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Daniel Stewart:

What did you set your priorities at?

Also, it looks like you took a couple of qualities that are not in the main book:

College Education, Qabbalist Magician, Phobia

More specific feedback once I know on the priorities...

I have 28 skill points, and 2 free ranks in skill groups.

That'll get me the following ranks:

Con 4
Etiquette 3
Impersonation 3
Intimidation 3
Leadership 3
Negotiation 3
First Aid 2
Pilot Aircraft 1
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Pilot Watercraft 1
Sneaking 3
Perception 1

Athletics group 2
- Gymnastics
- Running
- Swimming

I also get a number of knowledge/language skill points equal to (int+log) x2, or in my case 16, which I put into the following skills:

Knowledge Skills:
Corporate Culture 2
20th music 4

English N
Japanese 3
Spanish 1
Sperethiel 3
Or'zet 3

Thanks for your consideration and have a great game folks!

I'm gonna make a sorcerer or wizard who sets thing on fire.

Oh, ya, I def. have job security. I won't say my job is recession proof or anything stupid like that but I am one of only a handful of people in my company that are on the support team, and right now the industry I support (real estate) is booming (it's a seriously good time to refi your house, if you've got a mortgage btw, cause according to some of the people I support, they suspect that interest rates are going to get down to 3% by late spring.

Step 3:

Step 3 is pretty easy for me. I am an Adept with a Magic of 6, thanks to my priority purchase.

I am taking the following adept powers:

Voice Control r4 -2 pp
Combat Sense r4 -2 pp
Danger Sense r4 -1 pp
Kinesics r4 -1 pp

Step 4:

Positive Qualities:
- Exceptional Attribute (Cha) -14
- Mentor Spirit (Eagle) -5
- Photographic Memory -6

Negative Qualities:
- Simsense Vertigo +5
- Incompetent (Close Combat) +5
- Allergy (Severe; Gold) +15

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Jereru wrote:
Vrog, the game is not a proper Gestalt. One of the Gestalt classes must come from the list SS gave in his post

It is, I just had fighter written for his class and missed fixing it to student of war.

I have not, but I tend not to pay attention to a ton of 3rd party stuff for any game in general.

Sorry, I'm still working (even though it's from home) and we've been more slammed than ever getting something like 6k users set up to work form home. This means I can only really post after work.

I'm writing his backstory, but here's the crunch for my submission:

Caiden Valsin:

CG Human Fighter 1 | Bard 1

str 16
dex 14
con 14
int 10
wis 10
cha 16

HP 13
AC: 18; T: 12; FF: 16 (10 base +2 dex +4 armor +2 shield)
BAB 1; CMB: +4; CMD: 16
Init +2

Fort +4
Ref +4
Will +2

Speed 30'

1) Longsword: +5 to hit; 1d8+3 damage; 19-20/x2 crit

Adventuring Skills:
Acrobatics r1 +6
Bluff r1 +7
Disable Device r1 +6
Intimidate r1 +9
Perception r1 +4
Sense Motive r1 +4
Stealth r1 +6

Background Skills:
Knowledge (History) r1 +5
Linguistics r1 +4


Bard Class Features:
*Archetype (Archeologist)
- Archeologist's Luck (x rnds/day; swift action; +2 luck bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls)

*Bardic Knowledge (+.5 bard level to knowledge skills and can make knowledge skills untrained)

Student of War Class Features:
*Know your Enemy (move action; study a visible foe and makes an appropriate knowledge check. +1 insight bonus to one of the following stances: Defense (AC and Saving Throws), Martial (Attack and Damage Rolls), Tactical Stance (CMB and CMD). Can change to a different stance as a move action. Lasts 1 minute/class level)

*Azlanti Scholar (+1 trait bonus to know: history, know: local, and UMD checks, and know: history is a class skill. additionally, gain Azlanti as a bonus language; campaign)

*Ambrus Valsin (+2 legacy bonus to intimidate and intimidate as a class skill)

*Fate's Favored (increase luck bonuses by +1; faith)

*Extra Performance
*Lingering Performance
*Weapon Focus (Longsword)

Spell DC: 13 +Spell Level
Spells/Day: -/2

*Cantrip: 4
- Dancing Lights
- Detect Magic
- Know Direction
- Prestidigitation

*First: 2
- Cure Light Wounds
- Heightened Awareness

Chain Shirt
Heavy Shield
Spell Component Pouch

yarp, still here...

I'm working on a fighter/(not sure yet) descendant of Ambrus Valsin.

Decimus Observet wrote:
@Vrog: any general advice on the rules? Any trap options to avoid for stealthy killers?

Certainly. While nothing is a "trap" option per se, I would avoid anything that requires a push. Stress is a fairly big deal to get rid of (after every score, it's a downtime action to TRY and get rid of stress.)

The other thing worth mentioning is that playing the game is much different than most other rpgs I have played: for example, there's no need to sit around planning how you're going to start your attack on your rival's HQ, or trying to figure out how to get out of a sticky situation. You can instead just ask for a flashback where you describe how you planned for this exact situation and set up something to be available to help things out.

Secondly, the players roll all the dice, and there is a conversation with the GM about most dice rolls; do you want to try to trade position (how much of an advantage you have in a situation) for effect (How well/good the thing was). There is a mechanic called a devil's bargain that can get you an extra die, but whatever the GM offers will occur whether or not the roll is successful (i.e. if you're in a fight, you can ask for a Devil's bargain to get an extra die to roll on an attack, he might say "succeed or fail, you end up making a lot more noise than intended, which increases the heat the group will take at the end of the mission". You can always choose whether or not to take the devil's bargain once offered).

Finally, the game is very sandboxy. Most of the time, players will set their own scores and then carry them out.

As far as type of crew goes, I like Assassins and Shadows, and I'm working on a Spider.

Thank you for running!

Thank you sir!

I'd be down to play ruins of azlant.

I'm obviously down.

If you need help with creating a character, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help.

You're right. Stupid Schemas. Sorry.

I like to play.

Storm Dragon wrote:
Not sure how this game does attributes you simply don't have.

If you're mundane, you don't actually have a magic attribute. Same thing with resonance.

I'm gonna make a unchained roag.

Good luck and have a great game!

Is this an open or close recruitment?

WhtKnt wrote:
I just did some research, and Blades in the Dark is not just another fantasy game. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with it, nor the $20 to spare to pick it up off of Drive-Thru RPG. If I can be nursemaided through it, I'm game to try.

It's designed to be similar to the Apocalypse World, in that your entire class is on your character sheet. The rules are fairly quick to pick up, too...

I usually set attributes to A, cause I like not having dump stats.

To answer the question about my role, I'm going to be a Face/Infiltrator.

Going to the next step:

Base Elf Stats:
BOD 1/6
AGI 2/7
REA 1/6
STR 1/6
WIL 1/6
LOG 1/6
INT 1/6
CHA 3/8
EDG 1/6

Elf Racial: Low-Light Vision

I get 2 points of Edge for free from my Race priority, and i am going to allocate the rest of my points thusly:

Bod: +4
Agi: +2
Rea: +2
Str: +2
Wil: +2
Log: +2
Int: +4
Cha: +5

Hanging onto 1 point at the moment for the next step.

This leaves my final attribute totals:


My one maxed stat is, obviously, Cha.

to paraphrase Bowling for Soup, even when it's a good day, let's kill some Goblins!

Good Luck indeed!

That's a great game Storm Dragon. I'm about 2/3rds the way through it.

The other shadowrun games from the same studio are also really good.

@Rizzenmagus: where in the world are we starting/being based out of? Seattle, or someplace else?

As for my backstory, I'm going to be playing a more experienced shadowrunner who paid almost all his money to afford leonization treatments (it basically resets your body to when you were a teenager/young adult).

A: Attributes (24)
B: Magic (Adept)
C: Skills (28/2)
D: Metatype (Elf)
E: Resources (6000Y)

1) Blades in the Dark
2) Dragon Age

I like the mechanics of both classes, and I find spheres of power to be a bit underwhelming, tbh.

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I have 3/5ths of my character built, using two superwierd 3.5 classes: Warlock and Shadowcaster.

That's some 200 IQ play right there =P

No worries. Thank you for your consideration.

@Jeruru: If we do go forward, I can get you a PDF of the main book and would be willing to answer questions you might have (it's a little complicated, but it's one of those things that, once you get it, you get it, if that makes any sense).

The problem I found was magi; as an example, scaling spell ranks.

In the original edition of the game, spells were purchased at a particular rank (so rank 1, 2, 3, and so on). You could just buy a higher rank (i.e. you could just buy a spell at rank 3 without buying ranks 1 and 2). There were alot of balancing factors that went into purchasing the more effective higher rank spells, including both legality and cost.

4th and later editions removed that entirely, allowing casters to put as much force into a spell as they wanted, while simultaneously making it as easy if not easier to resist drain (which is meant to be the counter to burning all spells all the time).

This means that (for every game I've played of those editions) the shadows were ruled by casters casting maxxed rank spells with little consequence.

Also, a physical adept, built correctly, can be a better marksman, pilot, decker, and and face than other archetypes built specifically for those roles. When I say that, I mean 1 adept can do all those roles at the same time.

More or less what I'm saying is, that the magic archetypes can pretty well run roughshod over the non mages, and it's easy to do it unintentionally.

Hence why I have some house rules I came up with to try and scale back magic users.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE shadowrun. It's the most reasonable explanation of what would happen if you took adventurers out of a dungeon setting and played them in a near future run, at least in my opinion. I just want to let riggers, deckers, and street sams have some fun =)

Okay, I'm made double digit characters at this point, and I can't be satisfied with making a bruiser melee build.

So, I'm switching to caster. Are we allowed to take 3.5 classes like we were in the Numenaria game?

I'm down for some Shadowrun shenanigans.

I'm also fairly familiar with 5th edition (although I would point out that there is a 6th edition now =P ). As someone who's GM'ed 5th, I have a couple of suggestions to make to balance out casters a bit, which I'm more than happy to DM you.

Dragon age is also on the PC. You're welcome =)

I'm kinda of two minds about the virus: it's going to be simultaneously worse and not as bad as people think.

It'll be worse because of people. If people were smart, they wouldn't be doing last minute hoarding, and getting supplies would be basically the same as it was before. People are dealing with it for now, but I know that even the best parents will likely be sick of their kids before everything is said and done, and with more people out of work and not able to make money, it's adding more pressure to what can be a legitimately scary scenario to begin with.

It'll be better because I've been watching the data (thanks Johns Hopkins!) in more or less real time, and the actual number of people who are dying from the virus seem to be lower than the 3.4ish % number that is being thrownaround (which, for the record, and I know that this has been mentioned, influenza is a much deadlier virus).

We've been talking about the data we're seeing in our group chat (almost our entire office is WFH now, with only a couple of people who have to image laptops for the people we support to be able to WFH) and trying to make predictions about when we think this will blow over.

My guess (take with a grain of salt, as I'm an amateur virologist at best) is most likely june/july. I know there are a ton of companies trying to make an Vaccine for the virus, and I've heard rumors that there are some serious amounts of cash being thrown around, but making a vaccine takes time.

Hence, I'm expecting summer to be the turning point.

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Black Dow wrote:
RoleMaster Chartmaster...

Fixed that for ya! ;D

In all seriousness, it looks like Blades in the Dark and Numenanera are tied for first, with Alternity, Dragon Age, and Twilight 2000 being the nearest runners up.

I'm putting the posts together and removing the gameplay stuff, then I'll organize everything by date to make it one continuous story, and I'll post a link for everyone to grab from when I'm done.

What classes do you currently have?

Okay, so I finished up my submission. Here ye go:


Quint had started as a fairly normal young man. His parents are tradesmen (his mother a brewer and his father a stone mason). They raised him well, taught him right from wrong, and that just because you have strength, it doesn't mean it's okay to use it.

When Quint's talents first manifested, his parents apprenticed him to the local academy of magic, which was sponsored by the church of Nethys.

It was on his first day at the school that Quint saw The Book.

When he walked into the mansion that served as both school and dorm, he was immediately drawn to a door off to the left of the grand stairs. When he drifted away from the group, no one seemed to notice at first.

Quietly, and with a reverence he didn't understand, Quint opened the door to what turned out to be a fully stocked library.

In one of the alcoves that surrounded the room that took up too floors in an open-air plan sat an ancient book under glass.

Quint would have taken the book that day had the librarian not stopped him.

When the man put his hand on Quint's wrist, it was like a bubble popped, and suddenly time, light, and noise came rushing back into Quint's senses, overwhelming him.

When he was questioned later, he could not explain why he had gone to the library, or even why he knew where it was.

Years passed, but the book was never far from his mind.

Unlike many such academies, the students of this school were encouraged to interact with the people of the town the school was located in.

It was there Quint made a friend.

He would share everything with his friend, and whenever the topic of the book came up, Quint's friend would tell him to just take it, read it, then put it back. At first he resisted the suggestion, but over time he resisted less and less, until the night he left the academy.

Having memorized the librarian's patterns, he knew the man would be in bed. Quinted waited an extra hour before creeping down the stairs and into the library.

As before, he stood in front of the glass case. As before, he reached for it. This time, however, nothing impeded him.

The book was his.

Moving to one of the tables, he quickly opened the book (there was a lock on the side, but fortunately it was unlocked!)

As Quint flipped to the first page, he saw a tightly written runic script that he did not understand. When he reached turn the page, once he touched it the writing flowed off the page, and onto Quint's skin.

Then the whispers began.

The whispers poured knowledge into his mind. Some of it he had learned about in school, but the knowledge he gained also gave him perspective.

He saw truths of the Azlanti, the Thassilonian, The teachings of Old-Mage Jatembe. A thousand other mages before him. Quint took it all, until he was filled to the brim.

The librarian found Quint passed out in the library in the morning, the book completely blank. Quint was unconscious for over a week before he finally came to.

The headmaster had questions. Quint had answers; alot of answers. Quint had gained a great deal of knowledge, but the young man he was had ceased to be.

Quint left the school quietly several days later, taking only his meager possessions...and the book.

He had a vision of a new source of power. something located in the River Kingdoms. Something old.

So, Quint walked. It took him years, but he walked.

By the time he had arrived at the brand new kingdom of Yggsdreth, the power he had came for was gone. There was, however, residual power here to be gained here. So, What was once Quint offered his services in exchange for the resources necessary for his research.

Blades in the Dark *is* amazing.

Blades in the Dark gets my vote. It's a stellar system.

AFAIK, Cobra Kai got it's idea from This.

Okay, after kicking the thought tires, if you will, I landed on going Wizard instead of Cleric. I am still writing his backstory, but his relic has changed to a spellbook that he...ahem...borrowed from his relationship.

The Wyrm Ouroboros wrote:
Curiosity is my bane!! What ate you trying to do, and what have you tried so far??

I'm trying to get a class build the fits what my brain sees as a low armor/no armor gladiator. It doesn't help that I can't decide between two-handing, sword and board, and dual wielding.

It's like that thing where you know you want to eat something specific, but you can't say what it is; you just know as soon as someone suggests it that it's what you want.

Okay I think I have my backstory starting to come together. Instead of rerolling one of my background rolls, could I reroll the Fiend on my relic roll? It's the one piece I can't get to fit into my story: basically he's going to be a cleric of Nethys (with likely mc into either Runescarred or Wizard) who found something in the hidden vaults that was calling to him (the influential person in his background pushed him to go get it).

It turned out to be a ring with a holy symbol of Nethys set in the face.

Assuming that it's allowed, here's my reroll:

Relic: 1d12 ⇒ 9
Relic: 1d12 ⇒ 4 Death

Just another update: I have my character about halfway done (basically everything but the classes) but I'm getting stuck on classes. I've built it out several times at this point, but nothing meets what I'm trying to build correctly and keeps that DarkSun vibe.

Start with Human
Family Background: 1d100 ⇒ 42 2 siblings (int and wis boost options)
Homeland: 1d20 ⇒ 1 Underground (mining town; Engineering Lore, Labor Lore, and Mining Lore added to options)
Major Childhood Event: 1d20 ⇒ 3 Attained a magical gift (add Arcane Sense to options)
Influencial Associate: 1d20 ⇒ 18 The Seer (add wis boost option)
Inspiring Relationship: 1d12 ⇒ 10 Religious Students (add Student of the Canon to options)
Challenging Relationship: 1d12 ⇒ 10 Slander (add Charming Liar to options)
Relic: 1d12 ⇒ 91d12 ⇒ 6 Fiend, Mind

Not sure on class at the moment.

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