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Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, and Ranger

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Errata and Typos (Barbarian, Fighter, and Ranger)

Welcome to the Classes Playtest

Fighter: Armor Training

[Fighters] Debunking the fighter myth...

[Fighter] Class Skills

[Action Points] Making Fighters Not Suck

Quick Question about Human Fighthers and Bonus Feats?

[Design Focus] Alternate Rage System

Ranger - Combat Style Feats

Armor Training -- what about shields?

Improving Two Weapon Fighting?

[Fighters] Turning Bonus Feats Into Fighter Talents?

[Barbarian] Replacement for Uncanny Dodge & Trap Sense

Barbarian--Rage Powers--Elemental Rage: Arbitrary and Inappropriate

Fighters - Still boring...

[Barbarian] Alternate Rage Accrual

[Barbarian] DR to replace Trap Sense

[Barbarian] Trap Sense

Lenny's Sister, Cenny

[Barbarian] Rage Powers

Undead Barbarians

Ranger - greater variety in unique abilities to the core class

Barbarians - Big and Dumb? not anymore.

Why I'm Banning the Fighter

Barbarians - Hit Die change

Rangers and Trapfinding

Fighters and Natural Weapon Training (p.28)

Ranger - Spells

High(er) level fighters in play?

[Think Tank] - Ranger Combat Styles

[Design Focus] Barbarian Rage

Lycanthrope Slaying Ranger Still An Issue (Favored Enemy, Pg 36)

Improving Shields

Ranger 2-weapon ability: why?

[Design Focus] New Rage Powers

Rage Points - Are they really so problematic?

Ranger - Wild Empathy

Raging healer

Ranger - Master Hunter

Ranger - Needs a 'paragon' spell

Rangers - Option to do away with spells?

Ranger: Animal Companion can go away

Ranger's animal companion - Is it actually worth a damn?

Dex based fighters get screwed!

Fighter - Weapon Training and General Feedback

Ranger - Favored Enemy / Terrain Problems

New Ranger fighting style: Non-lethal?

Barbarians: what about non-rage abilities?

KEJR's Playtest Observations: Lawful Barbarian Rage?

Ranger - Seven Alternate Combat Styles

Human fighters gain nothing from the free martial weapon proficiency

[Barbarian] Silly rage point question

[Fighter] Something for outside of combat...

Avoidance Tank (dex fighter)

Benny Complete

Rangers: Please buff the pet!

Fighter and Fighter Related Musings From My Playtest Group

Lenny's Brother Benny

How to Run the Numbers (I'm not a Statistician but...)

Comparisons Part 2: Lenny the Fighter

Barbarian: Belated terminology change?

[Ranger] Change Track back!

Increase the Fighter's damage output.

Fighter: Better than best BAB

Comparisons Summary: Barbarian, Fighter & Ranger

Those proposed fighter fixes

Fighters: Extra Benefits for Feats?

A few spells to add to the ranger spell list

Lenny the Barbarian: 16th Level Comparisons (Part 1)

Fighter - Weapon Mastery

Is the Fighter Just a Mook?

Favored Enemy and Quarry

The Spear

Figthers and Barbarians are boring!

Fighter Weapon Enhancements

Favored Enemy and Quarry

Let's let those energy types stack.

Comparisons Part 3: Lenny the Ranger

Archery Ranger is in danger ...

Extra Rage and beta

Here's a silly idea

A Suggestion Regarding Armor Training

Barbarian rage power - strength surge

Here's a silly idea other idea

Rage point backwards-calcualtions are messy

Why is there no Design Focus thread for Ranger Combat Styles???

Fighter - Weapon Training (name of ability)

Races at War

Ranger - Medium Armor

Fighter Epiphany - Faster Feat Qualification

Barbarian HD exception

Ranger and Track bonus Feat (rule suggestion)

Barbarian - alignment

Captian Sir Hexen Ineptus's Barbarain Play Ttest

Fighter - Armor Training

My little statistical evaluation of the fighting classes (Beware! its long)

Fighters, movement, and full attacks

Ranger: Urban Ranger

Fighter epiphany 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Favored enemy and knowledges

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