know AFlashInTIme. Safe travels!

Not Hopper


Ok, I interpreted it the other way.
'If you Delay an entire round' I interpreted as the remainder of a given round, so in our case until the end of round 1. Instead what you are writing is you have the whole round to go back to the initiative order (in our case remainder of round 1 and half of round 2).

There is something off here with Giggett delay. She had 3 actions in round 1 being in the last 'group' of luck PC's with Sitril. By the rules the delay says:

'If you Delay an entire round without returning to the initiative order, the actions from the Delayed turn are lost, your initiative doesn’t change, and your next turn occurs at your original position in the initiative order.'

Whole rules online are here:

Effectively what would now happen is Giggett would act between one enemy and another (actions from round 1 happening in round 2) and then after the second would have her regular action (from round 2)?

Or she would 'climb' in initiative order by giving up her 1st round of actions to do her actions between one bush and another.

I don't think the above changes much in the context of this fight.

With regards to Natsume, yeah I would wait. As the dwarf is next to her, the attacks might distribute more evenly and you make them use 1 action to move instead of attacking.

Giggett wrote:
They are not vulnerable to fire

How do you know that? In a previous fight, GM didn't give insight into how much damage things made. I assume that if alchemist fire made more dmg then it means vulnerability to fire in general, but maybe I missed something.

@GM With regards to alchemist fire, it also deals the persistent damage which requires a flat check DC15 to remove. Are you making rolls on the side? Just asking.

I don't mind you doing the rolls as I am not good at handling something that I know vs my PC not knowing. With regards to emergency - no worries. Real-life is always more important than a game. Thanks for letting us know

Giggett wrote:
We should write "Listen to Giggett" on all churches

LOL. With regards to alchemist fire;) This throw made 15 dmg spread between the two of the enemies. And I don't think that 15 dmg would let us win the last fight (it could definitely help). In the end, I think we could have win that fight as we were with what we had. But between our actions are rolls, and GM had some good ones while we had some bad ones. Unfortunate.

My burning hands made 2d6 with a reflex save. Unfortunately, my rolls were low (5 in total) and one of the bushes made a save (lowering the damage to 2 + vulnerability). So, in the end, I think I made a 17 dmg with burning hands.

Knowing the modifiers you can make actions maximizing for effect and minimizing the risk. But we know what we know now, at the beginning we didn't know a thing. But again we went through that discussion.

Now we are fighting against the 2 of them so it should be fine, and we know way more about them.

With regards to range weapon, today I recalled another non-piercing range weapon, <drums>, a sling!

Sling cost 0 and has a range of 50 ft. and does 1d6 B. A set of 10 bullets cost 1cp. It has a load of 1 which means that per round you make 1.5 attacks. But given the neglectable weight and price, we should buy one for each. Just a thought.

Ok, I got the chronicle, thanks! I might not be able to lvl up to 3'rd lvl so I might need to play with some pregen.

Yeah so this game can be closed.

Giggett wrote:

In my opinion, we should start combat. We see them, so they can certainly see us, and PF2 is really bad at handling surprise rounds...

I am fine with us starting a fight right now.

@Giggett - feel free to reposition yourself to have immediate sight on enemies. I will neither rush at them right away nor have long enough range. So I will wait for them to come and then range.

GM wrote:

I would say you can line up your minis on the map.
On the first 4 squares of the path, unless you have another tactic)

I've put us into order. Feel free to reshuffle it. I put Natsume next to Tamerius so that he can cast a magic weapon. I put Giggett next to Tamerius and Sitril upfront as we are going without shields here (beside Giggett).

@GM can you position the line in such a way that would limit where we can position?

I am fine with that. My bonus to hit is lower by 1 and damage is the same (d12). I have a bit bigger amount of HP + rage hp so I can come up front while you flank.

Keep in mind that magic weapon spell is touch distance ;) So you need to stay next to each other.

Just to be clear, you suggest for all of us to go with a path? Just double-checking.

Talking a bit tactics now. When I look at the map (assuming that we will get that far) the road comes from the East.

Which direction should I come from? South? North? Or some combination of West? There is some terrain covered on the West of the map so I am not sure how close by it I can and should walk by? (I heard that it is the place where the real fight will happen :P)

Natsume wrote:
It's not... usual for her to have two hands on a weapon and none on a shield. She'll have to get used to that.

Do I recall correctly that you still have your previous shield? Meaning you could use it. Just saying...

Still waiting for the chronicle update @Revvy ;)

Waiting for the decision from the group to go or not to. I updated the bonuses in the slide and changed the name from Dragh -> Sitril. I am sticking with the same image until I pick a new Smurfatar.

With regards to exploration action, I would stick to scouting with darkvision and high perception.

I also reviewed my gear and profile, I found some small glitches (AC to high by 1 due to lower dex with my armor, HP calculated a bit too optimistically etc.). Profile is updated.

I was hoping on getting 1 game with my PC in the meantime (and wrap it up before the Outpost starts), but if not then I shall wait patiently preparing for the Outpost.

So, I missed the boat on PlayDis Con as I was on a long vacation causing me to take a break in SFS games. I would like to come back to them. I am looking for any games from season 2 beside 2-01.

I have a bunch of PC's in lvl 2 that I would like to advance to level 3 to allow them to play in more scenarios.

I offer regular posts and I try to be heavy on RP ;) If you know of any games, let me know.

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I've added 9 GP and 2 healing potions (6 gp) to the equipment

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Sitril is very happy.

Nature: +6 = 2(wis) + 4(prof) + 0(item) [T]

Sitril happy!

Ok I lvl up Vedrir to lvl 2. I looked again at the theorem and decided to not go with FieldDressing. It would allow me to restore 3 Stamina points to an adjacent creature which is a bit low. At lvl 4 it gets to 1d6+3. But given that you can do it only once for each PC I don't think we would benefit from it :(

I decided to go with: Treat Condition that allows me to heal sickened, staggered or shaken condition.

Which is situational but could have a greater impact, if we got affected in a fight.

Player name: Farol
Player Character name: The Mad Hopper
PFS number/character number: 2359780-2001
Boons slotted (faction + any others): Horizon Hunters
School mission items selected: 2x Minor Healing Potion
Downtime number days and task: 8, Crafting(Alchemy): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

I am looking forward to this game, I am changing this PC as he was a mutagenist (didn't like it so much) into bomber, changes should be minor.

And note to the GM, Hopper has Dubious knowledge, so any time we do recall knowledge (secret roll) then I get some information in every case. As far as I know when PC makes a recall knowledge there are 4 possible outcomes:

Critical Success You recall the knowledge accurately and gain additional information or context.
Success You recall the knowledge accurately or gain a useful clue about your current situation.
Critical Failure You recall incorrect information or gain an erroneous or misleading clue.

On Failure normally you get nothing, but Hopper gets 1 true and 1 false information. Which means that he can't distinguish between Success and Failure or Failure and Critical Failure.

@Natsume - can you try with Pari the trick: "today you get an discount, give me that small golden coin instead of 4 silver ones. You saved 3 coins today! Yayyy!"

Reviewing the thrown weapons for that fight specifically. My dwarf have javelins which are piericing dmg like most ;)

For non-piercing damage there are:
Light hammer 20ft 1d6 B
Hatchet 1d8 S but 10 ft :(

Javelins are 30ft 1d6 P

For that fight we could use Alchemist Fire for the front lines (martial weapon which can be handled by Natsume and Sitril) it also has 20 ft as most thrown but if hit cause burning and repeating fire dmg of 1 ;) If they have a vulnerability that could add up given our lucky and GM's unlucky rolls ;)

But the bombs are more expensive: 3 gp each, if we could find Dragh body he has one in his bandoliere. Unless bushes laid his body next to the wolf ones and sucked him dry in the center ;)

No worries Supersuperlative, thanks for letting us know.

I would love to play with my Goblin Bombardier (Alchemyst) if there is still some room left. I played once this scenario with my other character. And I have a couple of other scenarios played in 2e. However, I never played in 1e so calling myself an experienced player could be an overstatement.

With regard to income and money, I think we should sell the alchemical reagents, which would allow us to buy a bit more things. Unless it was discussed/dismissed and I missed it

In my chronicle I am still missing the 701 as a number ;) It states 7 at the moment.

With regards to Outpost III I haven't seen it, and I am still 1 XP away from level 3 on Croaker, so I will try to pick it up before the game day. And Revvy... you are always on my mind :P

With regards to the strategy for the fight, a way to handle it is to begin with an Alchemist fire opening and then go melee for melee characters and range/spell for the rest. However alchemist bombs are martial weapons :( so not a lot of us can use them. And then there is the short distance of the bombs :(

Ok post made, the paizo site still is throwing errors when I want to browse the images, so no image yet. But the profile is mostly in place. I will get up to speed and in the RP of the character within the next few days.

The first post is done.

Thanks for waiting for me with closing the game, please give me 2 more days, as tomorrow i can download the chronicle onto my PC as now I am still using only phone.

I second the praises. I really enjoyed playing with you all. Sonomi, great first game. Kaixik - that was some cool Vanguard slime ;).

And Jim awesome Whichwarper. Your gnomes insight into different planes was a great RP flavor for this PC. I enjoyed him a lot.

Revvy - Yeah 701, this is my retrofitted first PC. My initial 'great' RP idea was not that great and I shelved this PC. And here I decided to use him.

With regards to the game. I actually like this quest from the story point of view. I really loved the missing couple of hours approach that you took to explain the different order. Given the wierd PC's that we got it could have been anything (from Sonomi drugs spreading in a ship, to Jim's Whichwarper). Another great game, and I am so glad that I was able to play almost all of it.

Jim - give me few days and I will start looking for a game to play with you

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The man behind the Dwarf has read the posts and appreciates the waiting. It is my last day in Mexico and tomorrow I will begin the journey back home. I will be able to post on Tuesday, probably I will do something small on Monday but it will be chaotic.

See you soon! Fingers crossed on no one sick on the airplane

Yeah, have a blast!

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@GM - got it, just asked the question to cover all the possible angles of surviving the fight. And also I am joking about you picking up on Dragh, and have no hard feelings. I hope you never had any doubts about that.

Plants bloom on gale ;)

Now my second question? Can I bring new PC? and when can I bring him? Should I focus on creating a PC and bring him/her after my vacation?

BTW. I did a retrospect, and besides the obvious fact, that GM picked up on me :P I think this whole fight was my mistake.

On the first round, Dragh went in and used the burning hands. It brought me down immediately which taken us into a very chaotic mess of a fight. Overall I think it is fair that Dragh will fall down (if one has to). He should have stay in range, and drop damage from the distance, it could have ended differently.

So Natsume, Giggett, and Tamerius please accept my apologies...

Eric, Eric, Eric...

And I tried to be nice here, I came to Toronto, yesterday I ate poutine to feel more french. I don't know how I could have played it better...

Jokes aside, I want to ask a few questions before killing yet another dwarf in the story. How did the plants know where to go? Do they have some blood scent? I was over 2 squares within the forest, which means no line of sight.

And a second question (as I wanted to ask a few of them): WHY???

I know why? but WHY????

And again I am fine with Dragh going down and dying. But please entertain my curiosity and answer additional questions: does it mean that my PFS character that I would select to get the chronicle dies as well? Will I be able to play with you after I am back from vacation? I don't much care about the chronicle, but I do enjoy the story. I was thinking that we could bring a new PC on 2nd lvl. I could even not read what is happening for that 3 week period of my absence and due to that ask more questions about the story, etc. etc.

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To provide some feedback, at some point I introduced some direct translations of polish swear words with a my work colleagues. And from time to time I use them outside of that group (accidentally) I see the consternation on people's faces. And this is one of those moments ;) Which makes me realize that it is an illusion that I can control the way how I speak depending on the audience :)

Sorry about that. What I meant was you eat so much that you increase in size by 5-10%.

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Hey folks, I am a bit behind here. I will need this weekend to catch up. Sorry, Christmas in Poland consist of 2.5 days of eating your ass off and visiting your family. And now I am behind with so many things, and still, need to come back from my hometown to where I live currently. In the meantime preparing for the January trip etc.

Sorry for the delay.

Jim Crase wrote:

The Mormalaw didn't work out....it just didn't feel right.

I decided--since I really want to try a new class--to do Witchwarper. It will be done in a few hours.

I feel your pain. I never 'felt' races that were that extreme;) So I am always glad when one plays them as it gives me a perspective on such PC's ;)

Good luck with the witchwarper.

After some consideration, I will go with Mechanic with experimental weapon prototype. More details to come. I have a lvl 1 that I can fit into this

Hey there, hey @Maire good to have you at this table.

With regards to PC I was also thinking of Vanguard ;D But I am happy to change for something else. However, I am also happy to be the 3rd Vanguard in the team ;) My idea for the PC is to have an android cyberpunk that would be more of a hitter than a thinker ;) But I can reconsider.

With regard to spelling, I am far from being the spelling expert. I have even a theory that Eloritu changes the amount of 'm''s in the word amount whenever I write it ;) For that purpose, I use Grammarly as a chrome plugin which fixes some of the issues. What is funny is that I also use it for work and sometimes it sends me reports congratulating me of using most unordinary words ;) It also displays an icon to express in what 'mood' is what I write. So whenever I post about attacking, cutting heads etc the icon indicates fear or horror :D Makes me laugh all the times ;)

A side note: between 18th of January and 9th of Feb I will be backpacking through Mexico without access to internet, so I will be out of some missions. Due to that I would prefer to not be some crucial role in starship combat, unless you are fine with botting me for an extended duration (if you need that given role that I was performing).

I would be in then. Assuming that other players don't mind.

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