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Plz help with dhampir race

Plz help with dhampir race

Melee hex question

New Spell Balance thoughts: Tech Shield

trying to remember an old module

[PATH OF WAR] Can I recover maneuvers out of combat?

[Legendary Games] The Ultimate Kingdoms Kickstarter for DnD 5E and Pathfinder is live!

step up, following step and difficult terrain

Bold Stare (Psychic Inception) vs. Protection from [Alignment]

Calculating Caster Level for player-created magic item

Spell Cartridges Damage Type

Please help me stat up a former herald

Looking for spooky character ideas (Not squicky / creepy, more light Halloween fun type spooky)

How to get most SLA's on a fighter

Help making a decent War Bull animal companion? (And some tips on building a angry farmer character)

World war

Shield Master and Defending weapons

Avalon Games is hotter than July!

Need helping making a Dragon Encounter Challenging / Terrifying. Please Help.

Trait that gives Stealth as class skill?

what is the best 'major magic' spell choice for knifemaster rogue?

Traits & Drawbacks Brainstorming

Come and Get Me interaction with Combat Maneuvers

Can you full attack with both melee and ranged, and if so, what about unique ranged attacks of monsters?

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

What do positive and negative energy look like?

If Blackrazor was a creature...

Spell Sunder

How bad of an idea would it be to make all dragons Mythic?

Incorporeal Form (Undead Bloodline Ability)

Help with Prehensile Hair build Witch

Never finished a path

rerolling nat 1's with improved fortitude / reflex / will feat?

Law Domains Legislation: Prohibition power

Esoteric Knight prestige class with Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer?

Arcane Casting, spell failure, and somatic components

So...been away for a while...what’s the scoop with 1E -> 2E?

Way to safely unmake an animated undead?

Advice on combat maneuvers brawler

Double-Whip Vigilante

Half-orc Brawler Focusing on Trip

The Quintessential Tengu

Romulus and Remus (Kind of) - Bloodrager and Sorcerer

What happens to "orphaned" familiars and animal companions

Optimizing cavalier's'' Ride'' checks

Need advice for creating a custom anti-scrying spell

Building a Medium

Snake Fang + Attacks of Opportunity

Cool ideas for lv 1-10 character

Guide to the Class Guides

Command Undead (feat), Shadow (undead creature), Create Spawn (ability)

Reach Paladin

Best traits. Go!

Crit damage negative modifiers

Erastil Unique Summon Rules+versatile summon monster interaction?

Cleric Archetype: Divine Paragon Questions?

Polymorph Familiar + Saddle advice request / rules?

Rise of the Runelords character help

5e Warlock as a PF1 class?

How would you balance out this party?

Fox Familiar Stats (specifically skills)

Introducing a new character to Scarwall

Does a metamagic feat that does this already exist?

Sage Familiar Archetype

Weapon damage for larger sizes

Spell Focus and Alchemist

Life Oracle Spirit Boost Revelation

Enchanting clothes as treasure items


Arcane trickster: Which School? Spell progression?

Interrupt Casting

Three Halflings in a Trenchcoat for PF1?

Inmune fire (ooze verdurous) + Alchemist bombs

What happens if you make a lantern staff out of fire-forged steel?

Assuming a player finds a way to do so, can they stack multiple instances of the same template?

Reasons for a Shaman / Sacred Fist Multiclass - Backstory

Mythic Vital Strike

Catfolk with a mount

Druids - party poopers...?

Mascot Familiars and unwilling team members.

amuliet of natural armor question

PFS Legal triats

Unfinished Advanture Path In "Campaign Mode"

Nature based classes / archetypes / class options?

Strangler Brawler build

Great Wyrm Cloud Dragon AC

Breech-Loader, Adv Firearm. Questions and discussion (comparitive to early firearm DBPistol)

Speeding Up Extracts?

Mythic Vital Strike

Fey Caste System

Spells that say "ground" in description.

Pummeling Bully

Sacred Fist flurry

Archives of Nethys says the Boreal Creature template can be used with summons. Can someone tell me the source?

Items and Possession

Mesmerist Spells Without Gestures?

Just a gnome illusionist

Backstory - Unsworn Shaman / Sacred Fist Multiclass - Help wanted

How does Wild Shape actually work

Improvised Shields

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