Age of Ashes Conversion to PF1e


Does anyone know of someone, or some group that converted this AP to 1e?

What I'm seeing needs converting:

---Unique monsters
---Miscellaneous Rules Mechanics

What if I were to do just a conversion PDF for the AP and put it up on Pathfinder Infinite? Would it be allowed? Not saying a "word for word" conversion, like simply just mechanics only PDF (NPCs, items, spells, monsters, etc.). You would still need to buy the AP, but can get the conversion PDF for 1e to run it in 1e.

I hope so. Sucks Paizo wants to make 5th Edition content but not give us loyal fans the PF1e content we deserve. It's not fair when me and my players are done with PF1e AP that we cannot enjoy the APs in 2e unless we force ourselves to play 2e, which we have no desire to and do not like the system at all, in fact.

I know at the least about this effort, Age of Ashes Conversion Guide but the guy only did the first book.

I share your feelings, I like Paizo's APs, but I like PF1e more than PF2e and I do not want to push new rules and books on my group. It was enough of a hassle for them to get familiar with PF1e on the last decade, I cannot tell them now to throw away all that and do the effort to learn new rules through their already packed lives. It is enough effort for them to schedule a weekly game already.

Don't know about publishing in Infinite, it sounds legit to me. Certainly, you will find people interested if the quality of the conversion is good.

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