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This is probably a stupid question that gets answered every year or so but I was suddenly confused:

If I have some way of gaining a bonus to a skill rolls, "for 1 round" (eg. Diviner's Fortune), I can't use that with skill checks that take more than 1 round, right?

Ie, I'm looking up something in a library, 1 skill check/day.
Then Diviner's Fortune won't help me. Is that correct?

Sadly this is not specified in the rules. You'll have to ask your GM how they run it.

That said, the vast majority of opinions I've seen are that unless you can keep the bonus going for the whole time, you shouldn't get it. (So if you happen to have a friend who can cast Diviner's Fortune 1/rd for an hour, you can get the boost to a skill check that takes no more than an hour.)

That's pretty much what I was expecting.
Thanks for confirming my thinking. :)

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