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I have a question that my group and I have gotten into a bid discussion over. The grease spell....the question is...can it be seen? Is it like easily seen as like a coating that someone or something can spot and move around (when it is already cast and you have an area of affect) or is it so translucent that it is hard to spot? I've had a hard time finding wording to that effect. I think it makes a big difference

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The spell doesn't address whether the grease is visible, which leads me to believe that it is visible. Being transparent and difficult to spot would be a very noteworthy property, and I would expect to see a mention to perception DC's if that were the case.

The material component is butter and I expect it is around as visible as a buttered surface. For comparison, google buttered floors.

I would expect it to be plainly visible simply because the spell doesn't say it isn't.

Edit: In other words, what Dasrak said almost two hours ago. -_-

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Making it quite a useful spell if you have a lot of toast lying about :-)

Can't see why it would be.
That's why it's a much better spell to cast as a readied action, for when that giant comes charging down the hill at you.

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