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And another Wizard, though one more roguish in demeanour.

I'd like to submit Radovan Masolanic, Wizard extraordinaire and conman. He's a very atypical Wizard in that he would also be able to function as a party face.

Born to a poor family living in Korvosa, Radovan's life was never easy. As a child he spent most of his time on the streets doing what the other children did: pick pockets. While he was quite skilled at this less than noble trade it was his skill at getting out of trouble that helped him most. While others would get picked up by law enforcement, Radovan would simply talk his way out of it. Many guardsmen came to think of him as a helpful young lad who couldn't possibly do any wrong.

As he grew older things got more complicated. Others of his age became proper thugs, moving from picking pockets to robbery and worse. Radovan couldn't stomach those kinds of things and besides, he lacked the brawn. He also was convinced he wouldn't last in any prison setting so he made sure to avoid getting roped into the nastier kinds of criminal activity. Instead he became a conman, pulling of card tricks and other games to fleece people. It was the victim of one such cons that changed his life forever.

This woman was one of the teacher's at Korvosa's prestigious Acadamae. Recognising both cunning and raw talent in Radovan she made him a proposition: either enrol in the Acadamae with her backing or be turned in to the guards. The choice was an easy one.

The years at the Acadamae weren't easy. While he survived the first few years of drudgery without much issue, mostly because he was used to hardship from his old life, the years after weren't that kind. Eventually he dropped out half a year before his final exams, not because he was afraid he'd fail but because he was sick of the cutthroat politics of the place.

Since then he has picked up his old life as a conman once more. Aided by his magical skill he tricks people out of their money all across southern Varisia and yet he always is a welcome sight.

This sounds interesting

A question though, do you envision this as somewhat of a reverse Tyrant's Grasp?

Mostly asking to know whether a Neutral Evil follower of a Psychopomp Usher would work (he hates the undead even more than he hates Lastwall).

I'd like to echo Ouachitonian here

Ah yes, rolls. Knew I forgot something...

4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 2) = 16 -> 14
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 1) = 17 -> 16
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 4, 5) = 19 -> 15
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3, 6) = 13 -> 12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 3, 2) = 12 -> 10
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 3, 5) = 17 -> 14

Quite nice

A question: How are you on races? I'm thinking of a Wyrwood that laid dormant in an old Thasillonian ruin for centuries but has been awoken and managed to escape due to all the things going on as part of the events that lead to this AP (And it's successors)

I'm looking at making a Leshy (I love them, my avatar might have given that away). Mechanically he'll be a Fungus Leshy but I'll actually make him a Lichen Leshy if allowed (so a Fungus Leshy that does need some sunlight basically)

I'm rather torn on how to treat family size for Leshies as they are created, not born. Do I use the family size of my creator?

Family size: 1d100 ⇒ 61 I suspect 3, assuming I use my creator (Elf)
Homeland: 1d20 ⇒ 15 Other, in this case the Elf that's my creator
Elven Homeland: 1d20 ⇒ 7 Simple village, perfect
Childhood event: 1d20 ⇒ 11 First kill
Influential asociate: 1d20 ⇒ 5 Crafter, I guess my creator just became a very talented carpenter and woodworker
Inspiring Relationship: 1d12 ⇒ 2 Comrade-In-Arms, works well with the First Kill but both feel weird for a Leshy
Challenging Relationship: 1d12 ⇒ 2 Accusation of Theft, seems I assumed someone tried to steal a gift I got from my creator

Relic 1: 1d12 ⇒ 12 Water
Relic 2: 1d12 ⇒ 5 Earth
So a muddy Relic, fits with a Leshy I'd say. Could this be the gift I got from my creator?

I'm making my Tiefling an Oracle but I do have a question in regards to the character building:

How do you see the balance between combat and more social/intrigue encounters? Asking because the setting lends itself quite well for the latter and I want to make sure I do not cripple myself, and by extent possibly the party, too much by building for something we won't be doing.

EltonJ wrote:
..., and he'll (or she'll) be usually the one with the strongest blood.

So far I'd say that's me, with the roll of 95 on Bloodline Strength.

I'd personally find it an entertaining idea to have my character have the strongest bloodline yet being unable to be regent due to being a Tiefling and not being accepted as regent.

EltonJ wrote:
Alright, that would work. What kind of Tiefling? Or is that a secret?

It's not a secret. I'd be looking at a Rakshasa-Spawn, so a Beast brood.

I've decided to go for that one based on the Brenna bloodline of my character as Rakshasa to me feel like a perversion of Brenna's portfolio. SO the character ending up as a Beastbrood iscaused by interaction between the divine blood and the fiendish taint.

Bloodline Derivation: 1d100 ⇒ 77
Bloodline Strength: 1d100 ⇒ 95
Bloodline Score: 4d6 + 10 ⇒ (5, 3, 2, 1) + 10 = 21
Bloodline Ability: 1d100 ⇒ 48

I'm looking at a Tiefling born to Khinasi parents (based on their relationship with magic the most likely ones to bring forth a Tiefling I think) so I used the Khinasi for derivation.

Derivation: Brenna
Strength: Major
Score: 1 minor ability
Ability: 1/day Detect Lies

A quick question: Considering Outsiders exist within Birthright, would it be possible for a Tiefling to exist as the bastard child of a Source Regent Conjurer? With all the prejudice that comes with it of course.

This sounds fun.

I'd be looking at basing the character idea around this lovely art.
While one would guess she's Agathion blooded from that image, she isn't. Instead she can trace her celestial heritage back to a Stag Archon.

Class-wise I'd be looking at a Holy Beast Shifter or Nature Fang Druid and a follower of Cernunnos. She was raised with Erastil in a small farming community in the southern part of Mendev but as she grew older she started to prefer the more proactive stance in the fight against evil of Erastil's children, particularly his son.

You also missed me for the last list. I changed the character a bit since then though.

I'm now looking at a Dwarven Phantom Blade Spiritualist using the Kraggodan Castaway trait. She's still a follower of Dranngvit with a grudge against the Ironfang Legion.

Basic background is that she comes from a family of morally ambiguous arms dealers, selling to both sides in the Nirmathas - Molthune war.
She travelled the area with her brothers and her cousins when Molthune started the siege of Kraggodan. As if that wasn't enough her group was also ambushed on the roads by hobgoblins who turned out to be part of the Ironfang Legion. My character was the only survivor though parts of her family remain within the weapon she wields, a weapon that's an amalgamation of the vengeful echoes of the souls of her dead family.

As for a connection to Phanedar, she has a fleeting one. The Dwarven smith that lived there (forgot her name though I encountered her in an Ironfang Invasion game that didn't leave Phaendar) is a second cousin to my character.

I'd also be interested in this game.

I'm looking at a Dwarf, Inquisitor or maybe Ranger, and devoted to Dranngvit, Dwarven goddess of vengeance. He'd have the Kraggodan Castaway trait and be fueled wholly by his hatred for the Ironfang Legion. Think Dwarven Hatred Style among other things.

After some more thought I'll turn some things around and instead make her an Unchained Rogue who aspires to join the Wasp Queens (a group of (Half) Elven female thieves and spies devoted to Calistria).

GMJester wrote:

Some replies:

Cuan - I don't even know what a Weretouched Shifter is. That probably has an uphill climb to be quite honest.

The Shifter more or less is to a Druid what a Paladin is to a Cleric. It's a full BAB shapeshifter and you can read up on it here.

Weretouched is an archetype that makes it more lycanthrope like in that you can only wildshape into a single kind of animal (or vermin) but you also get a hybrid form, like a lycanthrope.

That said, if you say it's too far out of what you know I'll see if I can turn the gall into something else.

I'd like this.

I'm looking at a Weretouched Shifter, either a Human or a Half Elf who just so happens to be the younger sister of Kaye Tesarani, the owner of Sandpoint's brothel.

In style with her sister, she'd be a Calistrian and her Animal Aspect would be a Giant Wasp.

I've been wanting to play this module for a very long time

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 4) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 3) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 5) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 6) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 3) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 3) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 6) + 6 = 17
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 3) + 6 = 14

Hmm, both sets are nice. I'll see what I can come up with.

After some more thought I decided to move away from the Shifter. Instead I'll submit Tagrak Rock Skinned, bored Shoanti Fighter using the Siegebreaker archetype. The picture might change when Paizo sorts that.

Build The whole idea behind the character is that he's the biggest guy in the room. He will focus on bull rush and overrun manoeuvres, heavy armor and hitting face as well as protecting his allies.
I'm not entirely sure yet how he will use his weapons, whether he will end up dual wielding, with a 2h or sword and board. He is outfitted for all three at the start (his board being a second Klar)
He's very poor on the skill front at the moment but I intend to partially remedy that via Advanced Weapon/Armor training.

Description Tagrak is a giant of a man who proudly tells of supposed stone giant ancestry (something he is so enamoured by he spent considerable effort to learn to speak Giant). His 6'11" surely does make for a convincing argument.
Beyond that he looks like a typical Shoanti, complete with the bald head and the many tattoos.

His clothing tends to be simple and when not keeping polite company he'll forgo a shirt altogether if given the chance.

He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and, to his credit, this is something he's aware of. It does not keep him from trying to learn though and his simplistic views might, on occasion, help him see easy solution when other over complicate the situation.
Beyond that he's a friendly, easy going guy with great love and devotion for those he calls friends or family. (For those that played Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Raphael is a source of inspiration for this guy)

Tagrak was born between Quahs, his mother being Shundar-Quah and his father Sklar-Quah. As his parents both lived with their own clans Targak ended up spending time with both of them, though not in equal measure.

As a teen these two seperate parts of his life came to a head. On the one hand was the Sklar-Quah, valueing strength of arms and in constant war with Korvosa, and on the other the Shundar-Quah, negotiating peace between the clans and living in old ruins. While Targak enjoyed the life among the Sklar-Quah he couldn't stand the constant fighting and when with his mother it quickly became painfully obvious he wasn't suited for diplomacy. So instead of staying with either he ran away, heading west until he hit the coast.

After losing all his money gambling in Riddleport he had to skip town once more, this time heading south. This way he ended up in Magnimar where he quickly joined the competitors in the Serpent's Run where he quickly became a rising star and where he found faith in Kurgess.
Still not entirely satisfied and needing more income to pay of debts and buy food to fuel his giant form he picked up odd jobs all over the city. As the jobs he landed became increasingly less savoury he sought a way out. He found that way out in a recruitment poster for the Pathfinder Society as they were sure to offer him more excitement.

I'll pass on the rolling then.

I present to you, Yulia Mulberry, the pint-seized Aasimar. She will be a Feral Striker and Wild Child Brawler. Her animal companion is a wolf she has found since arriving in Longacre. The companion will get statted if I get selected.

The image will be swapped out.

Born as the first child of Missy Mulberry, chambermaid and slave to 5 year old Narissa Leroung, youngest daughter of the University of Egorian's current headmaster. As a result she belonged to Narissa even when she was still a baby and it was she who named her. The girl adored Yulia and only the insistence by her own parents stopped her from keeping Yulia with her at all times as a sort of living doll.
When Yulia was old enough to sit up and later walk Narissa started to treat her more like a baby sister and they'd play for hours. Sometimes though, when Yulia, still a toddler, accidentally broke something her mother had to rush in to protect her child from Narissa's tantrums.

As both girls grew older their dynamic changed. Narissa soon considered herself too old to play with the younger Yulia so she suddenly ended up in the servant's quarters with the children of servants and other house slaves. This was a tough period for her as the other children picked on her, jealous of the apparent luxury she had lived in.
Eventually Yulia managed to find Narissa again, presenting her many bruises to the older girl. Enraged by this Narissa had several of the other children whipped and moved Yulia back to her own quarters. While this further increased the resentment the other halflings held for her Yulia did not care, she had achieved what she set out to do when inflicting the bruises upon herself.

Once Yulia reached puberty their dynamic changed once more, but this time there was no way to properly deal with it.
While all children change when they hit their teenage years Yulia's changes were far more profound for it wasn't just maturation but for the first time her actual heritage started to show. While most halflings start to grow hair on their feet at this age Yulia started sprouting hair in other places as well. The hair on her head grew into a thick, blonde mane with hair of the same color forming tufts on her ears and even extending down her back . At the same time her eyes changed to be more feline and on both her hands and feet the nails became claw-like. The final, finishing touch was when her teeth sharpened, canines becoming elongated and she grew an accompanying appetite for raw meat.
All these changed happened over a course of a mere two weeks, and while she could hide the initial changes eventually it became impossible. When Narissa first saw what her friend and slave had become she ran for her father, screaming.

When the Narissa and her father, an accomplished scholar of the Outer Planes, returned they found Yulia sobbing in a corner of the room. Upon hearing the story from both his own daughter and Yulia he took a still crying Yulia by the hand and dragged her off, leaving his own daughter both confused and saddened.

Yulia was brought to the university where several bright minds quickly came to the conclusion that she was an aasimar of agathion heritage, something they found highly comical. Celestial blood showing in the body of a lowly halfling was an oddity, that much they agreed upon, but then it was a bestial agathion that had mingled with the lower race. It was almost poetic.
The next few years Yulia spent as a curiosity and an object of study at the university and sometimes she was paraded in front of visiting dignitaries as some sort of exotic pet. She regularly lashed out at students that came to close or said nasty things, leaving them with nasty cuts or bite marks. Always their teachers laughed, scolding them for being stupid enough to be hurt by a feral creature and Yulia would spend the night stuffed in a small cage with nothing but water and stale bread.
Sometimes Narissa would come to visit her, much to her father's chagrin, and she'd bring her sweet treats and decent clothes. It was what made her life bearable. That and the dreams of vengeance upon those who kept her caged like an animal.

One night Narissa came hurrying to the pen they kept Yulia in. Her father had just told her that they'd dissect Yulia the next day as they were sure they had learned all they could with her alive and she was increasingly more dangerous to the students. Her father said he only told her because Yulia strictly still was her possession. Not wanting Yulia to die Narissa had decided she needed to escape. She had arranged for travel out of Egorian on a wagon owned by the company of the father of one of her suitors. It did mean she had to be stuffed in a crate for the duration of the trip but Narissa made sure there was enough food and water to make it to the wagon's destination.
SO that's what happened. Yulia was fed, clothed and given a bag of supplies. Outside the servant's entrance a young man was waiting with a wooden crate with holes punched into the sides and that still smelled of rabbits. Yulia went in and the crate was nailed shut. Yulia could just see Narissa placing a fleet kiss on the boy's cheek after he had lifted the crate onto the wagon. And so they went away from Egorian and to their destination in the countryside, a town called Longacre.

The questions:

1 - As written in the background, Yulia is in Longacre as that happened to be the destination of the trader she travelled with in her escape from Egorian.
2 - Narissa Leroung, youngest daughter of the University of Egorian's headmaster. Strictly speaking still her owner but actually more of a childhood friend.
3 - Killing as many of her tormentors (students and professors at the University of Egorian) as she can get her hands/claws on. She'll spare the headmaster out of love for Narissa.
4 - Yulia doesn't really fit in Longacre. She is a fairly recent arrival and tends to stick to the shadows, coming out at night to steal food while she figures out her next course of action.

I'd be very interested in this

The idea is for an Aasimar who has not so much fallen from grace as never known grace to begin with.

I do have some questions though.
- Would you allow a Halfling born, aka small, Aasimar?
- Would you allow said Aasimar to take the Good Slip campaign trait?
- And last, would you allow an Aasimar to roll for alternate abilities like you do a Tiefling?

I'll have to withdraw

Good luck and have fun all

I'd very much like to join.

I'm thinking of a Wizard. The idea is that my character was the apprentice to a court mage and advisor of King Irovetti of Pitax. But when his master was killed by the king in a fit of rage my character fled Pitax as quickly as humanly possible.

A question before I start building though: How do you feel about crafting during the game? Constructs in particular.

I'd be interested in this as well.

I'm looking at a Wild Effigy Shifter and follower of the angel Soralyon.
The idea is that my character's aspects and wild shape look like white marble versions of the creatures they emulate.

Won't be much of a trapper but it seems that part is covered anyway.

RPGGGM wrote:
Cuàn wrote:
RPGGGM wrote:
Pencils down (at least for now).
Ah too bad, I'm not done yet. From your earlier post I figured I had Sunday as well.
Sorry. Go ahead and take time today. It's is still Sunday where I am at, I'm just super sick whatever day today is, so I'm calling-off GM duties today.

Thank you, but my Sunday was already mostly over when you posted so I did not have the chance to finish things up.

So good luck everyone, have fun and may the best fit join the expedition.

RPGGGM wrote:
Pencils down (at least for now).

Ah too bad, I'm not done yet. From your earlier post I figured I had Sunday as well.

Merrek is mostly done, just need to figure out what to spend the last bit of money on.

After some more thought and trying to figure out my character I came to the conclusion that Kingmaker isn't the game for him. At least not at the point the game is at now.

When it comes to building another character I have a question: Is the Shifter Core adjacent enough?
I'm asking as while it was published a lot later than the core, most of the mechanics it uses have been used before in some form.

In short, I'm looking at a Feyform Shifter and member of House Medvyed who was abducted by fey as a baby and spent his first one to two years in the care of fey in the First World before being ransomed to his family.

I'll be taking a bit longer as router is acting up (or dying of old age) and I won't have a new one going until tomorrow.

Confirming interest as well. Working on the character still, but you will find Merrek of Outsea at that link when he's done.

My character's background would start with the life he lived before becoming a Duskwalker. He doesn't actually know what happened though, though he might find out at some point. I'm putting it in a spoiler as it contains some connection to story stuff from book 1 and some might not wish to know.

I myself have played book 1 of Kingmaker, twice. Both times the game died between book 1 and 2. I did really like it as long as it lasted.

Life before rebirth:
Once he was Olav Medvyed, member of the Medvyed family but so far down the ladder that any real station would be outside his reach. So instead his parents sent him to join the clergy of Pharasma, which he did.
He lived a fairly simple life as a travelling priest performing last rites, blessing upcoming births and preparing the dead for their journey to the afterlife.
It was during one of these travels that he chanced upon Nurgrah and his teenage son, the future Stag Lord. Seeing the bruises and scars on the boy and his father's behaviour towards him Olav stepped in in an attempt to help the boy. At that the drunk Nurgrah lashed out, hitting Olav so hard he fell backwards where his head landed on a rock and his skull cracked.

The second time he came into the world wasn't as joyous an occasion as the first. He appeared in the graveyard of a town where only a week before his old body had presided over a funeral. Not that he remembered. But while his old life had been welcomed into town, his new life was chased off by the superstitious townsfolk.

Too be continued tomorrow. It'll include the arrival of a young nosoi (from the Personal Chronicler feat) that serves Mother Vulture and is wholly responsible for my character's education up to the point where he joins a small druidic circle in the Gronzi Forest.

GM Mioki wrote:
Cuàn wrote:
A question, would you be ok with a Locathah, or would that be too much?

Hello and Welcome Cuan!

I am hesitant due to the story of colony acceptance, so I will give the same answer as I did regarding the Adaro.

This type of PC would need to join the party while at sea or on the island. I am not saying no, but you would miss out on the potential prelude adventure.

Since Locathah are not the human eating creatures that Adaro are, a very compelling backstory could change the mind of the Bountiful Venture Company.

Just a thought, still need a true cleric. Maybe this Locathah wants to establish a temple to certain aquatic deity on the colony.

I was actually looking at making the character the child of a merchant that sails a barge along the Sellen River from Outsea in the River Kingdoms all the way to Almas in Andoran, moving along the coast for the last part.

When it comes to class I was thinking of either making him a Cavalier or a Cleric. So if if there is need for a Cleric I'd obviously go for the latter. He'd be a worshipper of Gozreh, so nothing too outlandish. As for archetypes, I'm looking at Crashing Wave combined with Divine Paragon.

A question, would you be ok with a Locathah, or would that be too much?

I'd like this.

How about a woodsy frontliner? I'm thinking Nature Fang Druid swinging a Scythe.

Race wise I'd ideally make it a Duskwalker and worshipper of the Psychopomp Usher Mother Vulture who sees herself as a custodian of the natural cycle of life and death.

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I love these.

I'm curious about what went on with Achaekek there, how he regained his senses and what role, if any, his little sister, Nana Anadi aka Grandmother Spider, played in that.

Actually, I'm mostly interested in Nana Anadi there as I adore both her and the African/Caribbean god Anansi she's (partially) based on.

This does sound interesting, not sure what to make though.

Would the Advanced Armor and Weapon Training options for Fighters be available? What about Combat Stamina and the various archetypes?

As for the 1-handed spear thing, I thing Shield Brace is the closest you get when not looking at the weapon trick.

I'd be very interested in this. I'm looking at a Half Elfc Adaptive Shifter. I'll have him up in the next few days.

I'm playing in a single other pbp at the moment.

This sounds like fun.

How do you feel about an adaptation of the Magic Warrior archetype from the Lost Omens World Guide?

My idea is that the character is a, obviously Novan, Half Elf and as they are unwanted by both their parent races they seek out one another (and possibly other half breeds) and have done so for ages. They have lived hidden lives and have developed their own culture based in part upon not being found (fitting the powers of the Magic Warrior).
The arrival of newcomers smells of opportunity of improving their lot though, even if their sequestered lives resulted in them being late to the party.

This sounds fun.

I have an idea for a Chaneller of the Unknown ex-Cleric.
The character transgressed his deity's code of conduct previously and at the moment doesn't even know which deity he even worshipped. The idea is that once he gets his memory back he'll also start working towards atonement and ends up becoming a rather fanatical zealot. Prime candidates for the original deity are the god Tsukiyo, the empyreal lord Chucaro and the eldest Shyka.

Good luck everyone.

The boards being unreachable on Sunday and getting a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday interfered with my plans to submit a character.

I'm thinking of either of two concepts right now, not sure on either (though the answer to the Changeling question might answer that for me).

First option is a Brine May Changeling (daughter of a Sea Hag) Nature Fang Druid taking the Druidic Herbalism option for Nature Bond. She'd be a daughter of Peg o'Ness, a Sea Hag that haunts the Sword Coast (according to Classic Horrors Revisited at least) and eager to leave Varisia behind. She'd have the Best Friend trait for Ameiko.

The other option would be for a Younger Sibling of Ameiko. Not sure on race yet but the character would be at least part human(Half Orc, Human and the variant Ifrit being high on the list) and one of Lonjiku's many illegitimate children. He'd really look up to his big sister and be jealous of her as he grew up in an orphanage in Magnimar.
Class-wise I'd be looking at starting as a Fighter, possibly with the Unarmed archetype, and switching to Samurai once the story starts to unfold a bit. For Samurai I'm looking at the Ironbound Sword and Sovereign Blade archetypes.

This sounds good. I have some ideas, I'll see what I'll submit. I can't change your opinion on Changelings I presume? Have a concept there I've been wanting to play for a while.

Could we get some more information about the Wizard and the Paladin? What races are they, which trait did they pick? It might be nice if we could forge a bit of a connection with them as well.

While I'd prefer Hell's Rebels I would be interested in Iron Gods.

How would the rules be on races? Looking at alien races but also things like Ratfolk and Goblins.

I'll be submitting Sakhtar Whitetail, my Ratfolk Aether Elementalist Wizard / Phantom Thief Unchained Rogue.

Mechanically he's very versatile and his main game will be utility and control.

Not sure on the full bonus feat plan yet but at 2nd level it will be Magic Trick (Mage Hand) and I'll grab Deft Hands at either 4 or 6.

Sakhtar was born in Kerse, Druma's capital. He is the son of a merchant, grandson of a merchant, great-grandson of a merchant and so on forth. The first ancestor to settle in Druma came from Qadira more than a century ago and stayed for the welcoming political climate. The Kalistocrats enjoyed working with the Whitetails and the fact the entire family has pure white fur only elevates them beyond their kin. Being trained as a merchant from a very tender age Sakhtar has learned everything there is to know about the job, though he is far from mastering those skills. To him haggling has become a sport and he thoroughly enjoys it when a prospective customers tries to lower the price. It's a game of wits that Sakhtar feels he needs to win every time.

Recently his family decided he was skilled enough and old enough to join the caravan's moving out of Druma. This would give him a chance to learn more about the world and practice his skills. He wouldn't be leading though, that job still laid with his cousins, both a few years older than Sakhtar. It was on his first trip into Nirmathas that disaster struck as the caravan was attacked by Hobgoblins. While the three Blackjackets that accompanied the caravan fought bravely and killed dozens of hobgoblins they were overwhelmed in the end. Once the guards were out of the way the hobs proceeded to slaughter all the people and go through all the merchandise. When they found Sakhtar, hiding behind crates in one of the wagons they moved in to kill but were called back by an officer. There was a brief exchange in goblin which they didn't thing he'd understand. They were to escort him away, making sure to pass by the corpses of the other ratfolk, and then scare him off so he'd tell stories. When one protested and said they had orders to kill all the officer laughed. What could a little ratling do?

After several days of fleeing, getting only the barest amount of sleep, Sakhtar ended up stumbling into the town of Phaendar. That was 2 months ago now. In those 2 months he recovered from his wounds and, to some extent, the scare and he has come to work as a carpenter in the town. While he used to only apply that skill to repair wagons, market stalls and similar things he now ended up making all kinds of items. In his spare time he has also been practising combat skills in the hopes of being more capable of defending himself in the future.

Goals and Fears:
Sakhtar's primary goal at the moment is vengeance, though it's more something he dreams of than something he thinks he'll accomplish. He mainly hopes he'll get a chance at payback towards the hobgoblin officer that lead the attack and that mocked him and his dead kin.
Another motive is that he simply wants to become better. Better at everything he does, which does lead to having to divide his time and brainpower, meaning things often don't turn out quite as well as planned.

While not strictly a fear, Sakhtar does still wake up panting in the middle of the night as he still has nightmares of the attack. The thing he fears is that he won't be enough and he can't get payback for what happened to his cousins and the other people on their caravan. This is an extension of a general fear of not being good enough which in turn is something he seeks to conquer.

When stressed Sakhtar tends to scrunch his nose, pluck at things and nervously tidy his clothes.

Sakhtar has a very large family, though most live in Druma. There also are quite a few family members that travel Avistan and beyond as part of merchant caravans but he has no idea where those are at the moment.

The family members that play the biggest role in his life right now are the two cousins that got killed in the attack and who still haunt Sakhtar's dreams.

I am still interested and rather glad for the deadline delay.

My character became a Ratfolk, a merchant from Druma who is the only survivor of an Ironfang Legion attack on his caravan.

Classwise I'm looking at a Wizard, just not sure whether using the Exploiter archetype or the Aether school, and an Un-Rogue using the Phantom Thief archetype.

Which also leads me to a question for the GM: How does your house rule on wizards work with elemental schools, if it does?

Anderlorn wrote:

The only thing I was wishing for is that Awakened Animals, excluding primates since they already have it, had hands. That ruined my other concept. And/or that Unchained Monks had official Paizo archetypes. However, I am happy with my current build too.

You could also go for a rodent like a squirrel or a rat or even the american porcupine or a musteloid like raccoon or a weasel. All those have front paws that are close enough to hands to be used as such.

Would you also be ok with a Wyrwood? I'd be taking the Living Machine alternate racial trait making it behave more like a non-construct.

Seeing the new gestalt rules my previously idea does not work anymore.

Now I'm thinking about either a Wyrwood or a Vine Leshy.

The Leshy would be a Verdivant Cavalier on his Gestalt side. If allowed his plant mount would be grizzly bear based, otherwise I'd be looking at a wolf. Not sure yet on the main side. He'd be the creation of a Fangwood druid that got killed in the Blight.

The Wyrwood would thematically be about finding your place in the world and determining your identity. Both tricky things if you are created and not born I think (Leshies already exist before having a body so less of an issue there). Might be looking at the Living Machine alternate racial trait. Not sure on classes yet.

I'd really like this one as well.

Basic idea is for a goblin whose hatred of Hobgoblins caused him to overcome his superstition around writing, or at least find a workaround. He'd be a Wizard(an archetype that dumps Scribe Scroll, writing is serious business) and Living Grimoire Inquisitor. I mean, what better way to kill hobs than with the thing they hate and fear most?

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I'd like to join as well.

I'm looking at an Animal Order druid whose bear companion was rescued from a cruel noble that had it as a pet and mistreated it. It would be an Arcadian bear imported to show off (modelled after real world spectacled bears and the extinct giant shortfaced bears).

The character itself would be a Halfling with ties to the Bellflower Network, who also freed the bear from captivity.

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