Player Looking To Be Recruited For Role-play Heavy Pathfinder 2e Play By Post Game


With the coming of Pathfinder 2e, I'm in the market for a new game. I'd love to join a new Play By Post game with some like-minded players and explore this new 2nd edition system's ins and outs.

A little about me and what I'm after:

I love the mechanics of Pathfinder and enjoy working with others to solve challenge. I take a lot of pride in learning the systems and being an active, supportive player. I'm free to post regularly if not daily and am eager to dig into 2nd edition. I've put together a 1st level 2e Ranger, thought I'd kinda like to start off a little higher level if everyone agrees.

I also love the roleplaying and storytelling aspects that are somewhat unique to Play By Post games. I'm something of a storyteller and appreciate crafting stories and characters and moments along with other players. To that end, I'd love to play a 2e version my existing 1e character Sparks Clearpath.


Though she has the look of a human girl in her late teens or early twenties, one hundred year old Sparks Clearpath's pointed ears, long white hair, and unusual dark eyes, with their bright flakes of orange and red, easily mark her as an elven maiden. As such, she is both slightly taller and slightly thinner than a human of equal apparent age, though a closer look would reveal that she is not unaccustomed to lengthy foot travel nor hard work. Humans almost naturally tend to see her as beautiful or elegant; her own kind, however, would not think her much more than average by their standards.

Sparks' longbow is so often with her that it too is almost a part of her appearance. Its hard, angular shape, save for the rounded wrapped grip near its center, strikes a unique silhouette whether it is across her back or in her hand. Accentuating the bow's unique design is a detailed painting of a long green and brown viper, coiling up the weapon's length.

Sparks is practical, resourceful, and has a big heart. At the same time, she is also a bit sheltered, having mostly lived disconnected in a forest with just her immediate family, has a phobia of fire she is still trying to overcome thanks to a tragedy she and her family suffered several years ago, and while she is helpful, she is also on a mission to earn enough coin or favor to finally repay the great debt she owe her injured mother who very gave up her own life in order to save Sparks' during said fire-related tragedy.

For more on Sparks, feel free to check out the short lived PBP game I got to play with her here and my series of short story pieces with her at my website.

I realize it's a bit early yet to be looking for Pathfinder 2e play by post games, but I thought it might be good to throw my name out there early as more people being to explore setting up new 2e games. So, if you're a GM or a player group looking for a helpful, active, storyteller of a player, please keep my name in mind.

(And, if by chance I've posted this in the wrong place or if there's a better way for me to go looking for the kind of group I'm after, please let me know that too!)

While I can't really tell you if you're wrong or right about posting this here - I believe there's a sticky thread for folks looking for games - but what I can tell you is that there are 3 2e games that are recruiting right now.

This one

This one


This one

Good luck, bud!

Awesome! Thanks for pointing those games out. I applied to a couple of them as they seemed almost exactly what I was looking for. :)

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