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Another question about an oddball race: Would you be ok with a Skinwalker? To be precise I'd be looking at one of the Raptorkin Skinwalkers as originally printed in one of the Iron Fang Invasion AP bestiaries.

The idea would be to have him as a Shrike related Raptorkin, the normal behaviour of that bird matching my character's behaviour in collecting macabre trophies.

I'd very much like to join as well.

I'd be looking at making a Psychodermist Occultist, assuming that would fit.

The idea for him is to be Bokken's nephew (what, uncle Bokken never mentioned his baby sister? You'd expect better seeing how mother dotes on him) and he regularly visits him to trade harvested parts for alchemical products.

That character himself would initially appear to be a bit of a creep, dissecting and harvesting everything he can get his hands on, but he's likeable and friendly and a great source of knowledge on the flora and fauna of the area.
Mechanically I'd be looking at a melee build to help out on that front a bit in addition to providing spellcasting. He'd focus on whatever is needed implement/magic school wise, though he'll just at least have transmutation as that's more or less a must.

EDIT: I forgot to add, he'll also be a crafter. I intend for him to at least get Craft Magic Arms & Armour but possibly also Wondrous Item and, if that works out for the game, Construct.

I'd also be interested in joining.

I'm working on a Samsaran Divine Paragon Cleric of Tsukiyo. The basic idea is that she hails from distant Tianjing in the Dragon Empires and has been sent to Mendev as an emissary and to request aid from the crusaders. Her homeland is once more dealing with Abyssal incursions from Qlippoth and she was sent to learn from the experience the crusaders have with turning back Abyssal forces.
Upon arrival she immediately realised that the threat of the Worldwound was a lot more immediate than the threat back home and she decided to stay and help.

Her history beyond that and how she became as powerful as she is is something I'm still working on. It at least involves closing a gate to Leng while crossing the Crown of the World and a visit to her deities home realm in Heaven where she conversed with his herald.

I couldn't get my head around a fun character based on the concept I mentioned earlier and as such am putting that one on hold. Instead I'd like to offer this character for your consideration.

Name Giuliana Tabari
Race Human(Half-Elf)
Class Barbarian(Animal Instinct) with Monk dedication
Background Returning Descendant
Alignment Neutral

Many years ago Giuliana's grandfather lived in Breachill. He was one of the many adventurers that helped keep the town safe back then. After many successful adventures he considered himself to have outgrown Breachill and decided to seek his fortune elsewhere.
After many successful and equally many less successful adventures he ended up in what was then the Chelish colony of Sargava. After a few more years of adventuring he settled down there together with the Ekujae(jungle Elf) woman who had served as his guide in the past and whom he had fallen in love with. While he initially was content, living with his wife and three children he eventually discovered that she was not the love of his life after all. Adventure was. So he left his family, abandoning them in the night to never be seen again. Giuliana's father was only 6 years old at the time.
Shunned by her own people for choice to marry a human, Giuliana's grandmother moved to one the many Half Elven villages in the Mwangi Expanse, together with her children.

There Giuliana's father, the son of the man from Breachill, grew up and met the woman that would in time become Giuliana's mother. Once they were old enough to look for work they moved back to Sargava together to work in the same line of business as his mother had, a guide for the colonists. After Giuliana was born she was clearly marked as an outsider within the Half Elf community as a result of her bright red hair, a sign of her Chelish ancestry. This, combined with a general unwillingness to leave their child behind, was the reason Giuliana's parents chose to bring her along though this was not without danger.
Never was that danger more obvious than when she was stolen during a skirmish with some Charau-Ka. Immediately a rescue mission was started and managed to arrive just in time to save her from being sacrificed to Angazhan, the Charau'Ka's demonic patron. Yet all was not well as the Charau-Ka priest cursed Giuliana with his dying breath, dedicating her to his demon lord.

For many years it looked as if the curse had had no effect but when Giuliana hit puberty she started suffering from bouts of rage combined with blackouts. With help from local shaman and priests she managed to attain a measure of control over her fits of rage and she no longer blacked out. It however appeared the curse would not be contained and the more control she gained the worse her rages became when they did happen.

Afraid she'd hurt her friends and family Giuliana left. The fact Sargava freed itself from Chelish rule and became Vidrian only made the choice easier as all those that had helped the colonists in the past were looked upon unfavourably and that also extended to their children.
So Giuliana left and she headed for the only place away from home that she knew: Breachil, the town her grandfather came from.

Why adventuring?:
Giuliana sees no other options. She never learned a trade and does not trust herself to be calm enough to work as a guard. She does know how to fight though and so adventure seems a logical choice.

Character role in and out of combat:
In combat Giuliana is very much an in your face kind of fighter using her unarmed attacks to beat up enemies. She'll supplement this by offering some battlefield control in the form of grappling and other manoeuvres.

Out of combat she'll be a scout and a tracker. In addition she'll have knowledge of both the natural world and the treating of wounds

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I'd very much be interested in joining this game.

I'm still working on the character but I'm thinking of a town watch recruit loosely inspired by Carrot Ironfounderson from the Discworld series. In short, he'd be big, strong, heart of gold, and not quite as stupid and naive as he appears.

Here is my submission. The character is a follower of Great Mother Spider though she sees her more as a storybook hero than as a goddess.

A Gnome
B Reputation Seeker
C Druid (Animal Order)

Breachill was boring for a young Gnome, or for an older Gnome for that matter.That became apparently painfully apparent to Tiji after he parents ditched her with a family friend named Fadelby Vusker(as found in the player's guide). While Fadelby was reliable and kind he was also rather boring. The good part though was that as a wainwright he'd have many travellers coming to his stores and most of them were eager to tell stories of their travels to someone who'd actually hang from their lips.

It were these stories that eventually made Tiji decide to leave Breachill for now matter how good they were actually experiencing something like that would be even better. And then she could come back to Breachill and tell her story to some other eager child.
It was one particular story that informed the destination of Tiji's travel. A merchant proudly told her about how a temporary guard he had hired had turned out to be one of the Red Mantis Assassins using that job as a cover. Of course no one believed him, the Red Mantis were expected to know better than be found out, but Tiji ate it all up and from that moment she wanted to join the Red Mantis. The description of the outfit sounded cool, as did wielding those nasty swords and above all, they got to see the world. So after doing a little further research into where the Red Mantis were from Tiji made the long journey to Mediogalti Isle.

Suffice to say things weren't as she had hoped. The travel was exciting but also harsh. Once someone confused her for an escaped Halfling slave and tried to capture her only to quickly drop her when it was discovered she was a Gnome, and without any word of apology!
The Isle itself wasn't much better. There were pirates all over the main city and the assassins turned out to be everything but glamorous and none were actually interested in a little Gnome. Eventually she fell in with some kindly old Mwangi ladies who spend their days out on their porches doing all kinds of textile work and all wore lovely, brightly coloured shawls somewhere about their person. They taught Tiji how to knit and weave and make rugs and they told her many stories about a goddess they called Nana Anadi or Grandmother Spider. Apparently she was the little sister of Achaekek, the god the the Red Mantis worshipped, and because they were her priestesses they claimed Mediogalti was one of the safest places they could be in.

It wasn't that safe for little Gnomes though as Tiji discovered while out shopping for yarn in the early morning. Some drunk pirates had gotten it into their heads that the world was to blame for their ill luck and lashed out at the first person they found. It was through sheer luck that Tiji managed to evade a swipe with a cutlass. Then she ran for it while the pirates gave chase. Tiji ran and ran, paying little attention to other people or to the fact that she eventually left the city limits behind her. Nor did she notice in time that the ground she tried to step on was not there and she tumbled down from the road and into the jungle that covers almost the entire Isle.

Unable to climb back up the small cliff she had fallen from, Tiji tried to find her way around and in doing so only managed to land herself deeper in the jungle. While the first day or two were mostly marked by hiding and trying very hard not to be found by whatever made all those loud noises during the night she then shifted to a sort of survival mode. Out of necessity mostly as the hunger started to take it's toll. To her own surprise she found she could adapt to her new world pretty quickly, if she'd just put her back in it. Before long she had made herself a little hut and gathered enough food to last her a few days. Or so she thought as the next day she found the stash of eggs she had carefully collected from the nests of different birds had been burgled. When she managed to follow the trace of eggshell shards and yolk that the thief had left behind she found what she originally thought was some big bird, with it's many coloured feathers, but it turned out be some sort of juvenile, well, something. Tiji instantly took pity on it as it was clearly emaciated and hungry. So instead of chasing it off Tiji started to help the creature fed. As the creature recovered it in turn started helping Tiji and the two quickly developed a fast friendship.

The next step would be for the both of them to get out the jungle, something that only took Tiji a day with the help of her new friend, and then leaving the isle to get back to her hometown. Together they stowed away on a ship headed for Egorian in Cheliax and despite everything the travels were smooth. Perhaps it was the sight of a weird, feathered lizard with razor sharp teeth and a machete for a toenail that scared the bandits.

By the time the AP starts Tiji has been back in Breachill for five days and has spent most of that time hearing what had happened in town and sharing her own stories. When the call for adventurers came Tiji could hardly contain herself. Had she brought some excitement with her from abroad?

Joana wrote:
Having given it some thought, I would prefer not to homebrew anything for this game. I don't feel I have a firm enough grasp on either the mechanic of anathema (and thus, what is balanced with other options) or Nociticula's new niche in the pantheon. Right now, to me, she just feels like "Shelyn but edgy," an impression which doesn't protect either deity's portfolio and which poaching from Shelyn's options to fill in for Nocticula's only exacerbates.

Too bad but wholly understandable. I guess I'll just have to wait with that idea until the Gods & Magic book comes in January.

For now I'll figure out another character.

I'd very much love to join.

I do however have a question: How would you feel about a Champion of Nocticula, the Redeemer Queen?
I'm asking purely because that would mean we'd have to come up with an anathema for her as she's not one of the deities printed in the Core Rulebook. Personally I'd say the first of Shelyn's two anathema's would be a good start.

I'd love to play 2e and this AP. So far I'm looking at making a Druid and it'll be either a Gnome or a Goblin. The former would start as an animal hugger while the latter would start out throwing lightning.

I'd love to play 2e and go through the AP. I've only browsed the prd so far but I really like what I'm seeing.

As far as character goes I'd be looking at either a Druid or a Ranger, or maybe something else with the dedication for either of those.

This sounds very interesting. A question first though: would you also be ok with a kitsune? Those can after all be born from the union between a human and a kitsune.

I'd love to join this.

As it stands I'm looking at either a Ganzi character who is one half Shifter using the Adaptive Shifter archetype, though not sure yet on the other. The basic idea behind the character is that he's in all this for the fun of it. He started on this track just because he could but now has found it all turned out to be too destructive and 'un-fun' so he wants to correct things.After all, even the crazy have honor.

The other idea would take a bit of story waving from your end but I do like it more. The basis would be a Duskwalker and a Slayer, still working on the other end but I know It'll be a caster.
The story waving comes from the following part: Instead of awakening in the Briarstone Asylum my character actually died there. Yet instead of being allowed to move on, the forces of the Boneyard saw fit to send him back as a Duskwalker to fix what he broke. Like the others, he doesn't quite know what it is he broke. (it would not interfere with any memory events in the AP since it's basically the same soul in a new body)

For the GM as it's spoilery for the first part of the AP:
I already played the dream sequence at the start once. This character would actually die during it, instead of awakening. This could be used to further drive home the direness of the situation. During the sequence I'd play him as a member of his original race.

I'll be bowing out. Can't properly settle on a single character that I'm both mechanically and conceptually happy with.

Good luck guys, enjoy.

After a little more thought about my character I have another question: Would you allow a non human Aasimar/Tiefling?
I'm thinking Halfling born, so it would be small.

A question: Would you allow Combat Stamina and would Fighters get it free?

Looks like Nessie and Basil could actually bond over their personal history, or clash over how they approach live. While he didn't grow up in obscene wealth, it was the world he lived in due to the status of his parents. They both seek to break free from that live yet the ways they do so are vastly different.

As for Basil himself, he a bit of an oddball. He speaks his mind, often without consideration of what others feel or think. As such people consider him blunt or sometimes even nasty. He doesn't care. If people can't handle the truth that's their own problem.
He does try to spare people's feelings sometimes, if he cares about them, but those situations always feel awkward.
He has found though that being in the US people are less annoyed by behaviour to a greater degree than back home. Something about speaking the Queen's English makes people brush off his actions as being 'something European'.

@DM, what would be a suitable starting rolling for someone who makes his money appraising items and telling where they come from? Just Appraise? Or nothing at all?

VixieMoondew wrote:
Excellent! Am I right in thinking that "Antiquarian" is the Investigator archetype?

Yes it is. I actually like it better for someone like my character.

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Here is Basil Yamamoto

3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1) = 12 so that's 120. I didn't roll for Basil's craft skill as that's not how he makes his money but purely a thing he learned as part of a family tradition.

The weapon he has is functional but at the moment it serves as a mantelpiece. It's the sword of his great-grandmother, the woman who had a dalliance with a human official at the imperial court that resulted in Basil's grandfather. His grandfather passed it onto him when he received it after his mother's death, feeling he himself was unworthy of wielding it and Basil's father refused it.

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While I'm working on the crunch, here's the fluff.

Basil Yamamoto:
His name is Basil Yamamoto, or actually Vassilios Yamamoto but only his mother and grandma call him that. His mother's family, the Aphorite side of him, comes from Greece. Having weathered the second world war on the isle of Cyprus they fled to the UK when the Greek civil war broke out shortly after they had returned to mainland Greece.
There his mother met his father, the son of a disgraced Japanese Half Orc. The disgrace being that he was only half an Orc and not a full-blooded Orc like his kin who had served as the emperor's bodyguards since the reign of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
As such Basil was born an Aphorite with some distinctly Half Orc characteristics, like the small tusks jutting up from his lower jaw and the slightly pointed ears.

He grew up in the greater London area where he went to a state funded elementary school and then to Westminster School for secondary education. Afterwards he attended Oxford University where he studied history and Japanese. Afterwards he worked as a junior curator at the British Museum.
Trying to get away from the influence of his mother and grandmother Basil left for the USA several years ago in hopes of getting a job at the Smithsonian Museum. Sadly he had no such luck.
When the Antiques Roadshow by PBS was hosted in a smaller local museum in the same area he managed to secure a job as an appraiser for the show. He then toured the country with the show for several years, specialising in European and East Asian historical objects.

Recently he made his return to the area where his adventure in the US had started, settling down in the area between Richmond and Norfolk. He is determined to try his luck at the Smithsonian again. Perhaps they'd be more receptive if he brought them a new piece for their collection?

Crunch wise I'm still not entirely sure whether I want him as a Curator Occultist or an Antiquarian Investigator, though I'm leaning towards the latter.

I'm also envisioning museums in the world to be even tighter on security, especially magical security. Entire buildings warded against teleporation and curses, the Egyptian wing with a ward against the undead...

I'm still working on mine. I do have a question though. Do you intend to add a Drive skill, similar to the normal Ride skill?
I mean similar in that you don't need it to drive a vehicle but those that do have it are just way better at it.

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This looks fun.

The idea is to make an Occultist who now works as an appraiser of old objects. He'd actually work for the Antiques Roadshow TV program as one of the first group of (off-camera) appraisers that determines if something is possibly worth showing on TV. He dreams of making it as one of the show's main appraisers and only got sucked into a live of adventure through an item he worked with.
What that item is exactly I'm still figuring out.

I have a question. How do you feel about Vine Leshies? They don't have an rp value listed.

The idea is for it to be the creation of a Druid Sihedron Hero. The last time they met was shortly after this character awakened but the hero's face still shows up in dreams.

EDIT: Silly me listing the wrong kind of Leshy, it should be Vine Leshy, not Leaf Leshy.

I'd love getting in here.

I'd be looking at a Dwarven Psammokinetic (Kineticist). It would be a Pahmet Dwarf, possibly Ouat caste.

All took a little longer than intended.

I present Idrin Korvut, Varisian Free-style Fighter and later also Ironbound Samurai. I went for a Hungerseed Tiefling after all, trading out his spell-like ability for the Soul Seer ability. He never sought anything behind his ability to accurately gauge the status of his opponents while fighting, always assuming it was just a skill he'd picked up.
Despite looking mostly human there are still three things that could make him stand out as something else; his bulk that he has never had to work to maintain, how his skin starts to redden when he's angry and the outline of a third eye appearing on his forehead when he frowns.

Idrin's story began before his birth. During those days his mother, Ina Korvut, worked as a scullery maid at Brinewall castle. She also worked there when disaster struck at the garrison as it was attacked by evil monsters coming in from the north. While the attackers appeared to be after some of the guests they did not spare any of the people stationed there. It was astounding bravery of one of the younger soldier that allowed Ina to escape while the soldier distracted one of the fiends. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her and, as far as she knew, she was the only survivor of the massacre.
She quickly made her way back to her hometown of Sandpoint where she found shelter with her brother and his young family. She never again talked about what had happened and they never asked. Despite that, the events of that day would continue to cast a shadow over her life and the taint of the fiends would have influence beyond that.

Idrin's father came into view several years later. He was a handsome Shoanti man who visited Sandpoint for the annual Swallowtail festival. Idrin was the result of a night of dancing and drinking and by the time his mother knew she was pregnant his father was long gone.

As a child life in Sandpoint was nice and easy. At the age of 9 Idrin was taken in by his uncle to become an apprentice smith next to his cousin, Das, who at 16 already was a senior apprentice. When not learning the craft from his uncle Idrin played with the other children of Sandpoint, including a little girl named Ameiko. The two of them became fast friends and between his natural bulk and her quick wits there were few adventures the two couldn't handle. The absolute best of which was the time they knocked out a goblin that was harassing a dog at Sandpoint's outskirts.

As the two of them grew older they spent more time apart. While Ameiko visited her younger brother who lived at some academy away from Sandpoint Idrin had started the search for his father, much to the dismay of his uncle. Despite all the time he spent looking for information and away from the forge he had little success. It was at the next Swallowtail festival that his luck changed. For there he encountered a man who almost exactly matched his mother's description and who looked very much Idrin himself. As the two got to talking Idrin quickly discovered that the man was his brother, though from another mother. He was told that their father lived in Kaer Maga where he taught at the Price of Freedom fighting school.

Two weeks later Idrin was in Kaer Maga, at the school's doorstep. While the first meeting with his father was every but as awkward as he had imagined the two did hit it off quickly, sharing the same sense of humour. For several years after Idrin lived and worked at the school, training with his father and other teachers while paying for it all by performing maintenance on the many different weapons in use at the school. There he quickly became known for both his skilled craft work and his daring, sometimes even reckless, attacks.
As a result he missed the Late Unpleasantness. The fire that followed shortly after however claimed his aunt, Das's mother, and left his own mother severely wounded. When Idrin returned there for the funeral he learned of his mother's plans to move to the small to of Nybor, east of Sandpoint, while his uncle would leave for family in Magnimar. His cousin Das would then take over the smithy. Idrin stayed long enough to help both his uncle and his mother move to their new homes and to attend the funeral of Ameiko's mother.

After all that was done Idrin returned to his life in Kaer Maga, still regularly visiting his mother in Nybor. It would be several years again before Idrin headed back to Sandpoint. A student from the school brought news that Sandpoint had suffered from a goblin raid during that year's Swallowtail festival. Idrin made his way back to Sandpoint as quickly as he could. When he arrived he learned that Ameiko had just been liberated from her brother who had kidnapped her. While they were all pretty certain that things calmed down after the new heroes cleaned up the town and eliminated the instigator of the attack Idrin decided to stay there nonetheless.

He had only just started working both as Ameiko's bouncer and as an occasional assistant to his cousin when another attack on the town came, by giants this time. While he helped the townsfolk as best he could it were the heroes from before that once again eliminated the threat.

Idrin has lived in Sandpoint ever since, working as both a bouncer at Ameiko's inn and helping his cousin Das during busy times. Every few months he'd still make the trip to Kaer Maga to stay with his father and receive some more training, always stopping in Nybor to visit his mother along the way.

I really liked the Tiefling idea but my initial concept would have been another Kaijitsu but there are plenty of those already. Then I read through the Sandpoint book and just really liked the character of Das Korvut and his red mastiffs so ended up wanting to tie my character to him somehow in addition to the campaign NPCs.

I think I'll give it another night to think over. I may have another idea.

A bit of a story spoiler:
I played this AP once before up until just inside Brinewall castle and am using what I know to build my chars background. It obviously would not be character knowledge at that would ruin things.

That said, I had the timeline of the original events there all wrong. Now knowing the correct timeline I might have another idea.

The other concept would be for my character to not be Das's niece but his cousin. In this case the Oni taint would actually come from the fact that her mother, Das's aunt, worked at Brinewall when the original event took place. She would have escaped but was and still is too traumatized to talk about it.

alternate ability rolls in case I decide to go with Tiefling anyway:
1d100 ⇒ 100
1d100 ⇒ 34
1d100 ⇒ 22

After some more thought I decided to make my character a regular Half Orc instead of the Tiefling. The reason being that the background became to complicated and had way too many moving part. So instead I grabbed the parts of the background I liked best (Niece and former apprentice of Das Korvut, grew up in Nybor, Half Shoanti - Half Orc dad, close friend of Ameiko, part-time bouncer at her inn, nicknamed Yoji by Ameiko (as in Yojimbo, the Minkaian/Japanese word for bodyguard or bouncer)).

Now I just need to decide whether to go for the Fighter (Varisian Free-Style)/ Samurai (Ironbound Sword) combination I mentioned before or for a Butterfly Blade Slayer.
Either way, it'll be an intimidate build that is very good at dishing out non-lethal damage.

I've got a question in regards to my Oni-spawn tiefling idea. Would you be ok with an alternate version of the Pass for Human alternate racial trait, namely Pass for Half Orc?
I care less about the typing change and more about the no disguise needed part.

In addition, would you be ok with trading away the spell-like ability for the Maw part of the Maw or Claw trait in that case? Normally that wouldn't work with Pass for Human but bite attacks already are a thing for Half Orcs.
If that's too much, how about the alternate abilities from the rolling table from Blood of Fiends?

I'm asking this because of the idea I have in which my character isn't even aware it is a Tiefling. As far as my character knows they are a Half Orc, or quarter Orc strictly speaking. Having a spell-like ability would cause some issues with not knowing.
The father would be a Shoanti Half Orc that moved to Kaer Maga since then, unable to handle the quiet life in Nybor, a town east of Sandpoint known for the large number of half bloods living there. The Oni taint would come from his side. The mother would be Isa Korvut, younger sister to Sandpoint's grumpy smith, Das Korvut. My character would have ended up in Sandpoint as their uncle's apprentice, mostly because their mother wanted them away from the house for a while as my character clashed with it's new stepfather.

EDIT: Only the basis for the background, further connections are still to be constructed. All I'm sure of beyond this is that my character works as a bouncer at the Rusty Dragon on busy nights. My char would be close to Ameiko, just haven't decided what form it takes.

The Second GM wrote:

I know, right? There's a canonical acolyte for each of the other deities, plus Father Zantus, which results in a cleric for every deity except Abadar, and two for Desna.

Been reading through the splatbook on Sandpoint and there actually are holy people of Abadar in town, they just don't work at the temple. There is a Paladin of Abadar running the mercantile league and functioning as city planner and there is a Cleric of Abadar, the Paladin's sister, running a secondhand store.

Here is Muscini, my originally Gnomish Apostle Kyton Oracle.

Life in Talingarde was dull these days. Way back in the days under House Barca it hadn't been a whole better, but at least it was bearable. Then came the joyous years of war, followed by a dull period. Then came the mad king, a short lived bonfire of excitement. After that, dull again. Sure, there were the Asmodean purges but does were only fun if you got to partake, and she rarely had been. Now even that was over. If it wasn't for the great mercy of her kyton, or actually velstrac friends, she'd be pale and rotting in a ditch with the rest of her kin. Or worse, she'd be one of those boring Bleachlings, like her sister.

It had all been fairly simple really. King Markadian II the superbly bland had had the great library of Matharyn built and since her family had close connections with people close to the king they got access to it's long halls and even it's vaults. Now if there was one good thing about the bland king it was that he didn't believe in censoring knowledge like his son and grandson did. That meant that among the stalls there were all kinds of books on less than savoury subjects.
Now this was right up Muriel's, as she was still called back then, alley. She had seen friends and family suffer from the Bleaching due to lack of excitement and they had tried all the normal pursuits, so it was time for unorthodox methods.

She was still researching when the bland king met his end at the hands of his own brother. What followed were months of excitement which in turn caused Muriel to neglect her research. Alas, it was all but short lived as the mad king met his end at the base of one of his castle spires. Muriel hurried back to her research in the book of the library.
She had only just started experimenting with the exquisite exultations of pain when disaster struck. The new king, whom she called Markadian IV the Truly Mad, son of Markadian II the Bland, had blamed all the excitement of the previous period on the temple of Asmodeus and had started to purge them. With the temples destroyed and high priests burned some of his underlings had turned their eyes on the library and had begun purging it of all "sinful" literature. That included more or less all books Muriel had been using for her studies. Afraid they'd turn on those reading the books next she left the library behind her. Instead she tried to join the zealots purging the cults but most rebuffed her, claiming she wasn't pure enough or some nonsense. She did get to partake occasionally, joining those less scrupulous. It were these times that allowed her to continue her experiments.

Then the king died once more and was replaced by his son, Markadian V. The people called him "the Brave", she called him "the Meh". He ended the purges, ending Muriel's opportunity to conduct her experiments. It was during these moments of despair that she had spotted her first grey lock of hair, only worsening said despair. When, a few years later, she saw in a mirror that one of her eyes had lost it's lustre she fainted.

While she was out she had a vision. A vision of perfection. Of escape from the dreaded Bleachling. A vision of excitement and joy. More importantly, it showed her how to get there. When she woke she completely ignored the bystanders checking how she was doing and immediately set out to gather the things she needed for the ritual to summon her saviour.

It was a few days later that she conducted the ritual, which culminated in her removing her own discoloured eye with a broken knife. Then nothing. For a moment she sat there, bleeding, and despaired. It was then that the shadows in front of her rippled and a humanoid figure stepped out. He was glorious, with bloody tears crossing his skin in elaborate patterns and an iron crown jutting forth from inside his skull. He smiled and she passed out once more.

The first time she saw herself after the transformation she was shocked. Her skin was pale and her hair was grey as if she'd become a Bleachling. It only took her a moment to realise she wasn't, she was more. She was better, she was ecstatic. She didn't know what had happened exactly as she was still at the same place that she performed the ritual. Yet a think layer of dust had gathered on the instruments she had used and of her sacrifices only bones remained so it must have been at least a year. She smiled.

She still wore that smile when she stepped outside on the streets of Matharyn shortly after. She however had not counted on running into Mitran paladins so quickly. Paladins who instantly realised something was wrong about her when peasants just stared at her in fascination and who captured her with very little effort. Before she knew it she was literally bagged, so none would be beguiled by her appearance, and carted off to Branderscar.

The idea for my character is to make him a Samurai using the Ironbound Sword and probably also the Ward Speaker archetypes. I am however thinking of starting of as a Fighter (archetype undecided).
It would all come together once the character has 3 levels in Ironbound Sword as from that moment Samurai and Fighter levels stack for the progression of class features (pre-existing ones, he won't get new abilities based on the stacked levels).

The idea is that switch to Samurai would come in once the character actually discovers his connection with Tian Xia, which should happen within the first book.

I have an idea but it's a little spoiler-y. Class not decided yet.

Idea that contains light story spoiler for the AP - if not GM read at your own risk:

The idea is to make the character and Oni spawn tiefling that is a descendant of the Oni that trailed the Kajitsu family years ago.
The character obviously would be clueless about this link.

Still working on my Gnomish Apostle Kyton. It'll be an Oracle but I haven't decided whether or not I'll grab an archetype. He'll have either the Dark Tapestry or the Shadow mystery as well as the Shattered Psyche curse.

A question: Would I be allowed to qualify as a Gnome for things like feats, traits and alternate favored class bonus?

The idea behind her ending up as an Apostle Kyton is one of desperation. She lost her entire family to the Bleaching (even those few that survived where not the same as before) and she was so desperate for new experiences and new thrills that she turned to Doloras (one of the Queens of Night and the one to release the kytons from imprisonment) and the kytons to get her kicks. She succeeded in avoiding the Bleaching.

Sounds good.

Would you be ok with adding something that would tie in to the regeneration? Something like double or 1.5 times normal overnight healing? The silver weapons and good spells and attacks would shut that down for 24 hours in that case.

This looks like fun.

I'd love to play an Apostle Kyton, which is a template to be slapped on a (monstrous) humanoid, in my case a gnome.

The template is rather strong though and would probably need some adjustment. I'd suggest at least ditching the Seductive Oration special attack and probably the Agonizing Prayer one as well, though that one could also be delayed.

It's Bleeding Touch ability should be fine as it just adds 1 damage to attacks, with the bleed actually only kicking in at 10 HD. Similarly, it's Shadow Walk spell-like ability doesn't show till level 11.

That leaves it's SR (10+HD/11+CR), regeneration (1/2 HD, stopped by good and silver), Natural Armor bonus (+4) and Stat bonuses (+6 str, +4 dex, +6 con, +2 int, +6 wis and =6 cha) as things to be adjusted, though I'm not sure what exactly to do with those.
Besides that, maybe it's cold immunity should start out as resistance but not sure on that.

hustonj wrote:
Sometimes it isn't about the mechanical advantages.

I know. Personally I like to find the middle ground between roleplay and mechanics. The reason is that I get no joy out playing a great concept that at the same time drags the group down in combats or on other more roll oriented fronts.

Not getting the Ioun Torch is a roleplay choice that also makes sense mechanically. After all, why would someone who can see in the dark just fine get a lantern?

The armor is slightly different. I looked at the leaf armor but that one is out of the limits for single item expenditure if I want it to also be magical. The lamellar armor on the other hand is an asian/dragon empires type of armor so not readily available.

On the other hand, the bone parts of the current studded leather armor tie in quite nicely with the theme of the Duskwalker race.

Fully done now. Ended up with a traveller's any-tool, some tindertwigs and two of the most fun alchemical weapons, cytillesh stun vials.

As for the armor suggestion, both would result in the same AC as I have now. Leaf Armor would actually just be a more expensive version of what I have now. The lamellar armor would only up my FF armor by 1 and lower Touch armor by 1.
As for the Ioun Torch, my character has darkvision so wouldn't even think about getting lighting.

Takaraa is now almost completely done, just need to find some useful things to spend my remaining gold on.

Takaraa remembers very little of her previous life. She knew she was a powerful druid, an ally of Pharasma and that she died a gruesome death as part of a demonic ritual. She doesn't know her old name or even if she was a she then as well. All she does know she knows because Jacan, her oldest and closest friend, told her as much. She also knows that demonic ritual that killed her before left a mark on her soul that she still has to deal with now.

As for her current life, that started when she and Jacan appeared in a Kenabres infirmary. She wore a simple grey dress then and Jacan was seated on her shoulder. The young priest that was attending the wounded when he found her had almost called for the witch hunters when he saw her and, more importantly, her twisted shadow. The fact Jacan started babbling in Abyssal didn't help either. Only the intervention of an elf named Aravashnial stopped the priest as the elf recognised both her and Jacan for what they were; a young Duskwalker and an equally young Nosoi psychopomp.

With some help from the kindly elf Takaraa was placed with a foster family, old couple of a very rare kind. They were actual retired crusaders, too old to fight and now training the new generations. They never had children of their own and were only too happy to have Takaraa around, evil shadow and all.

What they hadn't counted on, not even with Aravashniel's further advice, was how erratic her growth would be. For the first five years she was in her new home she hardly changed or grew at all, only to suddenly age what appeared to be six years in a span of six days. If that wasn't enough to cause alarm the strange manifestations of the abyssal stain on her soul started to show, though Jacan insisted they were at least as much due to the druidic might of her previous self.

Eventually, with guidance from both her parents, Aravashnielm and Jacun, Takaraa gained control over he abilities. No longer would claws show up when she was annoyed a door jammed or would spikes from her back shred a dress with buttons that refused to cooperate. What was more, the monstrosity that was her shadow started to make sense. Apparently it showed her at her most monstrous, what her shadow should be if all her strange abilities manifested at the same time. Luckily they never did.
Instead her appearance and abilities were put to good use as she helped train new recruits. By playing the "demon" in training sessions with the youngsters they have a practice that was both safe and that felt real while at the same time Takaraa got trained as well.

Still it all felt strange and somewhat hollow. She had been sent back to the material for a reason though she didn't know what that reason was. What was worse, Jacan didn't know either or at least he didn't deign to tell her.

That was a few years ago. Now Kenbres laid in ruins as a result of a demonic attack, it's Wardstone shattered. While people tried to get to safety and her parents cared for the wounded while fending off minor demons Takaraa couldn't help but wonder if this would finally show her the reason of her rebirth.

EDIT: If anyone has any ideas on what to spend my last gold on they'd be very welcome.

Working on Takaraa right now, mostly just putting it all together.

Decent HP rolls:

2d10 ⇒ (8, 7) = 15

I'm still working on the crunch.

What I'm looking at now is a Duskwalker Shifter using the Adaptable Shifter archetype. In her previous life she was a Druid devoted to Pharasma and dedicated to preserving the cycle of life and death and was a part of an elite group that hunted those involved in the trafficking, corruption and/or destruction of souls. The group bit off more than they could chew and was routed.
My character's old self ended up the target of a corruption ritual which failed as she more or less willed herself to die due to the strain of the ritual rather than be corrupted. As a reward for her devotion she was given a second chance to fulfil her goals.
However there were some unintended side effects as the ritual partially succeeded and had caused some Abyssal essence to latch on to her soul, causing it to become tainted and distorted. The most obvious result of this is the loss of her strong connection to the natural world, of which only a shred remains. Instead she now shares the mutability and malleability of the Abyssal realm. Because of this her psychopomp benefactors have sent a young Nosoi to monitor how she's doing and make sure she doesn't stray (done through the Personal Chronicler feat).

Her name will be Takaraa, not sure whether she'd have a last name as of yet. She grew up with a Kenabres foster family (which could tie her to the Riftwarden Orphan character), though her growing up itself happened very quickly. She reappeared on the material plane appearing like an 8-year old but the Abyssal taint on her soul caused her to mature weirdly. While on average it went at the similar pace to a human child it all went in bursts with long breaks of hardly any growth or maturation in between. Then suddenly she'd age what should be years in a matter of days.

I actually have another idea for this game, which I think is fun but it comes with a question: Would you a the Duskwalker race from Planar Adventures?
They are an Aasimar and Tiefling equivalent but with ties to the Boneyard.

The idea behind it is a different twist on the Stolen Fury trait. The character was a higher level cleric of Pharasma who worked in the Worldwound in hopes of saving souls from consumption by demons or the soul trade. They ended up getting caught and, as a cruel joke, the cultists and demons decided they'd turn the character into a demons. The ritual failed, as per the trait, but that was because the character perished.
However, it was given one more chance to continue it's important work for the Boneyard and was reincarnated as a Duskwalker and appeared in the Kenabres graveyard. While this was a completely fresh start for the soul it was still plagued with nightmares from the moment of the end of it's previous life (though it took the character quite a while to figure out they were looking at themselves dying).
Simply put, some small part of the energy of the Abyss has latched on to the character's soul as a result of the ritual that killed it before.

At the moment I'm looking at creating a Siegebreaker Fighter, so more or less as front line as one can get.

Background - start:
She'd be a Qlippoth spawn tiefling, the daughter of two cultists of the demon hating Qlippoth lord Chavazvug who botched a summoning ritual which resulted in her father's death and the tainting of their unborn child.
As mother died during child birth, as is common for a Motherless (qlippoth spawn), she grew up in an orphanage. There she was shunned by the other children for looking and smelling weird.
As a teen she joined up with some Gorumites who came to fight demons in glorious battle as they didn't care about what she was as long as she didn't hold them back. When their squad got ambushed she was the only one kept alive, probably because the demons or cultists liked the idea of turning someone touched by the Qlippoth, some of the demons oldest and fiercest enemies, to their side. The ritual they used to do so backfired as she absorbed the rituals energy and the proceeded to spew forth some minor qlippoth. She then escaped in the confusion this caused.

I'd love an answer to my question from last page so I can get to building Stormfeather.

I'd love to join this game with a Tengu Cleric of Hei Feng.

I do have a question in regards to that though. If at all possible I'd like to use the Divine Paragon archetype (as seen here) for him. However the information on the obedience and boons for Hei Feng won't be available until Faith's of Golarion comes out next December.
So the question is, would you allow me run the archetype already and just leave the part normally filled by the obedience and opens empty until they are available?

After some more thought I'd like to submit Hama Steelblood

She's a Dwarven merchant who was on her way to Phaendar at the time of the attack and arrived to find it overrun. She and one pack ox are all that remains of the caravan she was on, the rest has been taken by the hobgoblins.

She herself was born and raised in Kraggodan, though her family is well travelled. She recently returned from a trip to Katheer to visit her grandmother who is one of the Paraheen, a group highly valued dwarven weapon smiths. When she came back her home was Besieged and she couldn't get back to her kin. She's just happy her direct family are all merchants travelling the Inner Sea region and aren't stuck in the Sky Citadel.

I haven't done HP on her yet as I'm not sure how that was handled.
Beyond that she's quite flexible mechanically, the only thing set in stone is her focus on using Dwarven weaponry. The idea is to make her either a thrower or a switch hitter, for which thrown weapons are quite suitable, but she could easily be retooled for usage of other weapons and as such other tactics. This is in part because as a thrower she'd be stuck craving an eventual Belt of Mighty Hurling.

I still have some funds left. My idea was that to pack the ox with some food supplies but I'm not sure how you, the GM, feels about that as it would help with group and refugee survival in a manner that might be beyond what you'd want.

I'd love to try for this one again.

The idea so far is for a Ratfolk Opportunist Fighter, so more or less a martial alchemist. He'd also make great use of his Swarming racial trait via the Scurrying Swarmer feat, meaning he can share the space of any ally and get a flank if he attacks the same target as that ally.

Now just trying to figure out whether I want the guy to be a natural attacker next to his alchemical weapons or go with a shield and a breakaway shield boss (shield bash with alchemical weapons).

As I mentioned above, I switched from Harbinger to Kineticist using the Psammokinetic archetype from Heroes of the Fringe. Basically he controls the sands now and has the Air and Earth elements (and Air will be his third again)

He has Alacrity now and his second Word later would be Sky. He has his gifts as All Directions at Once (1p) and Faster than Thought (2p)

As for Domains, he actually already has 2: Madness and Desert. The former is his link to his mother and to the events that caused him to become estranged (murdering his family and followers in a mad frenzy induced by Belsameth), it also links to heat strokes. The Desert connects to his new home, the location of his self imposed exile as he fears he is a threat to those around him.
Since we are starting during the divine war he still is healing from those events mentioned above and still in regular communion with his sister Madriel.

He still needs gear, mythic traits and some godling traits, including picking his spell list, though I'm heavily leaning towards Wizard. He also still has 2 minor ascendancies and 1 major ascendancy but I have trouble picking options that fit him. In addition he has 1 Divine Trait point left that will be put into Divine Power, just figuring out which mystery (Ascetism or Solar) and which revelation to pick.
For the kineticist part I still need to pick some infusions, but that's a minor thing.

Just to be clear: Tokhaan despises his mother and almost all she stands for. The only part of her portfolio he still holds dear are serpents.

I'm still deciding whether I'd want the Scalykind or the Serpent domain, the latter being a Druid domain. In part that comes down to a choice between an animal companion or a familiar.

I should have Tokhaan ready later today or early tomorrow (so probably in the night for those in the US).
I'm mainly struggling with finding suitable godling abilities beyond what he has now, though I'm most likely at least picking up Divine Portfolio to grab some things from the Solar Oracle mystery.

I made a change to him in that I swapped out Harbinger for Kineticist with the Psammokinetic archetype, making him a desert based kineticist.
As a result he's less teleport crazy, though he still does his fair share of dimensional hopping. The way I envision it he would vanish in a swirl of sand and dust (all cosmetic of course).

That also links to why is at the start location: he lives in self imposed exile after slaughtering his own family and followers while under the influence of Belsameth. So he is already cast out by Mormo and at this time he actually still receives emotional guidance from Madriel as his sister contacts him in his dreams.

I must note he isn't a follower of Madriel and won't be one, mainly because he thinks it's weird to worship your sister. Instead he holds an animistic belief at this point, speaking with the spirits of the desert.

EDIT: Any feedback on what I have or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sebecloki wrote:

Cuan, are you still planning on playing?

I am, yes. Been a bit tied up so far this week so sadly haven't been able to finish my guy quite yet.

Here. Still have some work to do on Tokhaan though.

I'd also be looking at giving my character a taboo name, a practice where parents gave their children odd names in order to distract evil spirits. This happened for instance after they had lost children before.

My character would be named Muunokhoi, which means something along the lines of "vicious dog".

After trying to quickly find something on mythical creatures from Mongol culture I actually decided I'd love to make a Totem Spiritualist. In that case his totem animals would end up being the wolf, the deer, the falcon and the horse, all significant animals in mongol storytelling. Not sure on which order and whether he'd end up with all of them.

EDIT: Actually, I'll look further into the significance of the deer as I'm thinking of making that one the primary companion and using the Megaloceros to further exemplify the strength of that spirit with my character.

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