Hellknight Hill: The Lost Ring

Game Master Joana

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Every hero has an origin story.

A lot of them start in Breachill. Unlike many towns, where so-called adventurers are met with rolling eyes, doors shut in their faces, jacked-up prices, and the epithet "murder-hobos", Breachill welcomes adventurers. After all, it was a wandering adventurer who rescued a group of lost folk and, out of the goodness of his heart and overflow of his purse, founded the town itself.

In memory of Lamond Breachton, the citizens of Breachill respect all wanderers and enthusiastically employ adventurers to solve problems outside the wheelhouse of the local authorities. Any unusual situation, from lost caravans to lost livestock, rats in the cellar of the local tavern or bandits on the highway into town, can be solved at the monthly Call for Heroes, where young locals looking to prove themselves or outsiders needing work are officially approved and hired to take on the task.

It may not be an easy way to earn some coin, but it's a lot more exciting than mopping floors or harvesting crops. And who knows? a life of fame and fortune, travel and acclaim might be waiting for you!

So, what's the deal? We're all excited about the new edition. This is the chance for all of us to kick some tires, take a test drive, and inhale a deep whiff of that new-system smell. I will commit to run book one of the Age of Ashes Adventure Path, Hellknight Hill; when we get done with that, we'll decide whether to continue on. My purpose in running this game is threefold:

  • to learn how to play 2e;
  • to see how the intricacies of the system (triggers, reactions, etc.) run in PbP;
  • to have fun!

    Who are you anyway? Hi, I'm Joana! I've been playing since 1998, starting with AD&D 2nd edition and continuing through 3rd, 3.5, and Pathfinder 1e. I've been active in PbPs on these forums since 2009. As GM, I completed a game of We B4 Goblins! and am currently running a sandbox campaign set in Riddleport that has been running since 2012 and a Giantslayer campaign that has been running since 2015.

    What are you looking for? Players who can post at least once per 24 hours on the average day (weekends negotiable). Mechanically, I don't need any numbers yet. Since one of my goals is to learn the new system, I'd rather walk through character creation in the Discussion thread once the party has been assembled. I just want to know the A-B-Cs (Ancestry, Background, and Class, with the Background selected from the campaign backgrounds listed in the Age of Ashes Player's Guide), a little about your PC's life up until now, and why your PC is applying to be an adventurer at Breachill's Call for Heroes.

    Anything else? I use maps, updated on every PC's initiative so we all stay on the same page. You can check the combat in my existing games to get a feel for my style.

    Because this is a new system, we're going to start out sticking as close to RAW as possible. I am not an expert on 2e; unless you're a Paizo dev, you probably aren't, either. We'll muddle through together. I'll make mistakes; please let me know about them (politely) and we'll do our best to fix it.

    I was an English major, so spelling, grammar, and punctuation count. You're not being graded, and typos happen, but please make an effort.

    I don't recruit in your gameplay thread, so please don't roleplay in my recruitment thread. :) It's easier for me to keep track of submissions if I don't have to scroll through prospective PCs talking with each other. There will be a chance for preliminary roleplaying and meet-and-greets in the gameplay thread when the party has been selected.

    Let's set a tentative cut-off date for recruitment one week from today, whatever that happens to be in your respective time zones.

  • Hello. Interested, of course. :-)

    Let me see what I can come up with. I do have an idea for a wizard. Or maybe something else?

    As soon as things... coalesce I will be sure to post... err... something.

    Sigh... Between all the classes I would like to try, it probably will not be the easiest of choices.

    Edit: Just so I am clear, the Background has to be one from the Age of Ashes Player's Guide, correct?

    I'm very, very interested in this AP. I'm not entirely sure about what I would like to play, most probably a human/half-human bard, but I'll come up with an idea as soon as I can.

    Question: can we also use backgrounds form the CRB? Because on the Player's Guide some of those backgrounds are suggested.

    Age of Ashes Player's Guide wrote:
    You are, of course, free to choose a background from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. If you do so, the following choices make the most sense for Age of Ashes: Acolyte, Artisan, Artist, Bounty Hunter, Detective, Emissary, Entertainer, Gladiator, Guard, Hunter, Laborer, Martial Disciple, Merchant, Nomad, Scholar, Scout, Tinker, or Warrior.

    B-Haunting vision
    C-Cleric (Warpriest) of Gorum
    What has he been up to? Traveling with armies preaching the glories of battle, but was drawn to Breachill by visions of fire.

    I will be running the same game on here. I would love to play.
    He is traveling to help others.

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    F. Castor wrote:
    Edit: Just so I am clear, the Background has to be one from the Age of Ashes Player's Guide, correct?
    Diaz Ex Machina wrote:
    Question: can we also use backgrounds form the CRB? Because on the Player's Guide some of those backgrounds are suggested.

    I find the backgrounds from the Player's Guide more flavorful for the adventure, but if you wish to use one of the more generic backgrounds, I will allow it. In that case, I'd like to see a more specific explanation as to why your PC is applying to the Call for Heroes, as the campaign backgrounds have that a little more baked in.

    I'm interested as well. I should be able to post at least once a day, as I usually have a fairly lenient work schedule.

    A: Halfling
    B: Emancipated
    C: Ranger

    Very basic background:

    Aronida, (she has no idea what her last name might have been), was born into slavery in Kintargo, serving one of the noble families there. Upon being freed she was left unsure of what to do with her new life. Any time she stepped foot in a city she always felt like she was about to be captured and sold again. At the same time she wanted to free others as she had been freed. The compromise was to work for the Bellflower Network as a tiller, escorting escapees through the wilderness.

    After several years of this, she began to feel homesick for a home she'd never had. She still distrusted cities, but didn't want to spend her whole life in the wilderness either. A contact from the Bellflower Network suggested Breachill. As a small town that welcomed adventurers of any background, she could surely find work there, and maybe, just maybe, she could make it her home. The Call of Heroes provides an excellent chance for a newcomer to establish herself.

    Haunting Visions

    He's a recently left the order, with the council agreeing that this omen was worth looking into, and since he's had the visions all of his life, it's his best bet for success.

    He grew up a in a rural existence, so he's never really dealt with any true high population areas. He decided to apply dominantly to do the right thing. They've looked for a huge variety for the Call, so this is his best hope at saving Breachill.

    Liberty's Edge

    Hi would love to play, excited about 2E and getting back to pop.

    Current idea is

    A - Human/Half orc
    B - Reputation Seeker
    C - Barbarian

    Having grown up in Breachill felt overshadowed by those who had previously answered the Call and felt that they needed to make a name for themselves. Travelling to the upper reaches of the Darklands they fought for a time to recover some lost trove or defeat a worthy foe, yet the time never came. Feeling dejected at the lack of progress they decided to return home in order to become a Champion in this latest call in order to cement their legend.

    A waved hand raised in greeting followed by a furrowed brow in trepidation and thought. I also share an interest in seeing exactly how the ways and wherefores of 2nd edition play out in the PbP space.

    For my first foray I'd fall back to my own warm and secure place - and promote a:

    ūnus) Halfling
    duo) TBC
    trēs) Rogue

    My initial malformed thought is of a chef at training with delusions of grandeur that seeks to skewer something more lively than fungi with his filcher's fork.

    Will fill out his form later tonight when one has time for rumination.

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    Very excited to try 2e in a PBP setting, I have been playing Pathfinder for a decade now and have done PBP before.

    a) Half-Elf
    b) Dragon Scholar
    c) Sorcerer (Or Monk/Sorc or Fighter/Sorc)

    The character will be joining the Call to be able to continue his research into dragons. After discovery that they possessed a Draconic Bloodline, and not exactly know their place as a half-elf, they have thrown themselves into the study of dragons and to learn more about this part of his heritage which makes him special. While they aren't the brightest student they are very persuading in getting their hands on the knowledge they seek.

    Liberty's Edge

    Going to be a weapon and shield fighter. I'm interested in the new shield mechanics, never liked how they're just another weapon that adds some AC in 1e. Or pretty much every other game in the world, for that matter. Don't have a name yet.

    A: Human
    B: Dragon Scholar
    C: Fighter

    She definitely saw a dragon flying over a distant mountain when she was six, a fact she will tell anyone that will listen, and the sighting sparked a fascination with the creatures. Merely seeing a dragon doesn't pay the bills, however, and she's strong, so she works for Narine Howerdell at the lumber mill. She had finished going through all the material on dragons Jorell Blacktusk had at the city archives years ago and new information trickled in at an infuriating pace. She wants funds to improve the archives and fund a search for a real dragon, and the Call for Heroes might be just the thing to secure some meaningful wealth.

    Hello all!

    A) Goblin
    B) Returning Descendant
    C) Monk

    I, Highness son of Draggut son of Pinch who ate all her 7 husbands one sunny afternoon, daughter of Stonescar who was a goblin chief in the bowels of Breachill now return to Breachill where I will be King of all Goblins because I am the best. If you don't agree, I will punch you. A lot.

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    Hi everyone. Would love to try out PF2 via PBP. My submission:

    A - Human
    B - Hellknight Historian
    C - Fighter

    He's a neutral good idealist who admires what he sees as the motivation for the Hellknights but sees the over-reliance on Law as a failing. He plans to reclaim the abandoned keep and hopes to found a similar, martial order dedicated to promoting good and protecting the populace.

    I plan on going dexterity focussed with light armor and dual wielding.

    I'm also hoping to utilise the rolling-for-stats method (though am more interested in testing how the low end of the spectrum plays than the high, so very happy to adjust downwards or reroll super-high stats if that eventuates).

    ūnus) Halfling
    duo) Local Scion
    trēs) Rogue

    Gethric Orted is a baker's son, a baker's grandson and a baker's great-grand-son. The Orted's have long held regard in Breachill, supplying sourdough and sweet comestibles to the Cayden's Keg. Having tended dough for most of his life, stories of adventure and derring-do enjoyed over rye bread, cheese and kvass have sparked a wanderlust within him.

    To the grumblings of his most respectable father, he has tightened belt over his modest girth, tucked his filcher's fork to one side and strode forth to answer the call.

    Here be a list of applications so far (I have included mine in the list, bare bones though it is, but I will put it in a proper and separate post as soon as I have it a bit more clearly). I used to do that on occasion in previous recruitment threads and you know what they say about old habits...

    CoffeeNoise: ?, ? ? Half-Elf Alchemist, Out-of-Towner Background

    Crisischild: ?, ? Female Human Fighter, Dragon Scholar Background

    ElbowtotheFace: ?, ? Male Human Cleric (Warpriest) of Gorum, Haunting Vision Background

    Ever_Anon: Aronida, ? Female Halfling Ranger, Emancipated Background

    F. Castor: ?, N Male Human Wizard, Truth Seeker Background

    GM Ash: ?, ? Male Dwarf Druid, Warrior Background

    Iff: ?, ? Female Goblin Cleric of Desna, Haunting Vision Background

    JakBlitz: ?, ? Male Half-Elf Sorcerer, Dragon Scholar Background

    Mark Sweetman: Gethric Orted, ? Male Halfling Rogue, Local Scion Background

    Rowe: ?, ? Male Half-Orc Druid, Haunting Vision Background

    Sethran: ?, ? ? Half-Orc Barbarian, Reputation Seeker Background

    Steve Geddes: ?, NG Male Human Fighter, Hellknight Historian Background

    ZetaGilgamesh: Highness, ? Male Goblin Monk, Returning Descendant Background

    I've read a bit of your older campaigns and I like your GM'ing style. I'm interested in 2E as well, so I'll toss my name into the hat.

    Ancestry: Goblin
    Background: Haunting vision
    Class: Cleric (Desna)

    This goblin has always had dreams of fire. And not in a good way, like the rest of her tribe! In fact, it rather scared her. She didn't feel like she fit in, so she set out into the world. Her dreams became clearer as time passed. She made more and more contact with the longshanks to learn, both about the faith of Desna (who she believes is the source of her dreams) and of Dahak (the topic of those dreams). She eventually traveled to Breachill to visit the Great Dreamhouse. When she entered the town and saw the huge bronze statue of a wizard overlooking the river, she recognized it from her dreams and knew Breachill to be very important. She has stayed to figure out what the town means and answering the Call seems the proper thing to do.

    This goblin girl has been in longshanks society long enough to know what's considered proper behaviour and what's not. She still has her antics, but overall she's easy-going, optimistic and mostly kind at heart.

    Hello! My schedule is open and I'm available to post daily. I'm new to the Paizo forums, so I may have questions in regards to formatting and navigation. Besides that, I'm excited to play. If possible, I'd prefer to be graded on my spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    A - Half-Elf
    B - Out-of-Towner
    C - Alchemist

    I will update this post with a short story about my character.

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    I've never been so self-conscious about my idiosyncratic use of punctuation. :o

    Sovereign Court

    I'm currently running 2 Strange Aeons tables here on the forums so I check daily.

    I'v been itching to come up with a character for Age of Ashes. My initial concept is:

    Bard (Enigma muse)
    Truth Seeker

    I would like to ask question that I plan on asking in the other recruitment threads as well. The feat Virtuosic Performer gives examples of other uses of perform, specifically Comedy: Puppetry. As there is no "puppet" listed in equipment, I was wondering if you might consider using the same cost and bulk for a musical instrument (handheld)?

    Silver Crusade

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    A - Human
    B - Haunting Vision
    C - Barbarian (Spirit Instinct)

    The ashen house of Daud, long forgotten in their home of Ustalav for their subservience to him, resurfaced as the Whispering Tyrant walked above Gallowspire once again. The most fanatical ones anyway, leaving those who wanted to be left alone to be left alone. With the unliving armies forming and marching south those not too keen on serving such a genocidal tyrant fled to the corners of the map.

    Not wanting to risk heading north to the demons or to... whatever was out east Thursday made his way down through Lastwall, whispers and dreams giving him, and others in what remained of the country, the barest hint of a head start as they fled south by the lake, winding up in Isger.

    With the Tyrant's defeat and no longer under the shadow of his house Thursday has thought about seeing what the rest of the world has to offer. Or he would if those accursed dreams would leave him. But then, they helped him and others before. So when he has been given an actual place to see in them... why not?

    Hello! I've been working to try and learn the system as best I can so far, and I'm hoping that I'll get a better feel for it through actual play in a game. I've applied to two other Age of Ashes recruitment so far, as well. If I am chosen for one of those, I'll back out of this one to give someone else a chance.

    A - Dwarf
    B - Hellknight Historian
    C - Wizard

    Korgar Forgehammer is a Dwarven battle wizard and historian who's looking into the history of the Hellknights because his brother, a paladin of Torag, has joined the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw. Not understanding why his brother would join the Hellknights, Korgar hopes that by studying any documents left in Citadel Altaerein will help shed some light on his decision. He will either be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, and will be taking Fighter Dedication feats because I want to see how multiclassing works, and feel it's appropriate for this character.

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    Hello and good day Joana!

    I'm a long-time roleplayer who had migrated away from Pathfinder and D&D for a while now. With the new edition, I am seeing a lot to love! I have not been active on the forums here, but it looks like you have an excellent method for keeping games running.

    I'd love to join your upcoming Hellknight Hill Campaign.

    My Character Proposal:

    Rivka Dell, NG

    A- Human (Versatile Heritage)
    B- Truth Seeker
    C- Champion (Redeemer of Nethys)

    I am interested in testing/playing with the Sorcerer Multiclassing rules and taking those feats as time passes.

    Character details:

    Despite the local leanings towards other gods the Dell family have always been devout followers of Nethys. Once adventurers who sought out magical artifacts from far and wide, they retired to their home town to raise their daughter Rivka. Trained from a young age in Nethys' philosophies she leaned much more towards the aspects of the god as revealer and truth finder. As she dedicated herself further to the fragmented god of magic, she delved deeper and deeper into Breachhill's past, crossing paths with many others who sought the truth of their home however they could.

    This looks interesting, and I've just recently picked up the 2e book. So here is what I am contemplating:

    A - Elf
    B - Out-of-towner
    C - Champion (Liberator) of Calistria

    Gender yet to be determined, but the broad strokes of the character would be an elven out-of-towner who is there visiting a friend. Having arrived in Breachill, will have decided to remain in Isger for a time, seeing the people as oppressed (given the vassal state status they have) and the application to the council as an opportunity to ingratiate himself/herself with the council.

    I would like a chance to join this.
    Please be aware that my native language is NOT english, so I might have some minor problems with the grammar and spelling.
    If you are willing to give me a chance nevertheless.
    A: Dwarven
    B: Haunting Vision
    C: War Cleric of Torag.

    Checking for interest, will post up some more detail on character and concept tomorrow.

    A - Half-elf
    B - Local Scion
    C - Fighter taking Cleric dedication L2

    [2H Melee, Medicine & Craft:Blacksmithing skills, also is your friendly local tour guide to new adventurers]

    This recruitment lines up nicely for me: I'm a fellow English major looking to get my first non-playtest taste of Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

    I'll post more details later, but here are my initial leanings in terms of my character:

    Background--Local Scion

    Dark Archive

    Ok, still a rough idea, but I’m thinking a goblin alchemist, with the dragon lore background.

    He/she would be from the tribe that currently in the fort on the hill that has come to ask for help.

    I’m going to work up the character properly this evening.

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    Hi Joana,

    I'm very interested in joining. Here is my application:

    Abigail Garrett, CG, Female, Human Bard, Returning Descendant Background

    Abigail is the widow of Hellknight maralictor Deneus Garrett of the Order of the Rack, stationed until recently in Kintargo. As her husband finds death and the city claims its freedom, Abigail sheds the chains of torment that have kept her subdued and secretive for so many years. In the smoking ruins of their former quarters, Abigail discovers her husband’s journal. In it, she discovers another man, stifled long ago by the Order, a man full of life and love, the man she met.

    With warm, melancholic, tears, she reads of Deneus’s early adventures around the town of Breachill. Missing the man she both loved and hated, Abigail decides to travel to Breachill in the hope of reconnecting in some small way with her dead husband and breathe purpose back into her life.

    The character concept would also be served well by being a cleric of Desna or by having the emancipated background.

    Hi Joana!

    Thanks for running a game. Here's my application:

    Gunna Rothdam
    N Female Dwarf

    Ancestry: Dwarf (strong-blooded)
    Background: Truth Seeker
    Class: Rogue (Ruffian)


    Gunna is a survivor of the Goblinblood wars having lost her home town and much of her family to the horde. Enraged and feeling helpless, she abandoned her remaining family to strike out on her own. At first guarding merchant caravans, she eventually found herself traveling the country as a bodyguard for merchants and minor nobility.

    Her work exposed her to a great deal of politics and gossip, and so she learned that Lamond Breachton's legacy may not be what it seems. When the Call For Heroes sounded, it seemed the perfect opportunity for her to do something important, and for her to make her mark.


    Gunna is disciplined, cunning, and politically aware while also being a hard-living mercenary. She is motivated by her desire to make a mark and never feel helpless again, while also dealing with the guilt of being a dwarf who abandoned her home when they needed her. She's built for a redemption arc, but could go in any number of directions.

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    Chapel Ty'El wrote:
    I would like to ask question that I plan on asking in the other recruitment threads as well. The feat Virtuosic Performer gives examples of other uses of perform, specifically Comedy: Puppetry. As there is no "puppet" listed in equipment, I was wondering if you might consider using the same cost and bulk for a musical instrument (handheld)?

    That would be fine.

    In the early days of 3rd edition, I played a half-orc bard named Ownka the Iron-Tongued who had a ventriloquist dummy named Dummkopf the Dwarf. She had a couple of half-orc roadies in the group (fighter and barbarian) who worked the crowd and made sure everyone paid appropriately for the entertainment. Lots of fun. :)

    I'd very much love to join.

    I do however have a question: How would you feel about a Champion of Nocticula, the Redeemer Queen?
    I'm asking purely because that would mean we'd have to come up with an anathema for her as she's not one of the deities printed in the Core Rulebook. Personally I'd say the first of Shelyn's two anathema's would be a good start.

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    Hey, Joana...

    I'd like to submit for your game, as well. Part of getting up to speed on the new edition of the game should be playing the actual game, so that's my ultimate goal. And, given my work schedule and home activities with my family, a play-by-post game is more my speed than a face-to-face tabletop group right now. Generally speaking, I also prefer the enhanced roleplaying/storytelling capability inherent in the play-by-post format. My ABC concept would be:

    Jonagher Winnt
    NG Male elf rogue
    Ancestry: Elf (seer elf)
    Background: Reputation Seeker
    Class: Rogue (with some possible multiclass into Wizard down the road)


    Jonagher Winnt was originally born in Breachill, but his parents separated when he was very young. While his father returned to Kyonin, his mother chose to stay in Isger and raise him among humans. When Jonagher came of age, he wanted to leave home and travel, both to reconnect with his father and to see the world. His journeys took him to Kyonin where he also joined a brief expedition into the upper reaches of the Darklands to investigate rumors of drow activity. Those regions proved too dangerous to remain for long, and once his expedition returned to Kyonin, he made arrangements to head home to Breachill to check on his mother, far more knowledgeable and cautious about the world beyond his hometown.

    PCScipio here. I'm interested in reprising my playtest halfling rogue (this alias), with appropriate background adjustment. The alias hasn't been updated for the final rules yet, so there may be some changes to other minor details.

    A) Dwarf
    B) Emancipated
    C) Monk


    Fargus is, put simply, a thug. He grew up a slave gladiator in the nation of Cheliax, and learned to be...mean. Fighting in the worst of the pits, Fargus endured blows that killed lesser men, and managed to somehow survive.

    People who knew of him say that he was sustained by hate.

    There are, however, things that Fargus does enjoy: namely, a good fight. He holds people who can't fight in contempt and has near disdain for magic users (although as a slave he learned early that speaking his mind would often get him beaten, so he can at least hold his tongue).

    After all of the slaves were emancipated in Ravounel, Fargus took the first oppurtunity to flee Cheliax altogether. On the road, he learned that being an adventurer was, compared to the abject slavery and loss of life in the fighting pits, an easy job. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut, kill some "monsters", and get paid. He was repeatedly told, however, that one could not adventure alone, and that a party was needed to succeed. When Breachill put out the call for heroes, Fargus answered, hoping to make himself fabously wealthy.

    Hello, hello. Just want to start off by saying thank you for giving a lot of people here their first opportunity to really try out Pathfinder 2E, myself included! I really appreciate that, especially for a system so new. With that out of the way... Here's Aurelia Landon.

    Ancestry - Half-Elf
    Background - Dragon Scholar
    Class - Sorcerer (Draconic)

    Aurelia Landon has been obsessed with dragons all her life, and really, why wouldn't she be? Born to a duo of "eccentric" dragonologists from Taldor, Aurelia was constantly exposed to raw draconic power as her parents traveled the world in search of their chosen subjects, resulting in her developing fiery sorcerous powers. As Aurelia grew to adulthood, the would-be scholar yearned to step out of her parent's shadow and make a name for herself in academia.

    Aurelia came to Isger, and eventually the town of Breachill, after hearing news of a gold dragon sighting in the area but quickly found herself adrift as the rumors, and her money, started to dry up. The simple fact is Aurelia needs more coin if she wants to continue her studies and travels, and the Call for Heroes seems like just the solution for her financial woes.

    Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hi, I have applied to another Hellknight Hill recruitment, I hope it's okay to also apply here with another concept I want to try out in PF2.

    A-Elf (Seer Elf)
    B-Haunting Vision
    C-Cloistered Cleric (Who is maybe going to take sorcerer dedication)

    I have to go to work now, so when I have a moment I'll complete my submission.

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    . . Dragon Scholar
    . . . . Nevynxxx: ?, ? ? Goblin Alchemist

    . . Out-of-Towner
    . . . . CoffeeNoise: ?, ? ? Half-Elf Alchemist


    . . Haunting Vision
    . . . . Rysky: Thursday, ? Male Human Barbarian (Spirit Instinct)

    . . Reputation Seeker
    . . . . Sethran: ?, ? ? Half-Orc Barbarian


    . . Local Scion
    . . . . Profession Smith 6 ranks: ?, ? ? Human Bard

    . . Returning Descendant
    . . . . Dreaming Warforged: Abigail Garrett, CG Female Human Bard

    . . Truth Seeker
    . . . . Chapel Ty'El: ?, ? ? Half-Elf Bard (Enigma)


    . . Out-of-Towner
    . . . . The KGB: ?, CG ? Elf Champion (Liberator) of Calistria

    . . Truth Seeker
    . . . . John Haines: Rivka Dell, NG Female Human Champion (Redeemer) of Nethys


    . . Haunting Vision
    . . . . Amaranthine Witch: ?, ? ? Elf Cleric (Cloistered Cleric)
    . . . . ElbowtotheFace: ?, ? Male Human Cleric (Warpriest) of Gorum
    . . . . Helikon: ?, ? ? Dwarf Cleric (Warpriest) of Torag
    . . . . Iff: ?, ? Female Goblin Cleric of Desna


    . . Haunting Vision
    . . . . Rowe: ?, ? Male Half-Orc Druid

    . . Warrior
    . . . . GM Ash: ?, ? Male Dwarf Druid


    . . Dragon Scholar
    . . . . Crisischild: ?, ? Female Human Fighter

    . . Hellknight Historian
    . . . . Steve Geddes: ?, NG Male Human Fighter

    . . Local Scion
    . . . . Mefika: ?, ? ? Half-Elf Fighter


    . . Emancipated
    . . . . Vrog Skyreaver: Fargus, ? Male Dwarf Monk

    . . Returning Descendant
    . . . . ZetaGilgamesh: Highness, ? Male Goblin Monk


    . . Emancipated
    . . . . Ever_Anon: Aronida, ? Female Halfling Ranger


    . . Local Scion
    . . . . Mark Sweetman: Gethric Orted, ? Male Halfling Rogue

    . . Reputation Seeker
    . . . . Neil Spicer: Jonagher Winnt, NG Male Elf Rogue

    . . Truth Seeker
    . . . . GM SpiderBeard: Gunna Rothdam, N Female Dwarf Rogue (Ruffian)

    . . ?
    . . . . PCScipio: Milo Townsend, CG Male Halfling Rogue


    . . Dragon Scholar
    . . . . Delightful: Aurelia Landon, ? Female Half-Elf Sorcerer (Draconic)
    . . . . JakBlitz: ?, ? Male Half-Elf Sorcerer (Draconic)


    . . Hellknight Historian
    . . . . Phntm888: Korgar Forgehammer, ? Male Dwarf Wizard

    . . Truth Seeker
    . . . . F. Castor: ?, N Male Human Wizard (Universalist)

    Hello! I, too, am excited about Pathfinder 2e and posted a "please recruit me" topic over here. I'd be wanting to play as an Elven Ranger I fell in love with back when I got to play her in a 1e campaign that unfortunately sputtered out pretty quickly. Like some of the others who have already posted, I really enjoy the storytelling / roleplaying that play by post brings to the game, and would love a group who both want to learn the new 2e system and who also want to have great character interactions and roleplaying moments were appropriate.

    I've only played in about three Pathfinder play by post games so far, but started almost five years ago now and am very familiar with the core 1e rules. With 2e having just come out, it seemed like a great time to see if I could jump back in and learn and help others learn this new edition. All the campaigns I've been a part of have gameplay and discussion threads here, so just check my profile and characters if you'd like to see a sample of my gameplay or role-play style.

    As for my character:

    Sparks Clearpath
    NG female elf Ranger
    Ancestry: Elf (Woodland elf)
    Background: Field Medic
    Class: Ranger (leaning into the flurry and bow feats to create a character that can pump out the shots when needed and take careful aim when necessary)

    I had a lot of fun writing stories and background for this character in the past, but have her set up so that she has been adventuring for long enough that her background mostly happened a few decades so she is easy to slip into any adventure. Here's her original character description and background, most of which would still hold true for this adventure:

    Character Description:
    Though she has the look of a human girl in her late teens or early twenties, Sparks Clearpath's pointed ears, long white hair, and unusual dark eyes, with their bright flakes of orange and red, easily mark her as an elven maiden. As such, she is both slightly taller and slightly thinner than a human of equal apparent age, though a closer look would reveal that she is not unaccustomed to lengthy foot travel nor hard work. Humans almost naturally tend to see her as beautiful or elegant; her own kind, however, would not think her much more than average by their standards.

    Sparks' longbow is so often with her that it too is almost a part of her appearance. Its hard, angular shape, save for the rounded wrapped grip near its center, strikes a unique silhouette whether it is across her back or in her hand. Accentuating the bow's unique design is a detailed painting of a long green and brown viper, coiling up the weapon's length.

    Sparks Clearpath first appeared in the town of Sharlstown over twenty years ago at the beginning of the spring thaw. She came looking to trade the furs and crops on her small horse drawn cart for farming tools and other manufactured goods that neither she nor her mother nor father could easily make for themselves. People were wary of her at first for being a stranger, for her unusual dark eyes, with their bright flakes of orange and red, and for the ornately decorated longbow she wore across her back, but they soon found they had little to worry about. Patient and quiet to a fault, though certainly good natured, the white haired elven maiden would only stay in town long enough to trade for the items she wanted before heading back into the nearby forest.

    Though her activities brought relatively little to the town’s economy (the total size of her trades were never very large, she only ever bartered never wanting to deal in hard currencies, and she never so much as rented a room for the nights she was in town preferring to sleep in her cart and eat her own food instead) little by little Sparks built up a good reputation through her honesty and her generous dealings. For a time it was thought that Sparks was distinctly timeless. Those who were mere children when she first appeared grew up, got married, inherited their family’s businesses, and had children of their own all while she barely seemed to age. For most, dealing with Sparks Clearpath was like dealing with a lifelong friend. It came as quite a shock, then, when she disappeared!

    Sparks always arrived with the coming of each new season. She always had and she always would, or so it was thought… until it did not happen. Her usual vendors began to look for her as a stormy winter transitioned to a lovely new spring but she never appeared. Spring passed to summer and then to fall and back to winter all without her presence. Slowly, it became apparent that she was not coming. A year passed and then another and another as rumors of her disappearance began to circulate. Some said she had been killed by animals in the forest. Others told how they were sure she had married, or gone to fight a war, or been arrested and executed. Some even claimed she was a spirit that had fulfilled it task and gone on its way. But everyone knew, deep down, that those rumors were just that, and that she had vanished for some real reason. And that she was missed.

    Some three years later, Sparks reappeared. She walked into town with no horse, no cart, and only a handful of furs to trade. No longer looking to barter and leave, she began to seek out jobs and, in an unexpected change, would only accept hard currency and room and board in exchange for her work. Though still quiet and reserved, living among the town folks has seen her lower her guard, if only somewhat. She seems more opinionated now than she ever was before even if some subjects, such as why it took her so long to return, are clearly off limits.

    Over the last few weeks the people of Sharlstown have discovered what they long suspected about Sparks Clearpath: That she is a hard worker, a skilled hunter, and a kind if occasionally naive soul who has some talent for trade. Most would say they are blessed to have her in their town but privately there is a new wariness surrounding her. Why did she vanish? Why did she returned? And what is causing her to spend nearly every waking hour working herself ragged in exchange for the money she would hardly have touched just three years before?

    For more on Sparks, I tossed six of the background stories I did for her over at my website here. Having a GM that will encourage storytelling and enforce good grammar seems like a big plus to me!

    Hello Joana! I am very excited by your game proposal and only hope my submission meets expectations! I am a fellow English Major(the pressure!) and Private Investigator in real life so I believe the later will prove useful for this character as well as provide me plenty of time to post on stake outs. As for a reason as to why she's in Breachill, for one it's her childhood home and I imagine one of her lingering cases as a detective has lead her to the Call for Heroes!

    Poppy Cotton
    CG Female Gnome Bard
    Ancestry Gnome
    Background Detective
    Class Bard (Polymath)



    Born an orphan in Breachill, Poppy was adopted by a local scribe named Briony Cotton, who made his living creating Illuminated texts. As a child, Poppy found a love for music early on due to a traveling band that passed through time. She payed special attention to the bards who showed up for the Call for Heroes. Curiosity was a defining trait of hers as it is for most gnomes but she found her focus towards music. She found that learning the patterns and different rhythms gave her a greater appreciation for the art as there was always more to explore. During the day she worked at the Breachill Archive pouring over dusty tomes in search of sheet music, retaining a great deal of information on a variety of subjects, but in the evenings she'd play the ramshackle piano for hours at Cayden's Keg.

    However in her late teens she found she was losing her hearing at an alarming pace due to an unknown affliction. By her mid twenties she found that she was almost entirely deaf. Falling into despair at the thought of her great passion being lost to her, she became a recluse, hiding herself at the archives to the point where she began to suffer some effects of "The Bleaching". Knowing her voice would sound different she attempted different forms of communication including a chalkboard(awkward), and sign language(less widely known) she eventually settled on using her innate gnomish magic to Prestidigitation to craft temporary words in the air. Though uncomplex, it was nice to be able to find her voice in one small way, but couldn't seem to ultimately shake her depression.

    This went on for some time until her father took her to Egoria to offer his expertise to the local government and visit his family there. This change of venue offered her a new outlook and she embraced the culture and opportunities available. The most striking moment of her time there was when her father took her to the Chelish Opera for her birthday. Initially she was embarrassed and angry at him for subjecting her to what seems like an uncharacteristic cruel jest. But her father managed to acquire seats near the orchestra by calling in a few favors, and had her touch the instruments as they played. Her passion was instantly reborn as she could recognize the music and tell from the differing vibrations how skilled they were. She could hear it all in her head! The music was back. And all that was left of her early Bleach stages was a white streak shooting through her garnet locks.

    Besides her renewed sense of purpose, she fell into part time Private investigative work for anyone willing to pay, as her father was becoming ill and couldn't keep up his usual pace of work. Using her extensive knowledge base and attention to detail to aid her in her short stint as a Chelish Investigator, assisting anyone from nobles, peasants and even the Hellknight order a handful of times. She learned in her time as a P.I. that people may lie with their words but couldn't hide the truth on their faces and found lip reading to also be a great boon to her work. Besides the money, she received from one particularly pleased client a payment in trade in the form of a beautifully crafted Orphica which she took to learning more easily thanks to her time behind the keys in her youth.

    After a few happy years though, her father finally succumbed to his illness, leaving her again facing some existential angst which she combated by trying to find closure. She decided to close her business and return her fathers body to her first home, as he had requested. Now looking to tie up loose ends in Breachill, she has come home in search of the next step of her life.

    --Order of the Rack
    Maralictor Lucien Mahrbrand
    Incident Report file 481
    Case opened 28 of Arodus 4705
    Case closed 30 of Arodus 4705
    Crime- Armiger Nathaniel Fukes murdered and heretical vandalism.
    Reported by local Korvosan guard.
    Location- Basement of abandoned Crow's Kiss Inn, south Dice End, Egorian
    Evidence-No wounds, all weapons sheathed, heretical writing on inner wall, room locked from inside with no other points of egress, No signs of poisoning, Signifiers found no evidence of Abjuration magic.
    Suspects- None. Guilty party found and prepped for trial. Krom "Wraithringer"-enforcer for local gambling den.
    Notes- Amateur investigator Priscilla de Lacrimosa served as advisor on previous cases and solved this issue with great expediency and skill. Eccentric behavior aside, this agent would greatly advocate the use of this person in future incidents.
    Hail Lictor Richemar Almansor

    --Unrelated Writing Post Sample:

    Freydis's humming echoed across the high stone walls of the church, and a rhythm emerged, built by the tapping of her heavy metal boot. Intermittently the sound of tearing paper punctuated the eerie tune as Freydis ripped page after page from holy tome of Shelyn, piling them onto a growing pyre that was once a podium. The pale woman's face wrinkled into a soft smile as she watched the flame take the blasphemous parchment, bits rising into the air, almost dancing in the light cast through stained glass windows. The whimsical sight inspired her to recite in slow song form, a verse she learned in childhood from the forbidden canticle of Lady Graves.

    "Eyes sorrow-blinded, in darkness unbroken
    Foul and corrupt are those who bear false witness,
    And work to deceive others, know this;"

    The last page smoldering, Freydis tossed the binding of the book and surveyed her handiwork, the pews filled with fresh corpses, the ages of which ranged from young adult to seniors. The lumbering armored woman took a soft stride along the aisle patiently blessing the nearest people with holy water from her Combat Aspergillium. Flecks of anointed liquid dripped across the lifeless faces of the dead, but otherwise seemingly uninjured crowd.

    "There is but one Truth.
    Whatever your maker,
    The Ebon City calls to all, "

    The cleansing had ended in a second. Upon first entering the church, she’d been received warmly, but only responded with stoicism until hearing the preaching of the so-called priest. His words were sin. His teachings poison. With a gesture of her gauntleted hand and holy symbol of Pharasma, Fredyis released a flash of concordant energy before the patrons knew what had happened. The souls of the congregation were torn from their form retrieved by her spectral hounds, bound to her call, and promptly delivered to her godly mistress in the underworld. There was no time for screams, and in a moment the once lively church had fallen silent. She was glad they had not suffered.

    "o’ Lady mine, my enemies are abundant,
    Many are those who rise up against me,
    But my faith sustains me, I shall not fear the legion"

    Continuing her lilting hymn, Freydis exited the temple into the snowy hamlet of Valeroot, descending the stairs with piercing amber eyes fixed on the only signs of life left in the winter town, ample fields of wheat rolled out across a nearby plain. Rows upon rows of golden full stalks pierced through several feet of snow in a bizarre juxtaposition of the season. Removing her glove, her exposed fingers traced lightly across the yellow plants. She could feel the tug trace of necromantic energy that sustained the plants, stolen from animals and occasional human sacrifice.

    “Suffer not the work of a heretic.”

    Gray colored flames suddenly poured from the anointed weapon in her other hand and she dipped it into the straw lengths. Freydis watched quietly as the blaze took hold, and left only after the ill-gotten plants had fallen to cinders.

    Silver Crusade

    Pathfinder Companion, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

    Thankies F, And I was thinking Thursday would be somewhere on the G side of the chart, probably NG or CG.

    Dark Archive

    F. Castor wrote:


    . . Dragon Scholar
    . . . . Nevynxxx: ?, ? ? Goblin Alchemist

    . . Dragon Scholar

    . . . . Nevynxxx: Ranzak Yonk, CG Female Goblin Alchemist


    So there's like 4 or 5 independent parties in this thread then?

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    Hello Joana,

    I'm going to withdraw my application for this Adventure Path. My 2E CRB is arriving today, and after reading all these creative character backstories, I realized I'm in a bit over my head without first taking some time to digest the rules and study lore. I'm not surprised at the amount of interest this post is receiving - you certainly won't have trouble putting together a party! Best of luck to you and the group.

    Pathfinder Companion, Maps Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
    Cuàn wrote:

    I do however have a question: How would you feel about a Champion of Nocticula, the Redeemer Queen?

    I'm asking purely because that would mean we'd have to come up with an anathema for her as she's not one of the deities printed in the Core Rulebook. Personally I'd say the first of Shelyn's two anathema's would be a good start.

    Having given it some thought, I would prefer not to homebrew anything for this game. I don't feel I have a firm enough grasp on either the mechanic of anathema (and thus, what is balanced with other options) or Nociticula's new niche in the pantheon. Right now, to me, she just feels like "Shelyn but edgy," an impression which doesn't protect either deity's portfolio and which poaching from Shelyn's options to fill in for Nocticula's only exacerbates.

    Sovereign Court

    Here's my full submission:
    Callinsil Ambuld
    Ancestry: Human (Half-elf)
    Background: Truth Seeker
    Class: NG Bard (Muse Enigma)

    Cal is in it for the story. Well, to be more precise, the truth of the story. The way he sees it, there is no way that a ragtag band of adventurers took on an ancient Thassilonian wizard-king or that a few years later another group somehow ascended to demigod status and fought demon lords. People must be exaggerating. The only way for Cal to know what really happens is to do everything he can to put himself in any adventure he can. And what better way to get embroiled in an adventure than to come to join the Call for Heroes?

    Writing Sample/Backstory:

    “I swear to you, fine sir, I am not the one responsible for your, er, current predicament,” Callinsil stammered. The half-elf took a step back from his would-be assailant. No sense in letting him get too close, he thought. And judging by the size of those arms, if he did get close, Cal might wake up with a few broken bones...if he woke up at all.

    “An’ I says that you are,” the big man said. He was a half-orc and just based on the muscles that strained against the threadbare shirt, the man clearly favored his orc heritage. “I saw you watchin’ me last night ‘n’ now I got the citywatch lookin’ fer me.”

    Callinsil held out an open palm while keeping the other tucked behind his back, “A simple misunderstanding, I promise.”

    “I’m sure!” the man snapped as he lunged forward to grab Cal’s other arm. “What’re you hiding?” He wrenched Cal’s arm and revealed a doll of elven man propped up on Cal's hand.

    The elf had intricately designed robes carved from the same wood as its body and its shoulder length hair was made from tightly spun, yellow yarn. In one hand the elf held a simple black wand and in the other he gripped a purple tome. The elven features on the doll's face forever gave a condescending smirk and seemed to peer down its pointed nose no matter which direction one looked at the figure.

    "Wh-what in Asmodeus' name is that?" the half-orc sputtered.

    "My name," the doll's mouth opened and a breathy voice ushered forth, "is Faieroneousises Aumouruthial Saleyorzwylyn, and I demand you return to whatever pile of sludge from out of which you crawled."

    The half-orc gawked at the doll. Then at Cal (who was once again taking several steps backward). Then back at the doll.

    Cal shrugged and nodded to the doll, "You should probably do what he says. Faieroneousises was powerful wizard in Kyonin and even though Treerazer turned him into...this, he can still cast a spell or two.”

    “I saw your lips movin’ when the puppet talked,” the big man said, composure returning to his voice.

    “Nonsense! I’ve all but perfected my craft!” Too late Cal realized his mistake. He stumbled backward desperate for a new plan. Cal lifted a shaking hand to point over the shoulder of the man. “Uh, what’s big, ugly, and covered in mud?”

    When the half-orc turned to see what Cal had been pointing toward, the half-elf snapped his whip at the legs of his attacker. The end of the braided leather tangled itself around the man’s ankles and Cal pulled the man’s feet from under the half-orc. Cal belted out a quick limerick as he did.

    “A half-orc once filled his purse
    By travelers who he did coerce.
    A noble lady was killed.
    Now someone else's purse will be filled."

    The puppet's voice finished, "As long as he comes home in a hearse.”

    The carved elf waved its wand and held the book before itself as Cal uttered a few magical syllables. Three beams of pure energy pelted the man in his chest causing the man to curse. The half-orc climbed to his feet and pulled a cruel looking dagger from his belt. Before the half-orc could close the gap again Cal lashed the whip across the brute’s brow. The force, combined with the magical blasts, was enough to knock the man unconscious.

    The breathy voice came again as Cal moved to tie up the criminal , “This beastly man said he saw your lips moving.”

    “He was bluffing.”

    “What would you prefer, Callinsil, that you are not as talented as you think you are or that this,” the wand hand motioned at the snoring half-orc, “thing outsmarted you? Hmm?”

    “Oh, be quiet for once, would you, Sal?” Cal said as he shoved the puppet into his pack.

    The muffled complaints of Faieroneousises Aumouruthial Saleyorzwylyn followed Cal as he dragged the big man through the city streets back.

    Joana wrote:
    Having given it some thought, I would prefer not to homebrew anything for this game. I don't feel I have a firm enough grasp on either the mechanic of anathema (and thus, what is balanced with other options) or Nociticula's new niche in the pantheon. Right now, to me, she just feels like "Shelyn but edgy," an impression which doesn't protect either deity's portfolio and which poaching from Shelyn's options to fill in for Nocticula's only exacerbates.

    Too bad but wholly understandable. I guess I'll just have to wait with that idea until the Gods & Magic book comes in January.

    For now I'll figure out another character.

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    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

    Joana, thanks for stepping forward to take the first crack at running this. I've been staring at my Hellknight Hill book refusing to open it in the hopes of getting into an early campaign.;-)

    Will be submitting:

    A: Human (Half-elf)
    B: Haunting Vision
    C: Sorcerer

    Full submission to come.

    My Submission:

    Name: Rodlen Beimaer

    Ancestry: Human (Half-Elf)

    Background: Reputation Seeker

    Class: Wizard

    Rodlen Beimaer, an orphan, is seeking attention about his arcane thesis, which he developed in his time at an orphanage.

    Ancestry: Half-elf
    Role: Skill-monkey, utility/support caster, mild combat, social stuff.

    Ezra Denver is effervescent and dilettantish. He claims that a human relative of his joined the Hellknights but cannot say which order. While he has no intention of joining them, Ezya would love to compose an epic about a suitably dark and brooding Hellknight hero. He loves doing research but his tendency to get distracted is slowing things down. For instance, Ezya can make magic! It came up entirely by accident but a lot of the esoteric he'd been perusing added up to telekineticslly throwing a pebble at a poor rat. But he is still very much focused on the Hellknight...
    ...actually Ezya has been figuring out how to handle an even curve blade. One would think it were just the same as a scimitar but no! He thought of asking his Elven great grandfather but they're not that close...
    ... He has been practicing paleography. People wrote so differently in the past! There are hand written texts which almost come across as another language entirely...
    ... Ezya always likes to quote how the Varisian words for 'home' and 'journey' are the same. He loves that! Home is what he can carry with him as he travels Golarion. Although, that old Hellknight castle might be nice to shack up in for a while...

    Full submission

    Name: Nauraki (Naura)
    Ancestry: Human (Half-elf)
    Background: Haunting Vision
    Class: Sorceress

    Naura first saw a dragon at age seven. Working the fields with her family, as she had day after day since she could walk. The shadow passed over her in a moment, and looking up, saw the sun glinting off its majestic copper form, wings seeming to stretch from horizon to horizon. Elevhemior, her father called it, and went on ploughing. Protector of the hills of northern Andoran. A friend to humans, even. No orc horde or evil demon would dare set foot in Elevhemior’s demesne, he said.

    Naura first spoke to a dragon at age eleven. By then, her power had begun to manifest. At the harvest festival, she had slapped Olthar, Meggin’s son, for lifting up her skirt, and by some strange magic had torn a chunk of flesh from his cheek. Olthar kept his distance after that, but so did all the other children. Playing alone in the woods behind the farm, a woman with lustrous copper hair came upon her. The woman touched her cheek, called her beautiful, and promised to look after her. After the woman was gone, Naura was, for the briefest moment, convinced the skin on her cheek felt just like a scale.

    Naura first mourned a dragon at age fifteen. Long before word made it to her village from the larger holdfasts and townships, she felt her body grow cold and a shadow settle on her soul. She knew then that the great Elevhemior had passed from this world. Had somehow been slain. And that the connection to the copper dragon she had felt all her life had fatefully and finally been severed.

    Naura first dreamed of a dragon at age sixteen. When she woke, screaming, she remembered nothing more than the feeling of flames consuming her body. The dreams came often thereafter. Always fire. Always pain. And beneath it, a dark, winged presence, like an evil reflection of Elevhemior.

    A poor farmer’s daughter, cursed with powers she could not explain and visions she feared with each night’s sleep, had little chance of finding answers in the hinterlands of Andoran. Leaving home, she sought answers in the cities, in the temples, in the quiet of the wilds. She learned to harness her powers, to seek solace in the light of Shelyn, to control her fear. And she learned a name that might hold the answers she sought - Dahak.

    But her latest dream was filled not with the visage of Dahak, but of a village in Isger, burning in the same flames she knew oh so well....

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