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Noice :) - I'll progress the concept a bit more then. I'm casting him in the vein of 'big fun' and 'large ham'.

Apologies for being a bit out of circulation over the last week - we lost a team member from work, so it's taken some adjustment and mental reconciliation.

I'll go with Mark's vote on Lil's fate - which is for her to escape at some point and become a recurring theme in our future. She serves for a decent antagonist in the shadows, and gives a counterpoint to the games to come.

As for what to play moving forwards - I'm easy. I'd be happy to take up the healeresque role if needed, or could take a skills / combat route as well. Even happy to be Mr Beefcake in the front line if desired :)

So Javell - roll with what you feel like and I'll flow round the edges :)

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A quick message to confirm that I still exist - work has been debilitating-ly busy (not that it's an excuse) and I have been exceptionally lax. I'll show up in thread in the next hour or so and will give myself a percussive back of the head wake up call tap to be more consistent in engagement moving forrads.

A quick message to confirm that I still exist - work has been debilitating-ly busy (not that it's an excuse) and I have been exceptionally lax. I'll show up in thread in the next hour or so and will give myself a percussive back of the head wake up call tap to be more consistent in engagement moving forrads.

A quick message to confirm that I still exist - work has been debilitating-ly busy (not that it's an excuse) and I have been exceptionally lax. I'll show up in thread in the next hour or so and will give myself a percussive back of the head wake up call tap to be more consistent in engagement moving forrads.

Condolences from this part of down under as well Ever_Anon.

-.. --- -

You are correct - I'm specifically choosing to Delay (and not Ready) and take my full turn after the turn of the first overt threat coming into view.

Block initiative is indeed quicker - though I can understand Joana's reservations given the amount of interactivity in PF2 where crit successes / failures can have a more tangible impact on options.

A half-measure might be to permit posting in block initiative out of sequence... and then seeking clarification if actions become invalidated or options fundamentally change. Each of us can be a bit more open to alternative actions when relevant as well.

Which I suppose is a fancy way of shrugging my shoulders and saying I'll go with the majority :P

Hand raised in steampunky interest :)

I'll need to drag out the books and brush off the dust, but parroting above the setting's been a real appeal for me. Personal inclinations lean t'wards the glorious nation of Khador... but can be convinced in any direction.

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Master Pett knows when his eldritch name has been invoked...

As an aside... just a tad of interest in your recruitment eh Joana? - just putting out a marker that while I would be honored to be picked, I could equally understand if you choose to try for greener grass.

ūnus) Halfling
duo) Local Scion
trēs) Rogue

Gethric Orted is a baker's son, a baker's grandson and a baker's great-grand-son. The Orted's have long held regard in Breachill, supplying sourdough and sweet comestibles to the Cayden's Keg. Having tended dough for most of his life, stories of adventure and derring-do enjoyed over rye bread, cheese and kvass have sparked a wanderlust within him.

To the grumblings of his most respectable father, he has tightened belt over his modest girth, tucked his filcher's fork to one side and strode forth to answer the call.

A waved hand raised in greeting followed by a furrowed brow in trepidation and thought. I also share an interest in seeing exactly how the ways and wherefores of 2nd edition play out in the PbP space.

For my first foray I'd fall back to my own warm and secure place - and promote a:

ūnus) Halfling
duo) TBC
trēs) Rogue

My initial malformed thought is of a chef at training with delusions of grandeur that seeks to skewer something more lively than fungi with his filcher's fork.

Will fill out his form later tonight when one has time for rumination.

I think its definitely going to take a bit of trust and rhythm on the reaction side. Theater of the mind combat makes that even muddier unfortunately as well.

I share the Ooh shiny feels as well...

So... 2nd Edition... what are peoples thoughts?

My knee-jerk review is that I like the changes, but need to draw it out a bit more in a PDF rather than just on Archives of Nethys.

My itchy DM feet are starting to get scratchy again too...

-.. --- -

A marker placed for ponderment and consideration.

Oh and have had said system for over 12 months now too

Our switch is still rocking with no problems and I can hands down recommend. We take it out and about to keep kids occupied at times and it works great hooked up to a tv as well.

Not sure whats up with her friends... but ours has survived the tender ministrations of a 6, 9 and 37 year old :P

Zelda, Mario Odessey, Rabbids and Mario Kart are all top shelf Nintendo gaming. Pokemon and Smash Bros is coming too! Can even get Skyrim on it

Hey BD - as you will have noticed... I've been criminally absent for a long period of time. Moving and lack of laptop access and holidays and new job and whatnot. It ain't fair on the rest of you lads to be a rattus in absentia, so probably best for this campaign that I fade into the mangy and protein bar shaped background.

Has been appreciated and enjoyable, still think Starfinder looks da shnizzle... and disappointed that I won't be able to shank more peeps with cheek shivs... but best for all that I don't weigh down the starship.

Sesquipedalian loquaciousness is always an aspirational goal...

Waves to CharlesJ - aye, you're about right with the Sense Motive.

He'll take on the persona as his own. Will be his own (real) first name, and just tack on the other behind it.

And aye BD - running Outlaw theme. I'll bodge together the stuff into a uniform ish character sheet soonish.

Some Shopping:
Battleglove, cestus = 100
Knife, survival = 95

Semi-auto pistol, tactical = 260

Stationwear, flight suit = 95

3 x Frag Grenade I - 3 x 35 = 105
2 x Smoke Grenade - 2 x 40 = 80

Rounds, small arm (30) = 40

Space suit = 25

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Assuming the rat-bastard is a Mechanic I'd lean towards an Exocortex driven scavenger. Prone to keeping grenades and knives in his voluminous cheek pouches.

Initial thought is to have him hijack a transmission from Duravor to an off-station associate. Delete it, pose as the 'son' of the transmission target and use it as a means of elevating himself out of the hardscrabble he's currently in.

Saluting. Will get to it tonight after the bairns are down. Will either do a rat bastard, or if Cap'n wants the Mechanic I may go Soldier...

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I has it.... all mine... my preciousss...

Do you like it grim, gritty and dark? - if so, might I suggest the comforting confines of The Blight?

Something like Horror in the Sinks?

Safely in Sydney... but still sorting out interwebs collywobbles.

Safely in Sydney... but still sorting out interwebs collywobbles

Safely in Sydney... but still sorting out interwebs collywobbles.

-.. --- -

Google is your friend:
GMP Miniatures
Blue Table Painting

There are a lot more out there - those are just the top couple that came up on google when searching for miniature painting service.

I would re-suggest using your local gaming shop if possible as well. Put up a flyer and you'd probably be able to find someone happy to do it on a payment or a product-in-lieu-of-payment basis.

Mark of interest to investigate.

After due consideration and with the wealth of other interest I figure I won't be missed... and am therefore pulling myself out of contention.

Good luck to every and all others.

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Bloody Jack is a beautifully brutal and evocative introduction into the setting. The redacted and the bit with the redacted... oh and the denouement where the redacted, redacted at the redacted.

Consider the whistle well wet and salivating for the rest of the goodies.

Waves - reaffirming my intent to submit a Tortured Crusader Paladin (archetype is from Horror Adventures). He won't be a fine or mighty dwarf, instead being somewhat of a broken Stoic.

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Abadar is the most Vulcan.

I'll toss in an interest chit - specifically for the dwarven side of the equation (hankering to run a Tortured Crusader Paladin).

I do have some exposure to the AP on the GM side of the screen and even ran part of it on the boards here - but it was long enough ago that I've legitimately forgotten most of it anyway :P

Jesse Heinig wrote:
What is the "troubled history" of this AP? Players who are aware of it could certainly work to help get around it.

Basically that it hasn't been finished and doesn't look like it's going to be in the foreseeable future. Some of the content has been release (either 2 or 3 volumes) but the tail end of the campaign will potentially be homebrew - which the GM has indicated he's comfortable running with.

Respectfully and with well wishes then I shall withdraw my interest.

Interested... but only if there is no Commissar involved.

I just find that the disparity in assumed power between a rank and file soldier - and the 'beyond reproach, cannot be questioned, fully within his rights to shoot you in the head' Commissar to be too much.

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The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as of some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me. God, that hand! The window! The window!

Apologies for being a bit late getting in on this (though in my defence I was floating around offshore on an oil rig for the last two weeks).

I was a backer for both of the Artisan Dice kickstarters - the original d6 edition as well as the polyhedral, plus I've ordered a couple of sets separately. Here's my TL/DR recommendation if you're thinking of ordering from them... don't.

Crap photo of my dice
Artisan dice are the second row - top are standard, and bottom two are ceramic

For Length:
The three poly sets that I ordered and received (Purple Heart, Lignum Vitae, and a Rainbow set) are nice as a novelty, but they do have some issues. Mis-centered numbers and readability issues are the higher order, and the D4 specifically 'feels' a bit undersized and delicate. I think they'd hold up quite well to general play (covered table, or a Wyrmwood dice tower, or the like) but 'may' suffer if you're someone who often sends dice flying off the table onto hard floor or the like.

The d6s I received earlier are better - with only minor blemish issues. Some of them I like alot (my Holm oak set, plus a set of 4 x liars dice I got originally), and they hold up well to play and rolling.

The hand feel of wood dice can vary quite a lot as well - denser woods feel more 'sturdy' while others are lighter than plastics.

The other elephant in the room is that in all honesty they don't offer good service. Their first kickstarter over promised and under-delivered after many delays. Their second is worse... significantly so. I've personally written off the $300 ish I've put in as a loss, as I just don't see them following through on some of the work. Their KS comment / update section portrays the full story - but it's a very very long read with a massive tail end of vitriol.

Their online order is a minimum 6-8 weeks delay, though you're likely looking at longer.
Relevant reddit discussions are here

That said - some of their work is good - the signature sets they put up on the last KS were really well done. But I would only buy complete sets - that are physically in front of you at the time. That way you can get the important 'hand feel'- plus you get instant payoff for your investiture. I believe they will be at GenCon?

I don't believe anyone else is doing wooden poly sets though. There are some other cool poly dice out there - like:
Prism dice - though not yet received in hand.
Gemstone dice - really nice... though wouldn't cope with dropping off the table. Also numbers are applied rather than engraved.

Unfortunately my favorite set is from a company that I don't think is operating any more: Black Rock Relics - which are ceramic dice. Beautifully done, sharp edges and tough as nails.

If you want to get your wood on though - I'd heartily recommend the fine folks at Wyrmwood for pimped out accessories - maybe one day they'll branch out onto dice...

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Been there and done that previously with a poisoner gnome Bard that used illusions for stage effects and his flute doubled as a blowgun.

Would be interested to tag along, but don't have the time right now to commit to details (I am working offshore on an oil rig for the next couple of months).

So here's a dot, hope you rock on... and maybe hire a roadie / session musician at a later stage.

NSFW due to language - but these are well worth a watch and chuckle.

The summary blurb from IMDB:
Fed up with the Magical Realm's obsession with large-scale fantasy warfare, Jack the Wizard decides to migrate to the sanest place he can think of: Melbourne's Western suburbs. After accidentally causing Flinders Street Station to turn ever so slightly into a giant Fish monster, his existence (and that of his fellow magical immigrants) is revealed to the Australian public. Fearing a backlash against himself and his kind, Jack swears off using magic in a bid to better assimilate into human life. But of course, fitting in was never going to be easy when people tend to get a bit 'explode-y' whenever you sneeze...

With re-spect and re-gret I'll withdraw my dot. Won't be in an adequate and appropriate headspace to put together a character I'll be happy with.

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Við hleifi mic seldo ne viþ hornigi,
nysta ec niþr,
nam ec vp rvnar,
opandi nam,
fell ec aptr þaðan.

Or... you know... dot :)


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SmiloDan wrote:
I just finished reading The Aeronaut's Windlass and the cat character Rowl is extremely racist against humans, and it makes him really annoying. I think he's supposed to be kind of cool, but because he's always acting stuck up, and totally discounting everyone else (even other cats, so I guess he's also a misfelid) but it makes him dumb. And he's supposed to be clever, quick, intuitive, and tough.

*Raises eyebrow* - that isn't so much racism as it is Blue and Orange Morality. I had no issues whatsoever with the manner in which Rowl was presented.

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Congratulations to ol' Blighty... and heartfelt commiserations to all of us as we'll play witness to her birthing.

Now that the funding is done, now begins the long cold night before dawning twilight throws light upon her beauty... can't wait!

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Stepping into hostile territory here... but the Punisher has a great deal of potential if done right, and forms an important part of the moral world of superhero-ing.

Done right he is not a 'common thug' or just someone who likes 'murdering criminals'... he's an extension of moral absolutism given literal flesh. The unwavering belief that people who cross the line deserve to be 'punished' and an unwillingness to compromise regardless the circumstances.

The contrast of that against a more morally grounded character like Daredevil has the nugget of a great empathic piece within it. Whether Punisher works as a standalone series is another thing entirely though.

ShinHakkaider - the reasons you quote for liking the Operative from Serenity is an example of a Punisher style character done right.

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