Eidolon and Exotic Weapon Proficiencies.

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

A player made a summoner,hey used the exotic weapon Proficiency feat to equip themselves with a bastard sword, but did not spend any points on the weapon training evolution. However after looking through the ability it does not specify an Eidolon must have weapon training in order to use any weapon at all. I think this needs to be clarified or added onto the evoluion so the the player has to take the evolution before picking any feats to allow it specific weaponry.

It actually works that way for PC's too. You do not have to be proficient with all simple weapons or any particular martial weapon in order to take exotic weapon proficiency.

It should be noted though that the Big E still has to have the appropriate body bits to wield the weapon.

(its also good to note that you only need the exotic prof for the bastard sword in order to wield it one handed.. if they are using it two handed they should have gotten the martial weapon proficiency for it)


That was me!

I thought it was a clever abuse of game mechanics. It does work that way, but I'm just pointing out (read:abusing) the loop hole that lets you get weapons for a feat instead of 2 points that could be spent on a 7th or 8th pair of arms to wield your weapon of choice with.

Though, I did show it to a friend and we had a good laugh about how under the RAW the eidolon could use his 12 or so bastard swords with one hand with no problem, but the moment he tried to wield it with both hands he took the -4 penalty since he wasn't proficient with martial weapons. :P

I don't really see it as a loophole, personally.

If you want to spend a feat to learn a weapon rather than spend 2 points to learn alot of weapons.. that's a choice, not really an abuse or loophole.

Afterall- no matter how you go about it you are still either giving up a claw or a slam to wield the weapon and spending either a feat or EP's to get it.


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